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[Month in review] October 2015

October Month in Review by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits: Nancy Terry

A new month arrived
October is in our lives
we used Cri J wallpaper
to started all JKS events.

JKS Japan OFC sent a tweet
to  inform all Sukkie eels
the preorders of his calendar begins
oh what a beautiful pics.

Jang Keun Suk wrote in weibo
for the chinese eels
words that he repeated
but were very sweet
"I love you" my eels.

JKS designed bags
that were in in L' inoui brand
the first with the Z of Zikzin
that was  the beige one
the other with his sign.

AP Shibuya Shop sent a tweet
about the visit of Sukkie to the brand
he wrote a messages for his fans
see only me, always, said Geun Chan.

Another weibo from Suk
He said again “I love you
I see you in Shanghai" soon
Chinese eels will be in the moon.

Collecte the Zikzin sent a tweet
said that Sukkie went to a camping
the weather was exquisite
and he ate delicious things.

The japanese composer Joo Young Hoon
Posted a photo in his instagram
he met Sulkie in a wedding banquet
and noticed his fashion sense.


Tweet from TBS Channel greeting us with super news
That TBS 1 Channel will broadcast Team H Halloween Party
To all his viewer end of November month
Eels looking forward to watch the recorded show.

JKS Japan tweet out that
Team H Halloween Party will have
live viewing from nationwide
movie theaters a nd hope that one day
not only in movie theaters
Eels from various country will get a chance
to have live viewing too, not bad

CriShow 3 Monochrome DVD
ranked second and first
in October nine week
in Oricon charts, weeee
Congratulations Sukkie.

Some fandom’s of Chinese eels
raised money in their ponds, so sweet
to promote Live in Shanghai there
they used video trucks, so he was everywhere.

L'inoui brand posted
a JKS  photo in their instagram
he visited their shop
and modeled a beige bag.

The Chinese eels
continued promoting Sukkie
all over the Shanghai street
look all the cartels here.

The  chinese 40 Mother Eels Club
visited the hometown of Jang Keun Suk
even they went to his elementary school
wow how awesome and cool.

Yan Chul Cook posted in instagram
a photo with Sukkie again in her class
She said congratulations to him
for still in the diet and not gain weight, Zikzin.

The JKS photographer zo_ sun_ hi
mentioned Sukkie in her instagram
she were impressed by his loyalty
all of this years that worked with him.

Four teasing tweets from Suk to eels
Of him wanted to upload his directed short film
To official website, but mama Jang say no
But our Suk eventually uploaded it. Yeah, our boy.

Tongyi uploaded some JKS old pics
in different posses in their weibo page
some from his dramas and movies
that made us miss his acting.

JKS 40+ Mother eels group in China
Wrote a beautiful message to eels
That attending the ‘Live In Shanghai” show
“Watch with your eyes, listen through your ears,
and feel from the heart from beginning to end”
May a china stage DVD be produced
to capture the memories again.

JKS Crij3 weibo updated with a thankful message to eels
 said thanks to his eels around the world for their support
Counting down eight more days to ‘Live in Shanghai’
Let’s zikzin together to promote our prince.

JKS The CriShow III Monochrome DVD
Climb up to top ten on Orican chart weekly
Congratulation to our prince and all the eels
Eels that have been supporting him.

I am more than willing to give up my current job
To work with that so handsome boss
Why  is so handsome. our prince? Seriously!!!
A killer photos that post up in Sukkie weibo.

Team H Halloween Party Official Goods
Published out with more keunsagi dolls
That can keep as collection items for eels
if they buy for them or as a gift.

Original source:

So proud!! So Proud!!
JKS appointed honorary professor by
Hanyang University and will be giving lecture on
Philanthropy at the Liberal Arts Department for a semester
Will be so nice if his lecture will be recorded
And share out to eels all over the world.

Official goods for ‘Live in Shanghai’
Publish out and the items are sell in sets
for the eels who want to buy it then
and bring it to home to collect.

K Star reported JKS appointment as a sharing professor
For Hanyang University
Eels are feeling so happy to be able to
Witness the moment and share the proud moment of our prince.

Cr. K STAR 한류스타 리포트 & 생방송 스타뉴스

Tree J tweeted the airport fashion of our Suk
From Incheon airport that getting ready
To depart and meet up the Chinese eels
so excited for them I think.

More fans pics of our Suk
departing Incheon Airport
For Live in Shanghai release out
And as usual our eels capture all the
Best shots of him
With us here that not able to be there with him.

The cheer from Chinese eels
When Suk landed in Shanghai
Bring out the power of eels
that support and love  him.

Jason Jang weibo updated
A photo of him with JKS and Manager Kim
With the beautiful high rise scenery of shanghai
But eels eyes only on Suk and Manager Kim J

Jang Keun Suk  updated his weibo
a photo of him from the mirror reflection
a long time we didn 't see
And a photo with his two managers with him.

Picture of Jang Keun Suk appearance
In his hotel and restaurant share out
Showing his sincere fan service and smile
To allow eels snap the best shot of him
Thats is all about.

Jang Keun Suk Weibo updated
With a photo of him taken after his rehersal
And a spread of continental breakfast
Eat well suk wish your eels all over the world.

Jang Keun Suk tweet out a single shot
Of him modelling the coat from
Vivienne Westwood
and Pearl Tower at background.

To celebrate the release of JKS The CriShowIII DVD
Nico nico back to back broadcast
Documentary of JKS 2011 The Cri Show in Japan
And 2012 Asia Tour CriShowII, how awesome.

JKS Live in Shanghai
ended successfully
look the beautiful venue in the night
the flowers and the goods so fine.

"Please, quickly delete"
said JKS to his chinese eels
because they shared videos and pics
from Live in Shanghai, no need.

After the Live in Shanghai concert
JKS posted in weibo again
wrote,"Good bye everyone
drive carefully"  to your home.

Jang Keun Suk departed
from  Shanghai China to Japan
He went to Osaka this time
for Team H Halloween party live.

Cr. chika8004h
Cr. miraineko0724

Galsam sent a tweet
with photos of him
with Sukkie and BB
saying he want too see
both as soon as can be.

Jang Keun Suk sent three tweets
in one said hello in japanese
in the other said" i love you" to his eels
And in the third  said he want to stay
in a friend house in Osaka, so sweet.

Jang Keun Suk sent some tweets
"Don't sleep on the road spiderman!!"
"USJ halloween festival!
**Universal Studios Japan"
Osaka, good morning or good night "

In October
JKS updated
his twitter pic
he look very chic.

Jang Keun Suk posted in his Line
a video of him with a mask
someone pumped a bomb
and his face were covered with blood.

A lot of media pics
from the concert of Sukkie
called Live in Shanghai
good photos for our eyes.

More tweets from Sukkie
this tweet came as the  first one
Hahaha Korean girls ghost in here!!, second "Unsafetyman"
And the third" Safety check first"
That one I didn't understood.

Tree J  and JKS OFC  Japan
twee almost  the same time
soon will start, excited about that.

Before the Team H Halloween party
we saw the venue in Japan
very beautiful inside and out
we saw the goods and bought it.

Jang Keun Suk Tweet again
"cheer up!!!! Korean ghost friends!!"
about eels from Korea who wears
white costumes in the Team H  concert.

Tree J  sent two tweets
One of them said " OSAKA #TEAM H Party Thank U.
and the other Team H Party Osaka almost the same.

JKS Japan OFC Tweet that
Team H Halloween Party in Osaka
has ended! The next city is Makuhari〜!!
Where the eels will see Team H again.

A video from Hanyang
the university of  Mr. Jang
in a helped,c harity event
were uploaded and we care.

Jang Keun Suk arrived
at Haneda airport, in Japan
for the Team H Halloween in Tokyo
and drove his red fiat.

JKS tweeted three times
Danger, unsafety guys and
Here comes Tokyo Japan
and in the last was need some water last night, haha.

Sukkie sent two tweets
in the first he wrote Ubahaha
in the second he asked
What is the best item for tonight?

Photos from Osaka this time
from Koari, a media from Japan
who always showed support
to Suk and Team H works.

Media photos from Team H
Halloween Party in Makuhari
Sukkie and BB burned Tokyo again
playing  music, sunging and dance.

Tree J sent a tweet
with a photo of Sukkie and BB
wearing costume of Halloween
because Team H Halloween party day one begins.

Jang Keun Suk appeared
in a "Celebrity  success study" book
written by a reporter who investigue
twelve korean stars and their life.


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