Saturday, September 19, 2015

[Article] Fan club donates to charity

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Korean Wave star Jang Keun-suk’s official fan club, Cri J, has donated 6 million won ($5,400) to The Snail of Love, which is an organization that supports people with hearing impairments. 

A person involved with the organization revealed on Friday that Cri J donated part of the proceeds earned from the Sharing Photo Exhibition the club held last month in Seoul to celebrate the star’s birthday. The donation was made on Aug. 27.

Thanks to the contribution, a child with a hearing disability was able to receive cochlear implants on Thursday and also will be able to undergo language rehabilitation therapy for three years. 

“Every year, 1,600 babies are born with hearing impairments, and we felt deeply sorry for those babies who live disconnected from the world due to their disability,” explained a source from the fan club. 

“We wanted to contribute to helping [those children] hear sounds.” 

It is not the first time for Jang and his fan club to commit good deeds. For example, Jang and Cri J visited a child care institution called Namsanwon to do voluntary service on Sept. 12, according to Jang’s entertainment company on Sept. 14. 
By Jin Min-ji



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