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[Fan Fiction] Destiny - Chapter 5: Traces of the past

By KaryJangy

Sukkie only saw her as she slowly sipped her tea before she could say anything, suddenly began to wonder what had he done wrong, if he had said something wrong or had hurt her somehow inadvertently, then he stood without even looking at her and just he left the room.
Once in the lift, he looked in the mirror and asked himself 

Sukkie ... "What the hell just happened, can not understand how what appeared to be a perfect meeting turned into a complete disaster?" ...

Ana meanwhile, after a few minutes burst into tears uncontrollably. She was completely confused, thinking about what had happened and could not understand that something like this happened to her and especially in that place. By that time both were ... really puzzled.
The next morning, Mei Lee arrived at the hotel as usual to pick up her and undertake the daily work routine but seeing  Ana not down took the phone to call but no answer so she decided to go up to see what happened.

Mei Lee: ... "Noc, noc, Ana it´s me, are you there? "... After consulting the concierge and knowing that she was there decided to use her key and got in to see if everything was right. Upon entering she saw that the wind came with a terrible force from the balcony door that was open wide and since it was winter there ran fearing that something bad happened.
On leaving the balcony she saw Ana on the floor wearing only a nightgown and hurried over.

Mei Lee: ... "Ana what happens to you, what are you doing here with this cold and dressed like that while try to make her stand but she was so cold so she panicked.

Mei Lee: ... "Oh my god Anayou are going to freeze, I'll call Sukkie" ... thinking that because they were "friends" will surely come to help her but then, at the right time she named him Ana got suddenly back to her sense,

Ana: ... "Oh no, please do not do that, do not call anyone and just help me to stand" ... Mei Lee felt really worried because she could see that clearly something had happened but ... she can not leave her in that way.

She helped her to stand with difficulty and carried her to the sofa where left her lying in running to the room for a blanket. After shelter her well went to the kitchen to make something hot to get her warm feared to see she was on the verge of hypothermia.
Returning with a cup of hot chocolate she saw that Ana was covering her face with her hands and crying very distressed.

Mei Lee: ... "Oh honey you are scaring me, what has made you be like this, what happens?" ... told leaving the cup on the table and hugging her tightly.

Ana ... "Mei Lee, oh I gotta go, I must go home, give up work, return the advance and expenditure but should get out of here as soon as possible" ...

Mei Lee: ... "What !!!? I do not understand anything, what the hell are you talking about Ana, what happened? Tell me so I can understand all this madness to leave everything well and get out of here "... waiting her to give some clue as to what really happened.

Ana: ... "This can not be happening again, less here, you do not understand, I've passed through this once and could not stand again, I do not want to do it, only me now what it cost me to recover from that "... could not stop mourn.

At that moment, Mei Lee began to pick all the pieces together in her head and realized that certainly Sukkie had to do with all that but ... how, what is exactly what happened here? ...

Mei Lee: ... "Ok, now stop, breathe and please tell me what are you talking about because I can see that clearly Sukkie has something to do but not imagine what or how ...?" she said as she helped her sit for give the cup to drink.

Ana: ... "Uh ... oh ... no, is not like that, it's just ... just ..." unable to continue surprised by Mei Lee´s succesful reasoning.

Mei Lee: ... "Stop right there, do not try to tell me I'm wrong when I could realize it just to see your reactions, just tell me if Sukkie has done something or ... you prefer to go ask himself? ... you tell me"...

Ana: ... "What !!!? No please do not do that, I'll tell you but please do not talk to him, please? "... she said, almost pleading.

Mei Lee: ... "O ... ok but is better to begin to talk because I'm really thinking ill of him and I would not be making mistakes, Sukkie is a very good friend of my brother, I know him since we were children and did not want will be unfair, understand? "... she explained in a really serious tone.

Ana: ... "Yes I understand and I will tell you everything, I promise" ... said something worried because she did not imagine that her only friend throughout South Korea was related to him.

Mei Lee: ... "Okay, I'm all ears, hereinafter" ... said as she grabbed a cushion and sat on the floor in front of her.

Ana: ... "Ok, it happens that yesterday after you left in search of films for the camera, I was surprised by someone covering my eyes with his hands and asking me not to scream because he was someone I knew, then he placed in front of me, it was then that I saw that it was him "... and paused to see her reaction.

Mei Lee: ... "Very ... well, I'm following you" ... she said trying to hide her surprise.

Ana: ... "At first, I was petrified because I could not believe he was there, it was not possible that I had found him for a second time then asked if he was following me or what was he doing in that place" .. . paused to drink her chocolate.

Mei Lee: ... "You mean ... he just appeared there !!!? but what was he doing, really followed you to that place, but... how he knew ... " she ask without understand.

Ana: ... "He said he was looking for a good place to go camping with friends over the weekend, that in no way was following me and that he just was being casually in the same place at the same time, only it was the destiny and we should be fated to meet ... "she said looking into her face to try to read her gestures what she thought of it.

Mei Lee: ... "Oh ... I see ... about the camp must say that is true, my brother has not stopped talking about it for days and ... about ... about to be predestined ... well, I must admit that after hear you I'm starting to believe it can be right, excuse me but that´s what I think "... she said trying to look away.

Ana: ... "I can not believe you also say that, I really do not think so but back to my story ... he did not allow me to return alone because we were far away and it was late, that in no way could afford to travel alone at night so he brought me here "...

Mei Lee: ... "Well, I must admit that it is still the gentleman who has always been, since childhood, lol" ... that comment was able to draw a smile on the face of Ana.

Ana: ... "Ok, got off the car, he also made it, I asked if he knew anyone else in the hotel to which he replied yes, that he has a friend and take the chance to visit her. He followed me to the elevator and got in behind me then click on the button 8th and I asked what floor was he going to press for him. At that point, he smiled in a very naughty way ... well smiled saying that coincidently also went to the 8th and to down, he wanted to come with me this far, I thanked him for bringing me but it was late and was very tired so he went to visit his "friend" but what I not noticed was that he secretly followed me here"... she paused to drink some more chocolate, while Mei Lee looked a little surprised.

Mei Lee: ... "Why do I feel a tinge of jealousy when you say" his friend, perhaps you were jealous?" ... she asked, smiling

Ana: ... "What !!!? what are you talking about, jealous, why I would, perhaps you gone crazy? "... said nearly dropping the cup by nerves.

Mei Lee: ... "Jejejeje, surely is that, I lost my head and you were not jealous" ... said almost mockingly as she was sure she was right.

Ana: ... "Well, may I continue? Once here, I threw the backpack on the couch and went to the room to prepare clothes to take a bath, I left the bathroom and headed to the kitchen to make coffee when they knocked on the door and I opened it thinking it would be the room service but "... it suddenly fell silent.

Mei Lee: ... "But ... what, please continue" ... said although her head was spinning a crazy idea.

Ana: ... "Oh yes, to opening appeared in front of my eyes dressed as a fairy tale prince with a bouquet of roses in one hand and a bunch of balloons tied to the collar of a huge teddy bear and behind him the hotel employees bringing a full dinner for two complete with candles "... and was silent again with staring into the big teddy bear sitting on
the couch opposite.

Mei Lee: ... "Ok ... then Sukkie surprised you dress prince and ... still do not understand that's what you leave in that state" ... said convinced that the problem was that Ana he had been faced with something that did not handle and was sure to be right.

Ana: ... "We sat at the table and when we started to dinner thanked him for everything but I told him he should not have done then he said yes, he needed an excuse to not be separated from me and then both remained in silence for a few minutes. Then I ran to the bathroom. When I did not return, he hit the door asking if I was ok, he did it twice but as I did not answer opened the door with a push and got in, I was dressed sitting under the shower could not stop mourn and even shouted that leave me alone and go away he did not. He took me in his arms, took me to bed, toweled off and helped me to put dry clothes, he went for a moment and returned with a cup of hot coffee and asked me to tell him that was what happened to me but "... and she was made a lump in her throat that would not let her keep talking.

Mei Lee: .. "Please continue, that's what you told him?" ...

Ana: ... "I ... just shouted and asked him to leave me alone, I did not see in front of me because I ... I could not look him in the eyes and tell him what happened. I yelled just to leave and not return then he just fell silent and then went "... she finished telling without looking at her.

Mei Lee: ... "Then you ... I understand everything, as you understood that he liked you and you realize that he is not indifferent to you just ... you got scared and sent him away but .. . why you did that? it is clear that you also like him"... without understanding the reason.

Ana: ... "You do not understand, I've passed through this before and I can not do it again, just I know how I suffered and what it cost me to recover from that, I can not, I do not want to relive it" ... and she returned to cover her face crying.

Mei Lee looked at her for a moment but only could just held her waiting for her to calm down. Given the Ana´s state, she knew that despite being sure she understood perfectly that what was happening was decided to keep quiet and wait for the right moment to say what she thought.


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