Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jang Keun Suk’s Fans all over the country, we’re sorry to have kept you waiting! "THE CRISHOW III" Live broadcasting will finally start in the next four and a half hours, whoopee!

Original source: TBSチャンネル facebook
Trans Credit: Lola Devung

Let’s create the warmest atmosphere in the world together with Keun-chan tonight♪ The theme is "the monochrome world". Sealing up the gorgeousness? Keun-chan will appear riding on a paper boat which is floated in the air^^ The gentle warm feeling of “Hidamari”, the song Keun Chan loves the most i.e. "My Precious", and the like, enchanting songs that bring nice feelings. Furthermore, there's a great cheer at the live show venue because of the "plenty Keun-chan’s charming flying kisses". This time, it was shown 10 times… the 10th time was captured on camera... Keun-chan’s close-up image is pictured in our eyes… KYA-(>=∀<=) KIJORU HAJIMASEYO- (Please don't faint). It is the live broadcasting with much euphoria ^^. Definitely, definitely, please watch it (^_-)-,☆.  
 All delivered #JangKeunSuk


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