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[Article] K-pop sensation Jang Keun-suk films nostalgic travel diary in Nelson

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A short film about a former Nelson College student and current Korean superstar produced in the region may boost Nelson's international profile, according to Nelson Tasman Tourism.

Actor and pop musician Jang Keun-suk arrived in Nelson on January 31 with a 25-person crew to film a prelude to his upcoming album based on his experiences as a student here in 2003.

The short video was shot over four days at old haunts of Jang's, including Rabbit Island beach, Fresh Choice supermarket, numerous local shops, his former Collingwood Street home and old school, Nelson College.

Executive producer Jae B Pyon said Jang loved his time in Nelson and enjoyed refreshing his memories of the area.

"He hasn't been here for 13 years so he was eager to come back and see how much it had changed, but in a way it hasn't changed much, which he really liked. He likes the relaxed atmosphere."

Pyon said Jang was on a tight filming schedule and not available for an interview. Pyon said the video, called "Nelson Diary", would give Nelson more recognition among its south-east Asian audiences.

"[Jang] wants to show his fans how beautiful Nelson is and show everyone that this is the life.

"Once he releases it, it will be seen over half the world at least and many people will know where Nelson is."

Jang's work is most popular in South Korea and Japan. His debut single Let Me Cry was the first non-Japanese debut to top the country's music charts

Nelson-Tasman Tourism international marketing manager Gisela Purcell said the video's positive exposure of Nelson could boost tourism in the region.

"Korea has been a big market for international education for a long time but it's getting stronger for tourism.

"If it's painting Nelson in a positive light on a sunny day it just helps let people know what Nelson is like."

Nelson College principal Gary O'Shea said the documentary was "a big coup" for the school.

"They have filmed in the grounds, the buildings, the trees. He was wearing a summer uniform.

"The spin-off for us is the chief production guys are seriously looking at Nelson and Nelson College for future music videos. There's no downside to it."

He vaguely remembered Jang as a student at Nelson College in 2003, he said.

"He was just laid back, played a bit of social tennis but obviously he was already in the industry before he came here.

"He was a kid who arrived with a portfolio of model photos so I guess he was already destined for big things."

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