Sunday, May 31, 2015

[Pics] Yalget China Weibo, 30-05-2015

Source:  Yalget
Trans Credit: Judy  Wang

By using this 3 pics, Yalget wrote a letter to eels on behalf of JKS.

Photo translation:
WE 【TIME FOR WAITING】Waiting is because of love. You care for us like a guardian star. Feel the best.

Photo translation:
WE 【PROMISE】TEN YEARS' PROMISING "Keep running with your fans, till you die. You will definitely be dead if you prend sick" Hopping oppa won't become an agassi.
(ps. The sentences in "...." was what he wrote to himself on a time capsule in a tv show when he visited Taiwan for FM in 2010, here it is )

Photo translation:
WE 【WHAT TO DO?】Aparted for two years, don't ask "What to do?" Cause, both you and me, are still in this silent world.



  1. wow! the messages so cute, touching my heart and deep with soul this was on behalf of our prince, precisely the 30th of May. I want to cry because of much emotion. My heart is happy.
    This will be one of the May 30 that will be remembered by me until the day of my death. :')
    thanks dear prince Jang keun suk, you're awesome, unique, honest, brave, sweet and romantic man, i love you more and more. I will always support you.

    p.s. 30th may also celebrating: Happy 3rd anniversary to Just crazy Album and Happy Birthday Im Yoona.

    so special and beautiful day. :')

    THANK THEEELSFAMILY!! you're so fast <3<3<3

    1. i think

      1st message is JKS because he is like a guardian star and he is waiting because of love.
      2nd message is JKS promise to all eels, together 4ever because he loves his eels.
      3rd message is about JKS's heart/Love. the love between them (JKS & "Her", Her = i guess Yoona lol :P )

      the last pic is of Tongyi event of 2012, in that year Love Rain drama was aired. I am cry because of much emotion. This May 30 will be unforgettable. <3<3<3

      thank Asia prince Jang Keun Suk, thank Theeelsfamily and Thank Yalget!

    2. slayyyyyy , agree with you this is LOVE

  2. nice words :') our asia prince Jang keun suk is so sweet and honest


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