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[Month in review] September 2015

September Month in Review by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits: Nancy Terry

September another month begins
Gregorian birthday of our prince
September 1987, on the twenty six
our prince was born, Zikzin.

JKS tweet out an emergency planning message
Seeking for eels suggestion for a love song
To sing on stage at the start of autumn
Guess there will be upcoming surprise  in the show .

Grevin Seoul updated their support of 
Jang Keun Suk’s upcoming concert ‘Live In Seoul’ 
Eels have been putting so much of support
In the comment and if you have not so,
please put a lovely note.

Chinese eels will get to see Suk up close
This October tweny four
with the announcement of the show
‘Live IN Shanghai’ concert
Ticket will be sold
in the Chinese Official Fan Club.

JKS is the Busan Lotte Hotel ambassador
His interview message was so full of charm
His smile and stare easily capture us
his eels  that we are more close to his heart.

Tree J Tweet out the preorder
of ‘Live in Seoul’ DVD info will be
Available in PrinceJKS official site
go,go,go  there eels.

Suk tweet out two messages
That makes many of eels puzzle
As the content of the message seem to
Be a frustration message from
something that agitated him
Eels, we will support  our Master eel
with unconditional love.

This is a dream that every eels wishing for
A Chinese student from Hanyang University
Met JKS in the cafeteria and they greeted each other
JKS left a very good impression to her
And she mentioned that he spoken Chinese to her.

A teasing tweet from JKS
On betting that he won’t laugh
first in his  Live in Seoul concert
Eels will show their power to create
An atmosphere that naturally makes
Him laugh in the concert hall, power.

Oh our sweetie master eel still teasing us
That he is practicing hard not to laugh
And post up a picture of his smile that claim
It will be his last smile before the concert.

Photographer Zo Sun Hi sent a tweet
A touching message of the nine years
Working relationship with Suk
that full of memories is the thruth
And we eels here also looking forward
For more beautiful photos from her
the best of Suk’s from her lens soon.

The date of the ‘Live In Seoul’ concert
finally arrived this month
Eels share out the photo of the venue
And the merchandise they will sell there.

Our master eel sending out a tweet
That say “What a perfect weather!” here
And the hidden meaning of this
Is the rain that he bring
in the morning of his show
And his next message reminding
 That he can't laugh today eels.. kkkkk

Grevin Seoul Facebook update
That eels are queuing for hours in line in that place
To took a photo with his wax figure
Eels power making Grevin Museum a hot spot
And put JKS’s wax figure the most visited, is in the top.

Collecte Zikzin tweet out the details
Of JKS Live In Seoul DVD ordering details
That will be available in December
This is a limited DVD that eels
should consider to order then.

The Korean restaurant owner Yang Chul Cooking
 were cooking in  her second shop
 "JKS visited us again, Keun-chan visited us"
were the words she said to us.

The confirmation news of JKS ‘Live In Shanghai’ show
Release out and the venue will be a memorable place
As it is where Cri Show held in 2011 too in there.

The korean singer Stephanie
a great friend of Sukkie
said thanks to him  in one interview
that he paid for her studies, so good.

We saw the model Jang Keun Suk
in the second anniversary of L'inoui
in Lotte Department Stores
he posed with a  brown bag
we think he can fly direct to the sky.

Cr. fay den

More photos from L'inoui event
Were posted in their instagram
again with the brown bag
and this time with a beautiful smile.

Tree J sent a tweet
about  JKS charity
he did voluntary service in Namsam
for fourth years in a row now.

The artist Jang Keun Suk
and his official  Cri J fan club
cooked meals for the kids
and gave them medicines.

Original source:

Yang Chul cooking facebook
were updated with a photo of JKS
he is taking cooking classes with her
is good that he didn't stopped to learn.

JKS sent a tweet
with a video link
of Live in Seoul DVD
the pre orders stewed eels.

Yalget China Weibo
posted some photos of Sukkie
sending blessings forever, zikzin
and said Happy Birthday to him

Asia Prince Shibuya shop
changed the decoration of their outdoors
with big  posters of Jang Keun Suk
very beautiful of course.

We recieved a gift
JKS Live in Seoul
rehearsal vid
for please the eels.

Cr. park heemang

An article about JKS Cri J fan club
who donated money to "The snail of love"
and one child recieved a gift
will be hear in the future
thanks to Sukkie eels.

Original source:

Jang Keun Suk  went to Japan
and visited ZikzinRun expirience zone
he wrote his signature on the wall
Look at the photo above.

Sukkie also visited Shibuya shop
and read the message from his eels on the wall
and said thank you to all
for that touching birthday notes.

Collecte de Zikzin sent a tweet
Sukkie was there in the  fourth flour
puting his faorite perfume,
vanilla as you all know
and looking  around all  the place
as the leisurly pace,
also visited the nail salon,
looked relax and went to the red sofa.

Jang Keun Suk landed
at Korea Gimpo airport
After visited   Japan
were visited Shibuya and Zikzin shop
and the music festival Ultra Japan.

After the success of Live in Seoul
Jang Keun Suk will do another one
But not in Korea this time
will be 2015 Live in Japan.

A video promotion came
from Live in Shanghai concert
that will held on October twenty four by JKS
in a gymnastic center, we hope will be a success.

A weibo post was sent
by Jason Jang who represent
Sukkie in China again
about the Live in Shanghai concert.


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