Thursday, September 3, 2015

[Pics] A student from Hanyang University met Jang Keun Suk in the cafeteria and have a good impression of him, 2015-09-02

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I met Jang Keun Suk  in the cafeteria, while  taking a photo together, suddenly he began to speak Chinese. His Chinese really good @Jang Keun Suk #Hanyang University ##JangKeunSuk#

This in our school that is doing his master's study in #Hanyang University#. He said chinese words to me: Are you from China's? His pronunciation is very good. Today is very special: He returned to his food tray, then drank water, he used the napkin to wipe his lips, this made his lips redder. I also chat with ahjumma (who are working in the kitchen). He is ultra-super nice. I really want to see him again. #JangKeunSuk #II hope to see him again @JangKeunSuk



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