Monday, June 29, 2015

[28 hours left until the broadcast of "The 2015 Jang Keun Suk THE CRISHOW III" Live in Kobe]

Original source: TBSチャンネル facebook
Trans Credit: Lola Devung

Our Jang Keun Suk fans! Finally, there are 28 hours remaining until the live broadcast of the “CRISHOW III"! Komapsumnida (Thank you)  Everyone, especially the fans, has been waiting for the broadcast for a long time. ~ I am pleased to announce tomorrow’s music broadcast ~(*^^*)

M1 Hidamari
M2 When spring comes
M3 Under one umbrella
M4 Rain + Bye Bye Bye
M5 Before dawn
M6 Pale as Snow
M7 In my dream
M8 My Precious
M9 My Bus
M10 Let me cry
M11 Crazy Crazy Crazy
M12 Driving to the highway + I Will Promise You
M13 Save me
M14 Turn off
M15 Serenade
M16 Wind
M17 Beautiful change
M18 Indian Summer
M19 To the Place Where the Sun Shines
M20 Melody Made Together
M21 Let’s Go Back Home

♪ It’ll also include the 5 encore songs, wonderful uncut broadcast of 23 songs! 
It’s the first Crishow in three years, right?  Please watch and keep the memory of the 27-year-old Keun-chan (^ _-) - ☆
"TEAM H PARTY" will be on air at 23pm!*
All was brought to you by # Jang

*Lola’s note: additional information, according to the TBS Website, Team H Party will be broadcasted tonight, 29th June 2015 at 11 pm*


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