Friday, August 14, 2015

[Trans] Jang Keun Suk Weibo, 2015-08-14

Trans Credit: Yan Love JKS

@张根硕 모든 사람들이 무사하길 기도합니다. 祈祷,希望所有人都平安!
@张根硕 Pray, Hope everyone are safe!


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  1. our Asia Prince Jang keun suk always so cute. of course hope everyone are safe.

    an eel sister tells me: "I think your message has a double meaning, since there were two shocking news these last days"
    right! two News were shocking since 12 August.

    *GOOD NEW: "Yoona break up with Lee seung gi" (i am happy, she is single again, she can return to oppa jang keun suk's side again and maybe both get married in the future. i will be so happy, I was praying for them... their hope and love are safe again),

    * SAD NEW: "large explosion hits China's Tianjin, reason unknown". (this was sad, I was praying for them, I hope everyone is safe. God bless and protect you.)


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