Wednesday, September 2, 2015

[Promotion] Indonesian eels members of The Eels family promoted Jang Keun Suk and Team H in Asian Kpop event

Indonesian eels strikes back, first two charities events,now a primotional event with the purpose of promoting the korean artist JANG KEUN SUK as part of an effort to unite fans despite the distance, differences in language and culture. Here are the photos of the event. 

Cr: JKS Indonesia

Thanks cri for sharing with us.

The beautiful booth they made for the festival.

The door standee designed by one of the TEF members caughed the attention of the people there, looks real. The door represents a home, because he is our home.

Magazines and others publications.

His music Cds and dramas and movies DVDs.

More goods and merchandise.

TEF President and indonesian eel writing her message.

Some of the messages

Book with indonesian eels messages for JKS ready to go

Four of the eels who participated in the promotion event.

The eels who participated with the students of the TEF president ,the booth was part of their final exam project.

One of the TEF members with the JKS standee

Cosplayers with the JKS standee

Thanks to the indonesian eel and the TEF president for your efforts,we are proud of you for promote Team H and Jang Keun Suk.We are proud of you.


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