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[Article] Conversations over Drinks Part 3: Jang Keun Suk ‘I’d like to work together with Yoo Ah In’

Conversations over Drinks (Part 1)      Conversations over Drinks (Part 2)

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English Translation: Lola Devung
Proofreading: Fenny Setiawan
Q&A (from the Picture)

1) The song I like to listen lately is [a song by Kim Gun-mo]
2) [Ha Ji-won]is my best co-star so far. 
3) It's [Daebak] that made me the happiest lately. 
4) [None] was the saddest thing for me this year 
5) I will [shout out crazily] when I’m under stress
6) If I were not an actor I would do [things related to cars] 
7) [Yoo Ah-in] would be the person I would like to work with again
8) [People] are my treasure
9) The dark past I’d like to erase is [none]
10) The nickname written for my Mobile Messenger is [Psycho-J] 
11) The entertainment program I like to watch is [Produce 101]
12) I’d rather die than eat [none]
13) If I have a one week holiday, I will [go camping in the mountain]
14) When I wake up in the morning, I [search for the news about me]
15) [Daebak] is my most important project

Reporter: Thetax evasion issue has been resolved properly?
JKS: “Yes. It was previously clarified over and over again that the company had settled this issue; however, the public thought I was hiding because I did not appear in the media. I decided not to shout out loud that ‘I’m innocent’ even though I was very determined at that time”.

Reporter: You were edited out of ‘3 Meals a Day’ as a consequence
JKS: “I met PD Na the other day and he told me that we should work together again. I haven’t even watched the program yet” (laughs)

Reporter: You are considered one of the original Hallyu stars
JKS: “Being a hallyu star is like a double-edged sword. Come to think of it, there are hallyu stars that are also successful as actors but they are only called ‘stars’. Seniors Choi Min-sik, Song Kang-ho, Sol Kyung-gu are not called ‘stars’. It’s different from being popular domestically, isn’t it? When we are popular overseas, we are being called ‘stars’.”  

Reporter: Was it you yourself who wanted to be a child actor? 
JKS: “When I was a child, I also had a lot of things I wanted to do already. My parents noticed it and supported me.I lived in the countryside but because I was really determined, I would go to Seoul taking the public transport. I took the bus on my own back and forth since I was in the third grade of Elementary School.”

Reporter: Becoming a child actor, was it good or bad?
JKS: “It depends on the person, I guess. For me, I think it was good. My childhood experience helped me shape the foundation for my current self. I could not escape frustrating situations back then but I could overcome those well.”  

Reporter:  Did you dislike being called a ‘child actor’?
JKS: “I was not more successful than any other child actors. Rather, I think I’m more successful as an adult. Even though people said “it’s good, it’s good”, in fact nobody really remembers my works from the childhood period”.

Reporter: Why do you think you are not popular among guys?
JKS: “There is none of my (drama) roles that guys could like and sympathize with; only the two roles in ‘Beethoven Virus’ and ‘the Case of Itaewon Homicide’. Afterwards, there were only roles like in ‘You’re Beautiful’ and ‘Love Rain’. Up until now, when fellow guys saw me, they would tell me “I really like your character in ‘Beethoven Virus’” 

Reporter: Do you often go clubbing?
JKS: “Nowadays, I’m not among the celebrities who regularly go clubbing anymore. Clubs are a dangerous zone. Incidents and accidents often happen there. I’d rather invite friends to come over to my studio to have drinks and play loud music.” 

Reporter: Zion T’s song ‘Yanghwa Bridge’ is similar to your life story?
JKS: “It’s my song. My father was a taxi driver and my mother washed the dishes. I am an only child and have no siblings. My parents brought only 200,000 KRW along with them from Jecheon to Seoul and worked hard for their son. Come to think of it, I had the idea of working hard and earning moneysince I was a child. 

Reporter: Are there any actors you’d like to work together with?
JKS: “It’s Yoo Ah In. I’ve worked with him in our younger days. He was amazing last year, wasn’t he? I would like to work together with him for sure.”

Reporter: You must enlist this year?
JKS: “Yes. I don’t feel too worried before the enlistment, though; it’s a normal thing. I think it’s fair. My friends at the University already enlisted in their early 20s. I wanted to do it back then but I had to work. Now they have graduated and started working, it’s time for me to enlist. I feel no apparent anxiety and nervousness about it.” 

Reporter: Your goal for this year?
JKS: “So far I have focused on working overseas; therefore I would like to regain my status domestically now. I have to regain my self-esteem as an actor.”


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  1. Through these translations you've given us the great gift of getting to know JKS' current thoughts on so many topics of importance to him at this time in his life. It relieves us to hear him sounding secure in himself and looking forward. Thanks so very much for all of the wonderful work that you've put into this website. I'm sure you know how greatly we appreciate it!!


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