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[Month in review] June 2015

June Month in Review by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits: Nancy Terry

The time passed so fast
we are in the half of the year
the calendar is still here
but not marked days, still unclear.

JKS  fan meeting "Gift" DVD
held the day of San Valentine
for the blue eels
ranked number four
in Oricons charts in Japan.

Sukkie went to Japan
for the last Cri Show three
he used a tight  blue jeans
Sunglasses and black shirt
we saw him at least.

Cr. 박체리
Cr. kaoru8884

JKS arrived at the venue
of Cri Show 3 Budokan
with Gunsama in a black car
saying good bye with his hand.

We saw some pics
from outside the venue of Cri Show three
goods,flowers and staff impersonating him
good experience for the eels.

Tree J company sent a tweet
"Cri Show 3 Budokan,Tokyo
 first performance ended successfully
 fighting until the end" said the tweet.

Yalget Tmall flagship weibo store
uploaded a photo of our prince
showing the new BB cream
that they started  to selling.

WeziN dance company
updated his facebook page
with pics from Cri Show three
saying last but not least
Let's play together with Sukkie.

Japan OFC tweet
"The show in Budokan finished"
Really thanks, "My home"
Said Sukkie in it.

Tree J company tweet
that JKS Cri Show three
four month long tour
ended successfully.

The drummer of the band
who played with Mr. Jang
in the Cri Show 3 in Japan
updated his facebook with a post
directly from the live show.

Kstyle media reported
from the Cri Show three
and told us  what JKS said
for his dear eels, eels " are here
(Pointed at his heart) in my home".


Jang Keun Suk wrote a message
and signed his autograph
in the Jang Keun Suk jp website
as you can read in the image online.

Original source:

We received a tweet
from Jang Keun Suk Japan
"Our boss finished his tour in Budokan
Cri Show three that began in March
He left the country, thank you very much.

Jang Keun Suk left Japan
wearing in his mouth a white mask
white shirt and black  short pants
showing a  smiling eyes
when arrived at his home.

Cr. modup_dubom
Cr. Bee_JKS

Koari shared recorded video clips
Of JKS expressing his thoughts in it
and appreciation of Crishow three
His beautiful smile in the  Budokan vids
Warm our heart and we are proud of him.

The month of June gone
and the eels are in waiting mode
waiting  for the prince to come
we hope we can see him next month.

Cr. Yani Cri

Happy 6th  Anniversary
to JKS  Tree J company
Fall on the twelve of June
Tree J, is our honor and  pride
To gets a chance to celebrate  Suk dreams
the anniversary with  international eels .

TBS will broadcast  CriShow three
On the thirtieth of June from Kobe city
Conjunction of the special broadcast
Eels are eligible to get  his autograph
but only five eels will selected in that.

July issue of "WHAT’s IN?" magazine
Will have a special content in it
Talks about CriShow three
It is a great collection for safekeeping
With pictures of Suk that transform
our daily monochrome routine
to rainbow life with colored dreams.

A details shots of the JKS
& Justin Davis Korea  necklace
were released for sale
Beside the beautiful necklace
that embedded  in the jewelry box
it comes with JKS  signature card.

TBS broadcast the JKS  CriShow 3  Kobe
Arena concert snapshots with the background of                                                    
him singing Let me cry beautiful song
We will sing together while watching that show.

Cr. CS TBSチャンネル

Woohoo, the first release clip from our prince
after he ended the tour of Crishow three
of him promoting Hanyang University play
With center parted hair and in a white shirt
He still able to seduce completely all his eels
Made us repeat again and again  the vid.

Original source:

There is a new photo of Sukkie
in the bottle  of Tongyi Juice
The sunshine of us that hold
A glass of orange drink .

Kang Mu-Gyul will rock
Home Drama Channel this month
Starting on June twenty fifth
With the broadcast of Mary
Stayed Out All Night again
In the evenings.


Old photo of Jang Keun Suk
With his cute Victory sign
Shared  by L'inoui Store
in their Korea – Instagram account
Truly miss all the mischievous things
With his partner (ex-manager) in crime “MJ”

Eels that favor keunsagi
will be able to get a great deal
Having a New Product  in sale
Eels, let’s patron the  AP shop.

Another old photo of Jang Keun Suk
attending the wedding of  Shin Jae Woong
from last year  in December month ,were posted
Despite an old photo, we eels are in joy seeing it
As we really miss our prince so much.

Sukkie Korean OFC participated
in filming an AD for the channel KBS
charity event in the name of JKS
they danced all with a white t-shirt.


Jang Keun Suk appeared
in a japanese newspaper
they ranked him number eleven
of the  koreans popular in  there.

We saw an interesting pics
an idea very well received
by Kpop fans from  Korea and Japan
a karaoke room with videos and wallpapers
one of the room dedicated to Jang Keun Suk.


A very well written and interesting article
about the analysis of the Cri show three
the specials reasons and facts  from it
eels, you have to read, is a must read.

Original Source:

The drama Love Rain
will be broadcast again
in the channel KBS World
a very good news for us.


Jang Keun Suk
is in the cover
of Japan  Choa magazine
volumen fourty nine, in July.

TBS posts in their Facebook
Counting down the broadcast of Kobe CriShow3
With the post include the song lists
that eels anticipating to listen and get mesmerized by our prince.

Source:   TBSチャンネル facebook

Tongyi weibo release
a new pic of Sukkie
that will be available
in the full blast of vitamin c
as the new cover of the drink.

TBS continue the  countdown post
of Crishow 3 Kobe with narration
that keeping eels waiting in desperate mode
and adrenaline running high your imagination

Source:  TBSチャンネル facebook

Thank you so much eels
TBS announce that JKS CriShow3 Kobe
Rank the first place in viewing rating
It is not a surprise as we know how capturing
Our prince is that we can never turn away our head and ears.

Original source:



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  2. JULY was a great month, full of energy, adrenaline and cute surprise!
    Happy 6th Anniversary to JKS Tree J company . <3<3
    JKS fan meeting "Gift" DVD held the day of San Valentine ranked number four in Oricons charts in Japan. CONGRATS!!

    OMG! CriShow3 Kobe Rank the first place in viewing rating. YEAAAAAH! POWER EELS & OPPA KEUN CHAN!

    OMG! LOVE RAIN will be boradcast again, i'm so happy. really HAPPY! i miss our OPPA KEUN CHAN with snsd YOONA. they should get married together in real life . :P this is my dream! lol.


    i cant wait. love rain agan <3<3<3< my hear my heart <3<3<3

  4. nice moth, ^^ MMM & LR ♥ my favorite kdramas and couples.
    please trans his interview in "WHAT’s IN?" magazine". please! thank U.


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