Wednesday, August 5, 2015

[Charity] The Eels Family charity chain, Italian eels.

Text: Esther Noloc
Photo credit: Eva Charelli

More eels are participating in the TEF charity  chain, this time the italian eels.They helped animals from a shelter.

Date: August 2, 2015
Name of the institution: Associazione a coda alta and Lega del cane di Ferrara

The eel from TEF with the group logo

Apart from Eva, six eels from the italian group Anguillote all amatriciana participated in the charity event.

Description of the event: The eels brought food, towels and other goods to a cat and dogs shelter, so sweet of them.

The donations for the cats and dogs.

The food with The Eels family logo.

Some goods

They spend almost $100.00 dollars in the donations and their presence in the shelter, but the amount is not important, only their intentions and their good hearts.

The towels

The cat seems satisfy with the gifts.

The dog looks is like he was saying thanks to the eels for the gifts.

We are proud of you eels for made this charity in the name of JKS and TEF. 
Thank you.


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