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[Fan Fiction] Destiny - Chapter 1: "Towards Korea"


This is a story I started writing some time and had already been being published in the blog but then, by "some" reasons that it is clear now, I was forced to stop writing.
First, writing stories is something I love and by the way, is not the first time that I do, so this time is special is the fact that it is inspired by a very special being who feeds my imagination and consequently my indescribably passion, for that reason I have decided to make some changes and rewrite it to return to share with all of you. Mainly because I dream finish writing and send it to our beloved Asia Prince so he can read and see everything that inspired us for the simple fact to exist and who says, perhaps even likes for his first and self-production of a drama, jejejejeje.
Hope you like it, enjoy it and tell me what they think of my MASTERPIECE (will not be too ?, hehehehehe)

 By KaryJangy

Chapter 1:

 "Towards Korea"

Ana is a middle-aged woman, independent professional photographer who has just been hired by a travel agency in Buenos Aires to make a publicity photo book as part of their campaign presentation of new tourism packages aimed at all Asia about to release for sale. At first, Ana was not convinced to accept the job because she did not know even remotely the language or customs of that country but ended up taking it as she was sure it would be really important for her career because, if she do well, it would give big promotion in the advertising field.
After a week of signing the contract, received at home a large envelope delivered by a courier from door to door and directly into her hand as the agency had told her she would receive and in the meantime should be all set to start her travel as soon as she receive it and ... she did so three days after receiving all the necessary was arriving to South Korea where she would begin her working tour.
Once her plane landed and after passing through immigration, was walking with one of her bags straight to the main exit from Incheon Airport when she stopped for a moment to take her phone and make a call as it was supposed that she would meet right there the assistant and translator hired by the agency to work with her and would be waiting but could not find her. While cutting communication, Ana noticed that a very tall and very handsome young man walked very quickly becoming covered with the hood of his coat without noticing that the other side a large group of people came running straight to him.
In that second, she could only think about how she could warn the boy if she could not speak his language and suddenly occurred to her that she could come and try to warn him in english, after all english is the common language to all or expected so. Determined to avoid a drawback, Ana took her suitcase and went to all rushed to the young man when noticed that he took his phone to answer a call from someone who had obviously seen what happened but unlike her, had his number phone to alert since the boy turned his head slightly to the right side where the mob ran toward him.
Just then, she reaches him and at the exact second she opens her mouth to start talking ... BOOM !!!, the young man clashes with her helplessly falling to the ground over her apparently without noticing even.
Quickly the boy stood up, raised pulling Ana´s arm without giving more time than to take the handle of her suitcase again and ran all speed dragging her until he managed to enter the VIP of the airport.
Once there, the young man approached the seats and threw himself on them with his eyes closed trying to calm down and catch his breath back.
Ana watched bewildered for a moment because she couldn´t understand how he kept holding her hand without noticing it at all so touched his shoulder with her free hand and spoke softly trying not surprise him to much as she could see that he was in another dimension.

Ana: ... "Um ... excuse me, sorry to bother but ... would you please return my hand please?" ... And the boy suddenly jumped up:
Boy: ... "Sorry ...?!!!
Ana opened her eyes like two huge plates unable to speak immediately, that reation had surprised her more than expected:
Ana: ... "What... true ... ah, my hand ... would please give it back to me ?”...., she said while raised their hands remained trapped for he saw that she was talking about.
He looked into her eyes for a moment and then turned his head to see their hands that Ana moves again so lets her go while apologizing to her:
Boy: ... "Oh dear, I'm sorry ... is that when I saw ... I still did not see you, really sorry are you hurt or something?" ... Said as he took her by the shoulders to rotate from side to side making sure she was not hurt while still apologizing again and again.
Despite being totally surprised, Ana raised both hands to give a gentle touch on the boy's chest trying to make him stop and listen for a moment:
Ana: ... "Hey, hey ... wait a minute, I'm perfectly fine, ok? Do not worry, the mistake was mine, I should never get in your way without saying something and you have not seen me, that was it, I'm fine "...
At that time, the young boy stood holding her by the shoulders as she continued with her hands on his chest and stayed that way, looking for a moment without saying anything until Ana reacted and pulled gently.
Boy: ... "Ehmm ... ok, are you sure, nothing hurts? Really sorry, I'm sorry I dragged you here but was completely distracted and I did not realize, but by the way, my name is Jang Keun Suk and a pleasure ... despite the situation, lol"..., he said as he smiled mischievously. 
At that moment Ana felt as if was floating, a strange feeling came over her completely and only reacted when she heard the boy talking again,
JKS: ... "Are you sure you're okay, you're scaring me a little right now" ...
Ana: ... "What ... oh yes, do not worry I'm fine, I was just distracted, that's all" ... replied while let her head down trying not to show that she was blushing, which does not worked since JKS not only noticed but flaunted it ...
JKS: ... "My name is Jang Keun Suk but my friends call me Sukkie, what's your name" ... he said with that look that knew exceedingly could make women fall all rendered at his path.
Ana: ... "Oh ... nice to meet you ... Sukkie, I am Ana and is also a pleasure in spite of the circumstances as you say" ...
JKS: ... "Surely you're not from here, you are touring?" ...
Ana: ... "hahaha, really you are very perceptive, it is true, obviously I am not asian, actually I'm argentinian and no, I'm not touring, I came for work and you, you went on vacation?" ...
JKS: ... "Oh, now I understand why you have no idea who I am, right ...? he said without answering her question.
Ana: ... "No, I had never really seen you before but ... should I"...  asked a little confused.
JKS: ... "I do not know,  you'll tell me the next time we meet" … he replied smiling again as before
Ana: ... "Ok, anyway I'm a little hurry now, there is someone I should find. It's been a pleasure, take care "... she said as she grabbed her bag and withdrew from the VIP to keep looking for her assistant.
JKS: .. "Okay, I'll see you out there surely, welcome to Korea" ...
Ana: .. "Ok, thank you very much" ...
But they parted without knowing why both felt the parting had come too soon ...

To be continued...

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