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[Month in review] August 2015

August Month in Review by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits: Nancy Terry

August month came
the month of JKS
because was his birthday
his most important day

Photo credits: Diana Salazar

Beautiful flowers arrangement
and beautiful art works
from eels all over the world
Consolidate in JKS’s birthday
photo exhibition hall
to be recognize and
appreciate him more.

Suk’s tweet out his second birthday cake
also the wrist band of JKS’s birthday exhibition entrance
Our dear prince have been the early bird
That step into the hall to enjoy his eel’s creativity vein
Photo shoot and drawing of him were there.

Capture of Suk’s arriving at his birthday exhibition event
with his charisma looking perfectly with a blue shirt
Makes a perfectly simple look to an extremely insane
Outstanding outlook that makes you in awe.

Cr. leejoongjksj

Eels that attended JKS’s birthday exhibition event
Share out the bit and pieces of the artwork for the world
Thank you so much to Cri J and eels that  sent
and  Worked  hard to makes this event a great success.

Cr. jks cecil
Cr. chika8004h

Lips, lips lips….
More new birthday collection releasing out
In conjunction of JKS’s birthday month in Zikzin shop, wow

In this month we saw
a  message note that touch
thousands of eel’s heart
Hand written by Jang Keun  Suk
in the message book during
his Birthday Photo Exhibition in Seoul.

Translation of the message is as below…
Photo Sharing Exhibition with Cri J
Eels who are always by my side no matter what
I always feel sorry…
However, in the future
There will be a lot of things!
For a lifetime ㅋㅋㅋ

Video clip of rice wreaths
donated by eels of JKS
Share out by the organizer
Thank you to everyone that have
Contribute to the charity event.

Cr. dreame

News from JKS online game
ZIKZINRUN Opened Line Account!
To add ZIKZINRUN account,
click on the more tab in the APP
and look for Official Account
Then select @zikzinrun
or search by name, please go now.

Third birthday cake tweet out 
By Suk with 28 candles sticking to it
We eels here wishing you our prince
Happy 28th Birthday and we will be
by your side celebrating your birthday
Every single years down the road of it.

Collecte De Zikzin Facebook Updated
With the happy news that they manage to 
Greet Geun Chan Happy birthday with 
A special birthday cake from Zikzin Shop
We will continue Zikzin together dear boss.

Lucky eels share out picture of 
JKS visiting Asia Prince Shop
Our dear prince visiting his own prince shop
Making all of us feeling so awesome

AP shop tweet out the JKS’s Birthday Post-It event
AP’s staff will distribute the post-it note to eels
That visiting the shop and please write
Your love message that will dedicate out to our prince.

Capture of our Suk
arriving at gimpo airport
From his visit to Tokyo, Japan
So handsome in white color.

TEF and ECNA Twitter Event
for Jang Keun Suk's Birthday 
A great effort by eels that trend the event
and hit number sixteen 
And it also trended world wide, eels.

Jang Keun Suk updated
his Weibo account
he wrote "I love you"
to his eels, so cute.

Zikzinrun gamers players
there will be a birthday present event
awaiting for you in zikzin 
go get it now eels with your feets on the ground.

Suk’s  lead dancer shared out this tweet
and mentioned a special birthday gift
A free choreagraphy coupon for one song
our prince is whole hearted love by everyone.

Jason Jang posted his birthday message to Suk
On his weibo with the message
No matter if u have a gud times or difficult times,
my team and I will always b wid u.
happy bday bro!! cya all eels in China soon!

come to Princejks,
quickly "  was the Line update
from JKS, so we his eels obey.

JKS returned 
to Japan again
with a black and red shirt
and short pants showing his legs.

Another Line update
from Jang Keun Suk
saying "Hey Yo, come

Photographer Zo Sun Hi
posted a photo with our prince
both lying in the floor 
after a photo shooting.

JKS updated
for the third time
his Line account
he wtote,"Yo,yo,yo
Hurry up,run"

JKS Japan OFC tweet
announced Team H Halloween Party in it
In Osaka and Tokyo will be.

Jang Keun Suk sent a tweet
with a new video of his friend Stephanie
and commented teasing her
And she replied the comment.

Jang Keun Suk went
To the Kim Pet Cafe
the owner is one of his friends
he possed with a white dog
and signed an autograph in the shop.

Photographer Zo Sun Hi
posted another pic with Sukkie
this time eating ramen in the street
they were in a shooting

L'inoui Korea posted
a JKS photo in their instagram
he seating in a chair making the V sign
Ready for the makeup time.

Jang Keun Suk wrote in weibo
"Pray, hope everyone is safe"
So sweet of him to said"
his thoughts about a tragedy in there.

JKS Official fan club announced
that Jang Keun Suk decided
the eels not send rice wreath to him
to the Seoul live show
in respect to the explosion
who hurt the chinese people indeed.

Zikzinrun game championship
were announced to be held/hold
in the Shibuya Shop third floor
on August thirty, eels please,
go go and play in it
and stole the show for our prince.

Tree J sent a tweet
about the 70th anniversary
of the Korea independency
said, “meditate on it.

Yalget China Weibo posted
a photo of Jang Keun Suk
saying this wise words
"Determine whatever happen,
still carry on in stride, zikzin 

Jang Keun Suk wrote in  LINE
"I'm sorry about what I did last time"
Come right away..! to  princejks
new insta- @Oya_JKS.

Then he added, you!
Con man! If I catch you
you're dead meat!!
some one used his name in instagram.

Jang Keun Suk  sent two tweets
tweet # one: new instagram!! @Oya_JKS
tweet# two:  If I do not reach 50,000 followers today,
I will have to destroy it ..#Oya_JKS.

Then he sent one more tweet
" Instagram or whatever,
is giving me problems, eels 
You wanna see more?? follow me---!

And another tweet said 
follow me, come , come but then said
There's a reason not to do any more. 
Eels, let’s play on the official website 
Instagram, bye and he close his account.

Jang Keun Suk changed 
his  twitter photo profile
he used a rabbit costume
the color  of the costume is white.

Jang Keun Suk
posted in  LINE 
"Eels.. I love you.."
showed a big bottle of champagne.

Jang Keun Suk will celebrate
the winter Sweet & Merry Christmas!’ fan meeting
for Love Story game in Japan
on December in Tokyo Dome City Hall.

More detail announcement of
Team H Halloween Party 2015
Release out in the Official Website
Two shows in Osaka, two shows in Tokyo
Last year, Suk appeared as Vampire
Wonder what will he be this year?

Photographer Zo_Sun_hi 
posted a photo in Instagram
she wrote that Keun-chan 
and her have  exactly the same taste in food!!!! 
After shooting, they went to an ancient pork rib
BBQ restaurant and have some fun in it

Cri J shared out the video clips
Of our Suk exploring his birthday sharing photo exhibition, eels
I wonder how he feel and what do he think
Looking at his own beautiful and handsome face
Hanging on the wall and all the creative art piece from eel
Please check out the video especially his birthday message, so sweet

Cr. park heemang

Official good of JKS ‘Live IN Seoul’
Release out and there are selling in
Complete set that include a
slogan towel, shirt, pen light,
bag, bottle and three surprise postcard.

Grevin Seoul Facebook updated
Of our Suk visiting the wax museum
And have special encounter with his own figure
Shaking hand with his wax figure and checking
Out his face figure made of wax…

Tree J Tweet out of Suk visit to Grevin museum
With the update of staff blog that
Include the content of his day in Grevin museum
Eels, please go check it out in the Official website.

Arirang K-Pop this month put a review of
Celebrity playing celebrity characters in a drama
Our Suk well known acting in YAB as a celebrity
Has been name as one of the star that able to act and sing
So well in the drama and garners fans all over the Asia and the world

Pachinko game with YAB theme
Has been chosen as a new pinball machine
And will be a November release
Many eels outside Japan
has not play Pachinko before
And we in the groups will share out more
Stay tune in case you can play J

The first Toki-Love Story Fan Meeting
Our Suk had wore a white doctor gown
and his sensational action of ‘kabe-don’
Pushing the girl against the wall
Drive them crazy and insane
And please look forward this second Toki-Love story FM


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