Thursday, June 11, 2015

[Month in review] May 2015

May Month in Review by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits: Nancy Terry

Lotte Duty Free didn't send
the May calendar and wallpaper
We said a friend to made this ones
Because we started the review
with the Lotte ones for long time.

Jang Keun Suk departs from Gimpo airport
to Osaka for Cri  three Arena Show
with his cute Momo  wavy hair style
Graying in red  shirt with stripes
the smile that he carries when he walks
Completely makes us  drooling down.

Cr. sanxsan xsan
Cr. jks.ayuayu.arashi
Cr. leejoongjksj

Jang Keun Suk arrived to Kansai airport
 with cuter smile for the Cri Show three
Check out the video on how he made the sign
The V sign so cutely to eels that have been
Waiting for hours to welcome him.

Cr. tamiy17
Cr. @haruharu_JKS
Cr. suk kyon

A short clip of Jang Keun Suk in Japan program 
Minna-no-TV "Everyone's TV UHB"
With the introduction of his short appearance
As the guest of ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ segment.

Cr. @Jang_Jung_Ayumi 

Zikzinrun booth that setup in the Cri show venue
Give a chance to eels to race with a chance
To snap a pic with the mascot that resemble JKS
Or win a zikzinrun shirt for one of them.

JKS Japan OFC tweet
“Kobe first day was finished ♩
Arena opening day begin! ! !”
This cheeky momo Sukkie
That having this hairstyle back to back
For two days Kobe Arena show in Japan.

Tree J tweet  after the Kobe Show
With the message above
“Jang Keun Suk CRI SHOW
first Arena Kobe 
performances ended in success
Let's meet  tomorrow again.. ^^”

Kobe world are fully conquered by eels
Ten over thousands of eels
Sitting in the hall cheering, shouting and screaming
get mesmerized by his songs and words and dancing.

Withus lead dancer tweet out a selfie
with his dancers in the backstage room
His tweet message is about the encore part of the fabulous Cri Show 3 in Japan.

Second day Kobe Arena show
Ended with a tweet message from 
Jang Keun Suk Japan fan club
“Kobe second day has ended^^
Hot concert today as well
Thank you ^^ *” for came.

Tree J sent a tweet
“Jang Keun Suk The Cri Show 3
Kobe concert has ended safely.
See you next time in Sapporo!” eels
with the victory sign, he gave us a sweet smile.

Japanese artist Spanmizumoto tweet 
His excitement of Cri Show three
Sapporo Hall Live viewing in theaters and how he is now a male eel
attracted to his smile and get so amaze of
Ten over thousands eels in Kobe World .

Group photo of Withus
and our king 
With the message
“Today's concert will end 
with the joy of the king!! 
Everyone have fun 
cheers for good work www”

With a simple grey outfit
and a white shirt
JKS bit farewell
to eels in Osaka
Eels will always 
be by your side, JKS.

Despite with a mask covering half his face
The sparking eyes will reflect out his smile
Despite how tired he was in there
The fan services that he shown to eels
Will not be forgotten easily.

Cr. hiro chime
Cr. chaojunsuk

Tongyi weibo page updated
With new picture of JKS endorsing the drink
Love the pic of him with the yellow flower
He is like a sunshine makes the flower bloom in spring.

Koari posted photos of the Cri Show three
Capture all the shots of him
with different expression in it
When he smile, we smile like him
When he looks down, we look down
That is the effect of the charms of our prince.

Yalget Tmall Flagship Store 
updated their weibo page
With a post of Yalget new packaging box
To me, the box is more precious than the content
because have the photo of our prince.

Airport pics of Suk in Gimpo
and Sapporo Airport
So handsome and cool in black 
This outlook makes eels felt
We are the little woman behind a man.

Cr. leejoongjksj
Cr. misa121784

News of Crishow III DVD and photobook
announced the date of the release
Photobook will be available in June
And DVDs will be available in autumn.

Crishow 3 Sapporo show
ended with a Tree J tweet
Sharing my all-time favorite
hair style of our prince,
ponytail!!  indeed.

Another of my favourite pic
was  tree out by JKS JP OFC in a tweet
After Sapporo concert
Instead of the red sofa cover
Our prince this time
sitting on a blue sofa,why?
Where is the red clothes that we like?

Our prince was mentioned
in the travel  video guide
Fast forward and pause
at the third minutes for us
They did an introduction of the BBQ place
During Beautiful Man shooting days.

JKS’s Line has reach five millions followers
A great applause to eels that have been following
Looking forward to see a new LINE photo profile
From our prince… in a while.

Capture of our boss
leaving from Sapporo
The sparkling eyes bidding farewell
To hundreds of eel that were waiting there
In the airport of Japan for another Cri Show concert.

Cr. unamom24
Cr. pepo8020m

One message from JKS Japan OFC
said that Jang Keun Suk leave Sapporo that day
and will see the eels again
in Tokyo Budokon in the next concert.

Another video capture of JKS’
arriving  at Seoul  airport again
always love the scene when
he drive off his car in speed race
he looks  cool and handsome, girls.

Cr. fay den
Cr. leejoongjksj

Media photo of Sapporo Cri Show 3 released
Every single picture of our prince
are beautiful capture of Sukkie
A man that is so flawless
So perfect in every single side of him.

Congratulation to our Cri J
the JKS Korea Official Fan Club
Eels are proud of your participation
in the KBS charity award shooting
We truly appreciate your dedication and big heart
International eels extremely thankful for your support.

Collecte De Zikzin comes out
with new notebook package
That comes with a pin message
written by our prince JKS.

The written messages are
Be Yourself
Now let’s start walking
Life is choice! Zikzin
Ends means beginning of something.

NewDailyTV broadcast a short clip
Of JKS congratulate them for their
ten years anniversary on the air
We really wish more longer clip.

Original source: NewdailyTV

JKS’s Lotte Fan Meeting in Seoul
With the caption of “Touching our Heart”
To us, you are not only touching our hearts
But touching our heart and life.

Eels please stay tune to watch
Kobe Arena Cri Show three
from TBS that will broadcast
it end of the month of June.

Eels that are not staying in Japan
We will patiently wait for the date of the release
Of Crishow three  DVD
that will be coming soon for please the eels.

Cr. leejoongjksj

Seoul Team H DVD
will be available in Zikzin
Eels that miss the order, please
will be able to purchase it now
This is a show that bring a great memories
To a lot of eels, danced, played and interact with harmony.

It is one year anniversary
of DJ Tabe interview with JKS
Eels that need a refresher the interview content
Let’s rewatch the link here again.

Our prince are known to have a great heart
And we eels are following his footstep too
JKS become the foundation members of
Unicef Honours Club
And we are proud of him a lot.

Original source:

Yalget release three photos
with love message on behalf of JKS
Each picture comes with a caption with note
First caption is relate to Time of Waiting
Second caption is relate to our promise
And third caption is relate to what to we do?
Eels, you can check out more detail in Yalget’s weibo soon.



  1. #JangKeunSuk hasn't tweeted since April 22nd so I am happy to be able to follow his activities here. Thank you and ZikZin!

  2. awesome review, thank You so much!

    sukkie's Line has reach millions five followers, also sukkie become the foundation members of
    Unicef Honours Club, wow! im so proud of him. congratulation!!! thanks Eels <3

    MAY, MAY :) our boss was busy. May was a month full of LOVE , HOPE and triumph.
    I am proud of our boss sukkie, and I am also proud of all eels participating in the kbs.

    on 29th may DJ tabe went up a picture with our boss sukkie, nice pic..

    on 30th, "Touching Our HEART" event was actually touching the deepest feelings, believe that day was also the birthday of his ex-cost SNSD Yoona. Maybe both had a moment together since Yoona is one of the persons closest to him. (Sukkie confirmed it in an interview 2014). I hope to see them in a new project together again

    Yalget messages were deep touching the heart.

    I like his hidamari mascot. really cute, innocent and lovable. i love it too.

    1. I have begun to observe, ... one day before of celebrating the 3rd anniversary of LR ( LOVE RAIN) our boss Sukkie has begun to use his red blue diamond bangle/bracelet, that bangle/bracelet must be very important for him. I asked a jeweler about the colors of sukkie bangle/bracelet, Jeweler told me: " Red means "LOVE", the Blue means "RAIN, water or pain." WOW! definitely his bangle is very meaningful. i love it too.

      nice really nice!

    2. his red blue diamond bangle.

      colors: Red+blue = Love+Rain
      I guess the diamond is maybe because of "the diamond snow" where ours boss sukkie and yoona watched it together during Love Rain.
      ^^ lol :p

    3. his red blue diamond bangle has been present in all his tour for cri-show3 from one day before of Love rain 3rd anniversary. his red blue diamond bangle must be really meaningful for him. maybe maybe sukkie is using that bangle for show us his deepest feelings. sukkie is a very original and intelligent man, is also very honest and romantic.

      p.s. "in my dream" song has been present in all his tour of crishow3

    4. RedBlue Diamond Bangle accessory,

      He really chose a perfect accessory full of meaning, that's because He is a very smart, romantic and original man, not just handsome and talented.

      *clap* i love him

    5. I hope jang keun suk and yoona have one more chance to get back together again

  3. May, wonderful month! jang keunsuk and eels did a great job.

    thanks theeelsfamily.


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