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[Fan Fiction] Destiny - Chapter 2: "The surprise"

By KaryJangy

It's been two weeks since Ana arrived in Korea and has been working hard every day to make the most posible during of the daylight hours but however hard she tried, for some reason has failed to focus on it as she should. Sometimes she feels like there is something that should be there but is not, others feels there is something that distracted and not allows her to concentrate completely but ... what most intrigued is that feeling of emptiness that feels right in the chest, as if nothing pleased enough, as if someone close has been absent from her side and deeply miss which is even stranger because she has been “ALONE" in every way and there wasn´t nobody to miss but ... wonder why that feeling still chasing so stubbornly? ...
Early one morning, went out with her assistant to search all the places included in the long list of tourist destinations that the agency sent her to portray to the photographic book, so, camera in hand, began her journey in a rented car.
Fully amazed by the beauty and color of those scenarios, Ana could not stop pressing the shutter of her camera to the point that her assistant thought she looked like some kind of automatic mechanism that had taken hold of her, taking one photo after another in any direction and every possible angle.

Meanwhile without her noticing someone was watching from very close and had already been for a long time. In a moment, she gets upset as it has done with all the rolls of film that brought for the camera but somehow it felt very satisfied because it had managed to cover the fee not only for the day but since she started working at that moment.
She decides to ask her assistant to go where the car and search by heaven and earth to get more film to continue working and got prepared to wait patiently reviewing the images in the camera´s memory.
Sitting on some rocks, behind where Ana was , who was watching silently decided to take the opportunity to see her alone and off guard and walked quietly covering her eyes from the back while saying to her:
Sukkie: ... "Please do not go screaming or panic, ok? Be assured that I am someone you know and I just wanted to surprise you as much as I am to find you here, ok? "... Slowly he removed his hands from her eyes and with an agile leap he settled in front of her.
Ana could only open her eyes like two huge plates and absolutely froze, while the camera started making strange noises in her hands because of how strong she was pressing it, prompting a slight laugh from one who was in front of her.
Sukkie: ... "hahaha, is amazing to see that look again, of course it is, seems to have seen the devil himself, I feel so bad?" ... He said with that attitude and smile that had her breath away once and he knew that very well.

Ana: ... "But ... you ... here ... how is it possible, did you follow me?" ... Was more than clear that she was more than surprised to find him that way for a second time .
Sukkie: ... "Follow you, you're talking about here ?, no, no, no, I was just deciding which is the best place to go camping, I mean that we only have met in the same place at the same time, which does not stop been strange or maybe ... we're meant to be together? "... he said with that naughty smile really can make her to lose her mind.
Ana: ... "Whaaaat, predestined !!!? how could you think... someone like me can not... you lost your mind, are just fantasies of a bratty kid, just that "... she replied as she tried to gather her things to leave but he would not let her and taking her by the arm abruptly said,
Sukkie: ... "How did you say, bratty kid, that how you called me" ... Ana began to tremble at the look of anger in his eyes that suddenly became glassy, looked like he was about to break crying but she was well aware that it was not that and knew that this time she really had happened to him and made him angry ...
Ana: ... "Oh ... not only … pleas" ... but he did not let her finish speaking
Sukkie: ... "That's what you think of me, that I'm just a spoiled child who goes around doing silly nonsense, is that what you think?" ... he said angrily, while he suddenly turned and began to walk quickly away from there. 

After seeing him only for a moment ran to him and took his arm to try to make him stop,
Ana: ... "No, please forgive me, is not like that, was only" ... but seeing that he was really upset and would not stop completely changed her attitude and tone of voice,
Ana: ... "Hey you, stop right there, ok, you're right, I should not say that but ... I was really surprised and that just came out at that time,  I did not think it just came out of my mouth and I apologize, okay? "... at that point, Ana also felt somewhat upset by the situation and the attitude of Sukkie,
Ana: ... "But what the hell I'm doing, why have I to be explaining to you? after all... I´m the older here ... now she was who took her things to move away quickly and as expected, the roles were reversed and it was Sukkie who tried to stop her now,
Sukkie: ... "Wait, where are you going ?, all right, I was should not surprise you like that I didn´t really consider you not really know anyone here, it's true but calling me that way wasn´t right neither so we're even, ok? "he said smiling ... that way he knew she could not resist, so she watched him as lost for a moment and replied,
Ana: ... "Oh okay but now I need my cell, I have to call my assistant to find out why she has not returned" ... began to search her backpack but could not find it until suddenly remembered she has left it in the car,
Ana: ... "Can not be, how could I have been so careless" ... said to herself
Sukkie: ... "What is it?" ...
Ana: .. "It is that I left the phone in the car and can not contact my assistant, hours ago I asked to return to the car for films for the camera and has not returned, do not understand what may have happened." ..
Sukkie: ... "No problem, you know her number ?, take my phone and call her so you can stop being worried" ...
Ana: ... "Oh, thank you very much, I'm really worried, it is not possible that she has not returned yet" ... said as she dialed her assistant Mei Ly and Ana began to speak in spanish coz as she said Mei Lee well dominate it and she feels more comfortable.
On hearing this conversation in a language he could not understand at all, Sukkie kept seeing Ana, even could not help but smile at times due to the gestures she did not realizing it so she really looks very funny and tender and ... at that time he was trapped in her face but did not understand why.
Suddenly, Ana turn and instantly noticed how Sukkie was looking at her and a strange feeling came over her in a second to the point of not listening to what Mei Ly was saying at the phone,
Ana: ... "Oh forgive me Mei Ly, I got distracted for a moment but listen, do not worry about me, I´ll go back to the hotel by my own but please, if you do not already have film go get all as you can or will can not work tomorrow, okay? then just take the car and go home and pick up  me in the morning, we'll talk later "... to end the conversation, Ana had her back to Sukkie and felt somewhat uncomfortable after seeing how he looked at her and could not anticipate be taken by surprise by him putting his hands on her shoulders as he began to speak,
Sukkie: ... "Okay, would I be able to get my phone back and ... if it not bothers you, tell me what was all that conversation, was on your tongue right, in spanish?" ... And gently he began to turn her to see her face as she did not answer.
To see her face, she was frightened and could not help but ask,
Sukkie: ... "Oh my God, something bad has happened... to your assistant, could I help with something ?... but she could not help, he was so shocked because of Ana´s expression, he can not understand due she apparently did little to clear his doubts.
Sukkie: ... "Ana ... seriously... what happened, you're scaring me enough right now ... please can you say something ?, whatever but tell me" ...
She was petrified, literally, her eyes could not be more opened, it was not humanly possible and last but not least, her whole body was so stressed that Sukkie could not take his cell phone out of her hands but it got worse when she started shaking and sweating and sudenly said.
Ana: ... "Ehmmm ... no ... is that I ..." started saying ... trying to get out of her near-catatonic state but without much success since Sukkie immediately realized what was happening and without hesitation he said,
Sukkie: ... "Ok, I see and can understand everything is in order, nothing bad has happened ... so what's next ?, if you can say" ... he said smiling as he always did when he saw that It could affect her.
Ana: ... "Fortunately all is fine, it happens that we had not more film for the camera in the car so she went to the hotel to get some just do not consult me before going so did not know that I haven´t anymore there neither that´s why I told her not to come back for me and that only dedicate to find more to work tomorrow and that I would go back to the hotel by my own, that's it "... said trying to sound nonchalant.
Sukkie: ... "Well tell me, which is your plan? "... He said knowing that she had little choice but to ask for his help and he loved it.
Ana: ... "Oh do not worry, I'll walk alone to the village and take a taxi to the hotel and problem solved" ... she answered without thinking.
Sukkie: ... "A taxi... have any idea about where we are to start?, we are at three hours to the nearby village and last but not least is beginning to darken, or think I'll let you do that, you´ll come with me and that is all "... without leaving choice said.
Ana: ... "Definitely no way, how do you think? Surely you'll have things to do and besides ... you did not come ... I do not know ... with someone else? "she asked ... really intrigued to know if anyone wait for him.
Sukkie knew immediately what was she talking about and of course, his ego grew exponentially as he had noticed that he was not indifferent to which he replied,
Sukkie: ... "Ok, regarding your question ... no, nobody is waiting for me, and I said I was touring the area looking for a good place to camp with some friends over the weekend and on what to have things that do not, nothing since I am taking a few days off so we will look for my car, go to eat something and then I'll take you to the hotel, it will be late when we arrive so you can just take a shower and go to sleep "... he said bringing his face close to hers as if trying to take her to the limit, as if trying to measure how it affects her. At that moment, she could only take a step back trying to get away but the railing stopped her and that made him become closer with the excuse of preventing stumbled.
Ana: ... "Oh ... um ... thank you for that and I'll go with you but lets go now please ?, I´m a little hungry indeed and I'm also pretty tired, it was a  very long day "... she said in an attempt to make him depose his attitude but failed at all.
Sukkie: ... "Ok boss, as you say" ... he said smiling and holding her hand to head for the car. Despite not being comfortable with that, Ana just followed him without saying anything.
Arriving at the car, Sukkie opened the passenger door to climb Ana and began the journey back. At that time, he asked Ana if would like to heard music to which she said yes then Sukkie gave play to the CD in the player and Ana immediately thought that the music was really good, seeing her expression he asked,
Sukkie: ... "Like it?
Ana: ... "Yes, the truth is that I love it but who is the singer? she asked without waiting for the answer to come.
Sukkie: ... "I, me, it's my last job and is called Monochrome and if you like it I´ll give it to you as a gift" ... he said as he looked Ana´s surprise expression.
Ana: ... "What ... you, you mean you're a singer and this is your album" ... said unable to hide her admiration at that time.
Sukkie: ... "That's right, that's why I told you that you had no idea who I was the day we met at the airport, remember?" ...
Ana: ... "Oh ... that's true, I remember now" ... said while she was looking almost tenderly.
After that talk, they continued the trip without saying anything just listening to the music and Sukkie felt very comfortable every time he looked and to see she was enjoing what she heard.

To be continued...



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