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[Trans] Jang Keun Suk Weibo, 2015-11-06

Trans Credit: Charlene Lam
Source: @张根硕 weibo

The article is heart-warming. Eels’ grandma, please stay healthy ^^

Although I can not read Chinese characters, I will get Google to help me. kk

Here is the full translation of the article! 

The Swimming Eels:

In my heart, there is always a group of eel swimming around.

Eels is the fan's name of Korean star Jang Keun Suk, I do not know why they call this name, but felt very dynamic, but also a bit dorky/adorable, very cute. Almost all the fans names are like that, so common, usual but very creative, as well as a sense of a distinct personality and image.

I never dared to joke with the star fans, because the fans in their worship of the stars who are often entrusted with their beautiful ideal, and the ideal of all the good things should be respected. We are unforgettable in that turbulent years, Teresa Teng (was a Taiwanese pop singer ), her voice like a natural moat crossed the straits to bring solace here. In fact, who in the era of white fluttering shallots never had their own idols, if not, that would be really a pity rather blank, so that in the future may be due to lack of virtue and some can not wake have had precious days nostalgia. Recall is a strength, warm and moving. Calvary Everyone is different, we are not to and can not go to dominate everyone idols. Therefore, for all the fans huge like the star sand, we are to be more general, understanding and tolerance.

In last August, I went to Japan to relax with my mom who just do interventional treatment of liver cancer, I had a promised with her, after the end of each treatment, I will take her to a place to see the clouds that she likes. In fact, I am also a cancer patient, I hope my mother and I can support each other, in dire straits, let the vast sea of clouds broaden our hearts, but also bring us peace and good fortune. In the streets of Tokyo, just when we looked up to the sky, we bump into a huge poster of "Prince of Asia" Jang Keun Suk. Poster of this building, there is a Jang Keun Suk's Cafe. We sat on the second floor of this Cafe, in a quiet atmosphere enjoyed a romantic refreshments. Mother ordered a cup of green tea milkshake most unique, because on top of the ice cream, has a dark green "Z" word, so it is dazzling. Mother very happy, holding the spoon, smiling, I used this camera phone captured that moment, then posted on my weibo. Completely unexpectedly, all of a sudden eels rushed in, it reached three hundred thousand hits in a short moment, warm eels also left many blessings, made me and my mother so surprised. They call my mother "eel grandmother," my mother gladly accepted.

Since then, the eels swim in from time to time to greet us, they swim in quietly, stay only a moment, then leave, and will lose track of them. I do not know who they all are, do not know where they swim in from, and swim out to where. So I get along with the eels quietly, sometimes, I will think of them, so I just potential water, accompanied by Jang Keun Suk singing happily see them swim. When my mother died, I made a post on weibo, eels are once again surrounded by swimming in, lit a candle, and that full screen candle in my heart grief gleaming and flashing, very warm.

In June, I will write in prose after sick compiled as "in the cloud" was published, the book recorded the three or four years I walked among this particularly difficult period of history bit by bit. To encourage people with cancer to have a positive, optimistic life, I decided to donate all royalties to the Shanghai Cancer Rehabilitation Club. Becasue I have to rely on royalties for each book sold, I mentioned about it on my weibo, and what made me touched is, so many fans have a helping hand, then, I found that with the information provided me from the sales department, the best selling numbers was those silent eels from one of the groups.

Today, the eels have been swim into my heart, I'm grateful to them, so, I am willing to be a full of kind-hearted and loving eel, slowly swim in the water which becoming icy in this world, and release a lot of warmth.


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  1. What a great story! Sad but a great story...


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