Sunday, August 16, 2015

[Trans] Jang Keun Suk Twitter, 2015-08-16

@AsiaPrince_JKS get nu insta!!@Oya_JKS
@AsiaPrince_JKS new instagram!! @Oya_JKS

@AsiaPrince_JKS 오늘안에 인스타 팔로워 5만 못넘기면 폭파시켜야겠다..#Oya_JKS
@AsiaPrince_JKS  If I do not reach 50,000 followers today, I will have to destroy it ..#Oya_JKS

@AsiaPrince_JKS 인스탄지 뭔지 이거 공때리네 
@AsiaPrince_JKS  Instagram or whatever, is giving me problems

@AsiaPrince_JKS  wanna see more?? follow me---!
@AsiaPrince_JKS wanna see more?? follow me---!
Do you want to see more?

@AsiaPrince_JKS  안하는거에는 다 이유가 있음. 장어들아 공식홈페이지에서 놀자 ㅋ 인스타 빠이
@AsiaPrince_JKS  There's a reason not to do any more. Eels,  let’s play on the  official website k Instagram, bye.

Note: Jang Keun Suk updated his profile photo on Twitter


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