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[Month in review] July 2015

July Month in Review by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits: Nancy Terry

July month came
we have more  hope to see JKS
but while we are in  wait
look the calendar - wallpaper.

Asia Prince Shibuya shop
have an exhibition this month
three clothes he worn in the third CriShow
the towel,the bandana and the t shirt
from Monochrome.

Jang Keun Suk drama Beethoven Virus
will be broadcast in Asahi TV
Sukkie did excellent job in it
will start since July six.

Tongyi weibo update came
with Jang Keun Suk in four pics
two alone, the other with the orange juice
and another with Park Shin.

At least we saw Jang Keun Suk
he visited L'inoui store
with a black t shirt,black cap
and short pants
they posted in their instagram.

Original source:

We saw in instagram
a photo of Jang Keun Suk
in a Devil's Door restaurant
with a female friend.

Another picture posted in instagram
Sukkie with friends in another restaurant
It was the opening that day
and JKS went there
to support his friend.

We saw Jang Keun Suk again
in one photo with some friends
in a wedding of ex member of Team H
he looks very happy in there.

TSUTAYA 2015 half year K pop albums sales
were published in the internet
JKS Monochrome ranked in first
and in second place
regular and limited edition,
congratulations JKS.


AP Shibuya shop tweet
announcing that all the costumes
worn by Asia Prince in CriShow three
will exhibit in the shop, go, go, blue eels.

Another pic from instagram
JKS visited Yangpai restaurant
for support one of his friends
he visited the place again.

Jang Keun Suk appeared
in the Indonesian magazine
Asian Plus in this month
wrote by two eels, good job.

Collect de  Zikzin new products
were posted in their facebook
Zinkin ring, necklace and bracelet
will start to selling soon

Jang Keun Suk appeared
in the cover in a little pic
in the indonesian "Korean Stars" magazine
Volume twenty two and five pages
were about him.


Pretty Man will broadcast
since the seventeen of July
in 40CH channel in Taiwan
eels, please watch again.

President of Cri j share out bits and pieces
Of  2015 JKS birthday sharing photo exhibition
In her Naver blog that schedule on
on first  and second August in Gallery Won.

Original source:

A line message that shake out
the whole nation of  JKS eels
on this month on  July thirteen
a voice message that say out
Crishow three in Seoul soon
a voice that melt our heart
in a one,two ,three
it follow by a close up pic
of our prince’s eyes that we feel
how dangerous it is
a stare that can pierce us
in less then a second.

Cr. chika8004h

AP Shibuya Shop Facebook Update
With news of JKS’s birthday celebration sales
For two weeks started on July sixteen
All items will be twenty eight percent off
And Suni’s items will be forty percent off.

Tree J tweet out the news
that Grevin Museum opened in Seoul
and what’s beneath the message said
Suk’s will be one of the waxwork in there
Hence this museum instantly added
to eel’s travel itinerary soon
As a must place to go when visit  Seoul.

July is the month of our princess Suni’s birthday
Did her handsome oppa will celebrate with her ?
Eels here miss seeing Suni’s photos online
And hope that her oppa will snap more  pics
And Share with all his eels .

Thank you so much Ohana Surf!!
For sharing out our Asia Prince’s pics
Looking so relax and enjoying himself
And eels are easy to please as usual for it
A glimpse of his photo and knowing he is fine
Makes our day more contented

CriShow III Monochrome DVD
Limited edition general Sale release date fall on
The twenty first of October with two version
Both  version have different footage of
Making DVD and of course different concert content
That will be a great safekeeping and collection.

Original source:

A news that eels have been anticipating
Since our Suk’s hints about CriShow3
in his line message and finally
Tree J officially tweet
the concert date has been confirmed
on September fifth.

Our Suk’s best partner and buddy, BB
Shared in his Instagram like this
"I wanted to go out and have fun!!"
And eels are guessing the message is
dedicating and pointing to our master eel
that  was having fun in Hawaiian beach J

Teaser of the CRI Show III DVD
with the snapshot of the hall and arena shows
That I am so sure eels finding so
Hard not to imagine being one of the eels
Standing on the concert ground and now
We can watch the whole show
with   the DVD  October release.

Cr. fraumovie

Collecte De Zikzin will be giving
JKS Birthday Anniversary Candy for eels
on the second  of August of this month
And what’s more special is that for
the next 3 days a special cookie
will be given out too
with all the purchase in the store.

Yeah!! A great teasing line message from Suk!!
Zozer??R u ready? R u sure?
Guys~~ Just come and see~~
Woohoo!! Yes, we are all ready to go Seoul
to see you on  September fifth.

Glimpse of JKS Wax figure share out in YTN and KBS News
JKS’s well-defined and three dimension features must be hard
To be capture and craft in the wax
and we all his eels  were agree with that
JKS ways more perfect in real life
But nevertheless, eels will definitely venture the museum
To capture a memories with almost JKS in  real life .

Original source: YTN NEWS
Original source: KBS News

Tree J tweet out that JKS’s Birthday Photo exhibition
That organized by Cri-J will have all the proceed
Donate out to the charity “GREAT” eels
Thank you so much Cri-J for this.

Lots of new items will be available in Collecte de Zikzin
Starting the second  of August that will be a great sale
The fashionable shirt that suit in every mood
Will be a great collection in eels’ wardrobe.

JKS’s birthday carnival started on the last day of July
And the special one that open the carnival
Will be none that our dear Suk’s beloved mother
With a cake that have the message engrave
“My dear son from Mom,happy birthday”


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