Wednesday, March 16, 2016

[Fan Fiction] Destiny - Chapter 4: Comes a friendship?

By KaryJangy

It had only been a few seconds but it felt as if they had really been hours, both eyes stared at when without noticing Ana started hitting her plate with the fork held in her hand which made Sukkie understand that what was happening there was much beyond their understanding and what he saw was the same for her.

Sukkie: ... "Ok, better watch out for that or you could get hurt" ... he said taking her hand to get the fork and put it on the table watching her warily.
Ana: ... "O... oh ... yes of course, please excuse me" ... she said placing her hands on her lap unable to look at him at all.
After noticing, Sukkie pondered a few seconds in an attempt to rearrange his thoughts and lifting his head to face her began saying:
Sukkie: ... "Listen ... I think we're both being aware that something is happening and I can clearly see that you feel it too, which I still can not understand is what exactly or how it happened ... please .. . tell me what you think ... please "... looking into her waiting for reply soon.
Ana looked at him for a moment without saying nothing so stood suddenly going to the bathroom then shut the door with a loud bang.
After a little more than 15 minutes, Sukkie had begun to experience a feeling of fear and insecurity, I stood with both hands on the sides of his plate and closing his eyes for a moment as a tear fell down her cheek, spent his hand to dry and went to the bathroom to make sure that Ana was all right before leaving.
Sukkie:... "Noc, noc, Ana all right in there? I take much locked up time and need to know you're okay to go "... and stood quietly waiting for an answer that did not hear.
Sukkie: ... "Ana, are you ok? please answer me, this is worrying me"... and waited a few seconds but when he received no answer struck again.
Sukkie: ... "Noc, noc, noc, noc, Ana sorry but will go in" ... and without thinking opened up the door and entered, to get in heard the sound of water running from the shower and saw Ana sitting on the floor hugging her legs and crying uncontrollably under the water. That image achieved greatly upset him.
Sukkie: ... "Ana ... bu... but what happens, please tell me, tell me what happens" ... said trying to help her to stand up but she would not let him.
Ana: ... "Please do not touch me, just go and leave me alone understand? Just leave me alone and go, go away !!! "... he shouted with an expression on her face contorted almost, for a moment did not seem to be herself. He froze for a moment but quickly reacted ...
Sukkie: ..."But ... what ... Ana what happens to you, are you hurt" ... he wonder thinking that perhaps she had fallen
Ana: ... "Let me go, are you dull, don´t you hear me? go away and leave me alone" ... she cry while she made him fall on the floor with a push.
Sukkie not understand anything, but he tried could not find a rational explaination for what was going on and standing surrounded her with his arms hard trying to hold her to calm down.
Ana: ... "What are you doing, let me go" ...
Sukkie:  ... "Shhhh, try to calm down please, I will not let go, much less leave you alone until you've calmed down so you decide" ... and stood holding her from behind until she gradually relaxed and dropped into his arms surrendered by both mourn so he took her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom where he left her on the bed while looking for a towel and dry clothes to put. Gently he dried and dressed and tucked her to rest as he prepared a hot tea.
Upon returning to the room, Ana was awake and instantly covered her head with the coverlet of the bed as he entered.
Sukkie:  ... "Great, I hope you've rested enough to tell me what happened long ago, I did really go crazy for concern" ... he said with a smile as he discovered her head and gave her the cup of tea.
She was not looking, it was very easy to see that really cringed but nonetheless began to speak.
Ana: ... "Listen ... please forgive what happened in a while, I just remembered something from the past that made me lose my head for a moment, I'm sorry I scared you" ... and started drinking tea.
Sukkie:  ... "Okay, we'll pretend that it never happened, do not worry about me, if you're right, so am I." ... and smiled as usual but ...
Ana: ... "No listen, I really appreciate all this time but... we'll stop here, I do not want to continue getting involved ... sorry but please go and do not come back, let's each with their own way" .. . those words were like a blow of cudgel in his heart but wanted to be sure that it would stay well clear.
Sukkie could not answer that, just ran out at her words.


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