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[Article] Korean@STAR 1 magazine, Jang Keun Suk - I am looking forward to my 30's (Eng. translation by TEF)

Japanese to English Translation: Lola Devung from TEF
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Seeing a young guy wearing a school uniform with a teenager look in the CF, it felt like it just happened yesterday. But during the interview, you can see his being maturely attractive through his sincere eyes. When recalling the girls from Mnet Produce 101, he always wants to share his sincere advices with them. Looking forward to his 30’s, he looks so excited but also a bit of confused. He is probably standing somewhere in between the subtle boundary of a young guy and a mature man.

* It’s been a while; how does it feel to do a photo shoot again? 
- I’m familiar with the crew so I feel very comfortable. Zo Sun Hi nuna and I have always worked well together, I don’t worry at all.

* It seems you and Zo Sun Hi are working very well together even better than before.
- We know what it is about by just looking at each other’s eyes. Nuna knows how my condition is today, knows the better angle and the better facial expression for me. At the same time I can hear Nuna through the camera, and I know whether she is satisfied or not (with the shoot) by just looking at her facial expression too. I consider Sun Hi nuna’s persona. We have been working together for a while now and will continue in the future as well.

*Do you want to express Jang Keun Suk’s laid back holiday in spring?
- I haven’t done such a concept for quite a while, so I like it very much. I usually need to look straight to the camera to give the strong impression. The shooting of today, it’s just like the recent season and weather; it’s laid back and relax, which feels really good. 

* You are currently Representative Jang for Mnet Produce 101 that has become a very hot topic

- Wherever I go, I always hear people talking about it. Whoever I meet, they will ask me about what’s going on there in Produce 101. It’s amazing.

*Did you expect that it would create such big buzz? 
- I thought that it would be a topic. But I didn’t expect that it would be such big buzz. The audience remembers every trainee’s name. That is really amazing.

* It seems like you didn’t go through a long trainee’s life. But at this moment, how can you understand their feelings?
- About trainee’s life? I feel like I’m still living in a trainee’s life. After becoming an actor, I’m always waiting. I don’t know when the good works will come. I always have to wait. And the audiences constantly comment on whatever good and bad without reservation. That’s what the career is. It’s the same. So I can empathize with them for sure.

* The reason of giving harsh criticisms?
- Have I been giving harsh criticisms? (laugh)

* “Please leave” is pretty harsh
- I see~ (laugh) this show gives everyone a very valuable chance, doesn’t it? I think it’s better to leave than to do things with not enough responsibility. There are a lot of team missions in the show. If we slack, it will put the rest of the group members in trouble, right? I don’t think I am being harsh because I only say things when necessary. After the broadcast, I look back and think whether or not my tone was too harsh.

* When you are teaching in the trainee’s class you said you became an actor because of money, what did you want to convey?
- The footage was edited, just showing a part of it. Actually I wanted to say that motive is very important. The reason I became an actor in the first place really because I needed money. And that strong motivation has pushed me to be who I am now. I’m not saying “I must become an actor; it can’t be any other way”. That kind of motivation is very important. Although my motivation was initially “money”, I eventually found many goals in the process, and now I have many dreams for the future.

* You are in the closer spot to watch the trainees. What kind of ability do you think is the most important?
~ Actually if you want to be good in singing and dancing, you can make it if you are working hard on practicing. But in this show the ranking depends on the audience. So breathing in a drama element is very important. All of them are working hard and all of them are pretty, right? The audience wants to see a reality drama which they can relate to. Therefore, unexpected people who did not particularly stand out in the objective assessment could become a hot topic.

* What’s the difference between the eliminated trainees and the remaining ones?
It’s in the timing. There is not so much difference between the ones eliminated and the ones remained. Of course there were differences but most of them tried their best. However, the chances cannot be given to everybody at the same time. It’s an excellent timing for those who caught the audience’s attention through the show. And there will be another chance for those who unfortunately were eliminated too.
* The remaining trainees, are they as expected?
- um…… so far, yes~ (laugh)
*Do you feel uncomfortable being the only male among female trainers?
- Absolutely not. You know what? All of them have the strong personality, even stronger than mine…… So I’m the one who depends on them. (laugh)
* You will be playing Dae Gil, the main role of the SBS Mon- Tues Drama ‘Daebak’ which will be broadcasted in March- Nam Gun PD seems to have high expectation for you.
- I’m really looking forward to it, too. I was surprised when I read that the PD praised me. Actually I’m the one who’s supposed to be grateful for him.  So I will work even harder.

* You’re working with the great senior actors like Jeon Kwang Ryeol and Choi Min Soo
- I was nervous because I had never worked with them before. I thought it wouldn’t be easy. But after we chatted, how to say it… Can I say that I feel like they are my hyung (big brother)? It feels like big brothers who care for a little brother like me. They’re very kind. 
*Really looking forward to the chemistry between you and Yeo Jin Goo who is 20 years old.
- This friend sounds like an elder brother as well. His voice is so cool. Haha. Although he is 10 years younger than me but I didn’t feel like we have such a big age difference. This friend is mature. Please look forward to our good chemistry.  

 * What has changed after being 30?
- I’m actually really looking forward to my 30’s. 30 years old is a very charming age for a man as an actor, isn’t it? Getting to the perfect age and it’s in the middle of one’s life. To compare to my 20’s, I need to find my freedom and relaxation more now. In my 20’s I will not do something I don’t want to do. But now I will reduce my selfish desires. I guess that is the biggest difference?

* It’s been a long time as an actor, have you ever felt tired and wanted to change career?
- I’ve never thought of changing career after I became an actor. But before that I had many dreams. After I chose acting as my career I just concentrated on my work and will continue in the future.
* Are you still DJ-ing recently? 
- I’ve been very busy with the drama filming and spending my time reading the script.

* It’s about time to talk about marriage. After chatting with you, it seems very likely that you will become a daughter-fool.
- haha… I don’t know that, but I think if I have a son I’ll raise him in a Spartan style. I want him to grow up as a manly type.

* Please tell us your goal in the first year of your 30’s
- The first drama in my 30’s is SBS Daebak, I hope it will be a good start. I really want to do it well. I think it will be nice to have this work as the start of my 30s.



  1. I am always impressed with his ability to look inside himself and speak honestly about what he sees. He is an amazing man, it's no wonder eels love him so!

  2. Gracias por ser tan genial. Espontàneo, sincero, excelente. Te admiro y estaré lista a disfrutar de tu trabajo. Eres único.! Saludos desde Bogotá, Colombia

  3. Gracias por ser tan genial. Espontàneo, sincero, excelente. Te admiro y estaré lista a disfrutar de tu trabajo. Eres único.! Saludos desde Bogotá, Colombia

  4. I've been translating quite a number of his interviews- one of those is this very recent interview- but it seems like every time I got to be introduced to him more and more... the more I 'listen' to him speaking, the more I realise that there are more sides of him that I am yet to discover and understand... this brilliant star named Jang Keun Suk, I will forever cherish :)

  5. Our Prince is a genuine man who is really brilliant spokeman because he shows himself as he is. Love a lot his interviews.

  6. He's so honest with himself and with his fans. I really believe that his complete openness In interviews like this, where he unhesitatingly shares his thoughts and perspectives, is a large part of why he is so loyally supported by his fans. I always learn something that I can apply to my life when I read his interviews.


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