Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jang Keun Suk Twitter, 2015-12-10

@AsiaPrince_JKS  This is AP! Respect sir 

@AsiaPrince_JKS  It just finished it. Thank you for invite me. It was a great time in Hanyang univ. 

@AsiaPrince_JKS  Feel like a sooooo sleepy-_-



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    These students are so lucky.

    today, professor Jang keun suk giving his conference on philanthropy, wow he is so smart!! he looks son handsome and cool and Yoona traveling for her concert in Japan. she looks so pretty and so Christmas with her coat. jejeje

    that JAPANESE song is so cute and romantic... maybe professor Jang keun suk began to feel the Christmas spirit, I also love christmas.

    LYRICS : "Can't wait Till Christmas (by Utada hikaru)"

    Don't make me wait until Christmas
    Jokingly, time passes by, oh
    On days without anything to do
    I want to be just beside you
    I'm already, ahh, loving you

    What do you think about on a long winter
    When spring comes
    Everyone is preparing for a journey
    (but) our season is coming very soon

    Don't make me wait until Christmas
    The whole town is falling in love with you
    Don't put up a cool act in front of me
    I'm already, ahh, loving you


    The white snow enfolds the mountain
    Just like crossing over, we often *flap our wings
    Two of us alone on Christmas eve

    Everytime we meet, the distance between us shrinks
    Our hearts pass each other by little by little
    More than any promises
    I want to hear your feelings right now
    Don't make me wait until Christmas
    Why do people chase after tomorrow
    It's alright to just treasure the most important people
    I'm already, ahh loving you


Thank you for sharing with us, Cri!