Thursday, October 22, 2015

[Fan Account] A letter from the heart

Credit: Melinda Reyes (MelyPr Eel) TEF administrator from Puerto Rico

Exactly 1 week from today (its Tuesday here) I shall embark on an epic journey towards the adventure of my life. I shall cross 2 oceans, 1 continent, travel literally halfway around the globe and 3 days later I shall live a dream come true.

3 years ago I saw for the very first time a Team concert on youtube and loved it. At that moment and sent a little, with not much hope behind, for God to give me tje opportunity of one day be able to attend a concert. For me, it was never a real possibility. Too far, too expensive.

JKS, even being so much younger than me, has been a force of inspiration in my life. So, last December I decided enough, if I want a dream to come true I must work hard towards it. So this journey began really in January. Planning a trip halfway accross the globe, to a Country completely alien to me, until recently (bear in mind, I live in a tiny little Island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea), with the hope that he might schedule a concert in November. And my dear friend and eel sister Beth joined me in it.

By May, with the Monochrome schedule out and not even a whisper of Team H, I had lost hope and was resigned of loosing my one and only opportunity to see him. So, I focused on my journey to Japan and discovering that new world to me.

God is never late, his timing is always perfect, even though I had no hope and lost a little faith, He was still faithful...and the announcement was made in August and I screamed, I laughed, I cried. I gave thanks.

It still doesnt feel real. I am an emotional wreck. I listen to Team H in my way to work and suddenly I will burst out laughing and then I start crying. I cannot believe I will be inside a venue screaming to the beats of Team H. I will be in his presence, live and see him in the flesh, instead of through a screen.

So, my dear sisters and brothers, it can happen, you can make your dreams come true. It has been a long journey, with many obstacles, but I have not waivered I kept zikzin towards my dream. And in 10 days I will live it....waving my Puerto Rican flag high, the first to be waived in a Team H concert.

WaterBaby, thank you for your loving patience and support. You know what I mean.

Beth, thank you for going through this journey with me, it makes it all the more special and if it wasnt for you...I dont know if I could have survived all those obstacles.

Fenny, thank you for all your help, wish I could meet you this time.
To all my eel family, thank you all your words of support and encouragement. Looking forward to meeting many of you.

Soon, I shall be writing my very own fan account


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