Tuesday, May 26, 2015

[Pics] Korean Official Fan Club Cri-J members participated in the shooting AD for KBS charity award on the honor of our Prince, JKS!!

Cr. @qoflaughter



  1. Congratulations to Eels all over the world who are doing so many wonderful things in JKS' name to help others. In the USA we have a lot of groups who give back to society, but the idea of fans of an individual celebrity gathering together to create such wonderful projects in honor of the celebrity is something I haven't seen. I really admire all of the good that you're accomplishing, and I certainly hope that JKS is aware of all of the great things you're doing to show your support an appreciation of him. He should be proud of you and you should be proud of yourselves :)

  2. In his bad moments he will remember. ..there is so many people out there to make him smile again 😊

  3. Lovely response, Ahmed :)

  4. great eels!

    our jang keun suk will be so happy to know what u all have done! zikzin <3


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