Tuesday, May 19, 2015

[Trans] JKS Japan FC Twitter, 19-05-2015

@jksjapan  アリーナ最終公演おわりー!
ライブビューイングも楽しかったんでしょ?笑   ありがとー^^^^^^
@jksjapan  Hall final stage has ended~!
Live viewing  was also fun, right? Lol
Thank you^^^^^^



  1. Thanks Eels!!

    our jang keun suk has seo joon hairstyle and haircolor! wow he looks very handsome, sexy and charming today too. ;)

    every day I am more convinced that our Jang Keun suk is deeply in love with "Y...A".
    before I would have screamed of jealousy and even would have done tantrum, but now after to be listenning and feeling the lyrics of every song from his new album monochrome, also listen, read and feel his other songs such as: "love letter" "in my dream" " rain" "save me" "As time goes by" "take me".
    I believe that the true love must be very beautiful but also painful. I do not want to see him to suffer by my jealousy, so now I have decided to support his love for her. I think she loves our Jang kuen suk too. every day i am sure that they fell in love each other.
    I give them my blessing

    1. I think he has Dokgo Mate`s hairstyle. He looks like he looked in 2013 before he cut his hair. Looks beautiful. I love Love rain too, but I don`t think you have right about JKS and Yoona, sorry. :)

    2. right JKS looked like seo joon, also hokaido is a place very special for JKS and Yoona, because they were Hokkaido to see the diamond snow together for LR scene. that Diamond Snow scene in Hokkaido was magical.
      i like PM too. but definitely JKS's hairstyle = Seo Joon.

  2. i think geun suk has Seo Joon's hairstyle and even Seo Joon's Haircolor.

    well done geun suk, hokkaido is a magical place full of wonderful memories. i love hokkaido, LR and crishow3.

    Jyo zikzin !!!

    thanks Eels.


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