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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel: Daebak pre drama article

By Esther Noloc and Beth Wagner


Esther: Daebak, Jang Keun Suk is back to the Korean drama scene again! The eels excitement is incredible since we read about it, and a lot of questions came to our minds!
What kind of drama will he choose? On what channel will it air? When will it start filming? Who will be the female lead? Will the Korean people watch this time? Aww, a lot of questions run through our minds, making our hearts run very fast.
Three years ago I wrote the Pretty Man recap articles with my twin eel sister, but because she is very busy at this time, I went instead to my new eel friend Beth-- aka JKS EelBeth from USA. I wanted JKS EelBeth to give her impressions of the drama, as a new eel, so I opened a chat to talk with her.

Esther: Beth, how are you?

Beth: Great! Thanks for inviting me Esther! You will find I use a lot of exclamation points-- I apologize in advance-- I am a bit excited about this very first time I will get to see JKS acting live in a drama!!! LOL. Truly though, I first saw JKS and became an eel just two months after Pretty Man ended (in January of 2014), so I've been waiting and waiting all this time. It's been a great two years of meeting eels, learning the ropes from so many who have been here a long time, even going to my first Team H concert in Tokyo! After learning all about the amazing man that JKS is, I feel really prepared to enjoy this drama to the max :-)

Esther: I am glad that you feel like that. For the eels who have followed him a long time, it is always a pleasure when new eels come to his fandoms and pass the time together talking about him.  I know he hit hard on you, stuck deep in your heart, because you are very active in the groups and even made this beautiful eel necklace to me, so precious.

Beth: Yes, It's wonderful and still a mystery to me how this boy manages to find new parts of my heart to claim nearly every day! Is it any wonder that he has managed to influence my daily work making jewelry? kkkkk..... I wonder how many of us are the same way??

Esther: All the eels Beth, all of us are in the same way-- excited, thrilled, don't know how to act, waiting for the drama like crazy. Oh Beth, I read that it will be an historical drama and the name will be Daebak or Jackpot. You know the meaning of Daebak?

Beth: I looked it up and it seems Daebak started as a gambling word to mean Jackpot. Later it became slang, with a meaning similar to the way Americans say "awesome" or Brits say "brilliant". I'm interested to see what this drama will be about with a title like Daebak!

Esther: Oh! Daebak/Jackpot is about a gambler, that means we will see his long pianist hands with all that veins two days a week? We will die, kkk

Beth: Oh, so the name really is connected to the old meaning too then. Oh boy..... those beautiful long fingers, with those strong manly hands.... we surely are going to die seeing him holding cards or whatever kkkkkkkk He even made a bunch of male ramen cooks swoon over his hands-- remember that? He got stuck in a typhoon and had to stay behind in Japan. He kept going to this ramen shop to eat, and they started posting on twitter about it. One post they mentioned how manly his hands were! They were surprised because they expected him to be very soft and feminine. But even those ramen chefs could see he was all man! kkkkk Anyway, back to the point..... I am interested to hear more about the plot for Daebak, and I hope it can be dramatic enough to interest even eels who don't normally watch historical.

Esther: Me too, I am a little worried because some eels don't like historical dramas, but I know if they love him for real, they will "make the sacrifice" and watch this drama. Even if the only parts of him we will see will be his handsome face, his manly hands and his beautiful smile. Maybe his one million dollar forehead, that will be enough for a heart attack for the married eels, the single ones, can use their imagination, kkk.

Beth: Ohhhhh his million dollar forehead :-) that reminds me always of his hair. I wonder what style it will be? Do you think it will be worn up like a Joseon nobleman, or down... or (be still my beating heart!) with long bangs like he wore in Hong Gil Dong? What other styles of hair were worn in Joseon times? and what about the Joseon typical clothes?

Esther: Thanks Beth now I am curious about what kind of hanbok he will use.

Beth: Yes, I guess it will depend on his character if he wears something like the beautiful hanbok he wore in Hong Gil Dong or Hwang Jin Yi. If he plays a poor character, that will be interesting too. From my memory, all his other characters have been so rich, or fashionable (or both, lol) so if it's a poor character, it could be our first time in a drama to see him dressed poorly or roughly.

Esther: Wow Beth, look at this, the Daebak perfil information is out.

Beth: Waaaa there it is!! So indeed it will be a poor character with a big chip on his shoulder. Oh wow, I am really excited for this chance for him to show so much depth in his acting! And I guess we will get to see those "poor clothes" right?

Esther: Yes, it appears so. If he is poor, probably will not use that fine hanbok like he wore in Hwang Jini or Hong Gil-dong. Oh-- found  this eel made this fan arts of how she think he will look in the drama.

Beth: woooowwwww...... ok I'm not a big fan of facial hair, but like everything else, JKS makes EVERYTHING look amazing. Even in a sketch kkkkkkk. How many weeks til it starts again? Kkkkkkkkk

Esther:  I don't like the facial hair either, but when he wore it in Beethoven Virus his acting was sooo good that I forgot about his facial hair.

Esther: Beth, one thing that I like about Daebak is that the rest of the cast is really an excellent one. Look at this-- all this actors and actresses are confirmed. Not one 'idol' there, all are really serious actors.

Beth: Yes, reading about the cast, everyone is so talented! Even the female lead who is new to acting-- her first drama did very well and she got great reviews. It was a very strong dramatic role. So I really look forward to see how she acts with JKS.  (Did I mention hoping for a love interest in the drama? Kkkkkk)

Esther: I hope for a romance too.  We haven't seen his kissing scenes since Love Rain drama in 2012.  He can't go to the MS to serve his country, and leave us without a good kiss scene!

Esther: Beth you read his character name, Dae Gil, aww is soo beautiful and manly at the same time!

Beth: Yes!  Really starts my romantic mind swooning just at the sound of it ahhhhh.... Dae Gil~~~

Esther: Hahaha, yes, sound romantic too.

Beth: It might be his best character name yet!

Esther: Ahh, well, I will never forget any of JKS drama character names.

Beth: Speaking of romance.... I can't tell yet if there will be any romance in this drama, or if it will just be heavy drama from start to finish. Of course... I am a sucker for love. I especially like characters with wounded souls who gain happiness and redemption through finding love. But I know JKS will do a great job in this role, with or without a love interest.

Esther: Agree with you Beth.

Esther: Oh, now it is confirmed-- there will be a love triangle with him and two ladies, so maybe not only kissing one girl but two? The eels will enjoy.

Beth: Oh my!!  More than I could have hoped for!  A love triangle even.... waaa....This drama just keeps sounding better and better

Esther: I read all the cast went to SBS, the channel who will air the drama, to read the script of the first episode.  Now it's more real for me, look at this photo of the room and table.

Beth: What a beautiful room! Really inspiring. I can really imagine them sitting there and going over the scripts, and getting to know each other.

Esther: Look, here's the drama name in Hangul. I can't read it but it looks beautiful to me.

Beth: Yes, isn't it beautiful?  I understand that the small red chop mark on the side also says “Daebak”, but written in Chinese hanja.  The meaning of the two characters combines to mean “Jackpot”.  But separately they mean “big hit/score”. So let's hope this is the big hit JKS has been working so long and hard for! He really deserves it!

Esther: Wow Beth, you know a lot about dramas and now, don't tell me you read Hangul, Japanese, and Mandarin?  Impressive, I even noticed the red words, kkkk

Beth: Haha, well, thanks to JKS, I was inspired to learn how to read Hangul.  And I am starting to be able to understand a little bit of the dramas without subtitles now. Hoping that I can really speak it soon!  As for Japanese, I learned to speak some because of my family there, and I can read the Hiragana and Katakana.   But.... the Chinese characters that are used in China, Japan, and Korea.... those are so tough!! I only know the ones that a 5 year old might know kkkkk.  Fortunately, the ones for Daebak are familiar to me!

Esther:  It's great that you will be my partner for all the Daebak drama recaps, now that my other friend can’t, by the way, I chat with her the other day  and she said this:

LY: Suddenly I feel the drama is so mysterious..... I  am waiting for his new character. He is so quiet, wonder whether he will cut his hair or not.

Esther: She is busy, but still has an interest in JKS and his drama. She is also a very loyal eel like all of us. Beth, this reminds me, we will have other guests in future posts as well, to get their opinions about the drama.

Beth: Yes, I am really looking forward to watching this drama, and talking to you and our guests about each episode.  I think it will make it twice as much fun!

Esther: Yes Beth, I am excited for the press conference too, our groups rice wreaths will be there and when they start to filming the fandoms' coffee and food trucks, oh my gosh!  A lot of events, our heart will be beating so fast these next few months.

Esther: Beth, you saw this poster? It is from my friend Diana. It is not the SBS official one, but it's so beautiful.

Esther: So all will be DAEBAK from March 28 to June 2016.  Eels, we won the Jackpot-- a drama of Jang Keun Suk.


  1. Thanks. Hoping for more "Daebak" conversations. Good Luck JKS and to all loving eels. God Bless

  2. Thanks. Hoping for more "Daebak" conversations. Good Luck JKS and to all loving eels. God Bless

  3. Thanks Esther and Beth!Captivating conversation! Looking forward to future talk about the drama!

  4. Great conversation! I am really looking forward to reading more recaps about Daebak and Jang Keun Suk. Thanks so very much for sharing with us!

  5. wow! i enjoyed your conversation sisters.. add more reviews in the future too. Thanks!

  6. This was so much fun to read, and very informative too! Thanks for making the new drama come even more alive for eels. Now I'll be looking forward not to not to episodes if Daebak, but also to episodes of the Esther and Beth show!!!

  7. Thank you so much for this conversation!!! I really appreciate it!!!

  8. This convo is really daebak!!! Thanks my eel sisters! You made my day 😊

  9. This convo is really daebak!!! Thanks my eel sisters! You made my day 😊

  10. Thank you sisters for the exciting discussion love love it soooooooo much, it's interesting and fun to read you have made the drama more alive to us can't wait to watch it
    this will be my first time to see the Prince acting live in a drama that why I'm really so happy ,exciting my Heart Beats sooooooooooooo fast from the excitement can't wait.
    i love watching Historical Drama and spatially if the JKS is in it that will soooooooo grate to see him
    thank you sisters

  11. Ladies!!! so fun to read your convo lol...from his long sexy manly fingers to his million $ forehead to his clothing thing is for sure..he will lure us in with his eyes....we are dead already and the drama has not begun yet; and let's not talk about the love interests too...for I believe there will be multiple.. Dugun Dugun waiting for the broadcast..the only thing that will put a brake on our appreciation will be the translations...I pray for the Gods to sent those angels to do the translation as quickly as may be!!!
    Your Mamacri :)

  12. tnx sis Beth and Esther i really enjoyed reading your guessture conversation and i cant say that i didnt know many things as i dont have free time now so i cant catch all the news


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