Tuesday, April 5, 2016

[Article] ‘Jackpot’ Jang Keun Suk, Lim Ji-yeon and Yeo Jin-goo, first appearance of trio

Original source: m.star.naver.com

[OSEN=Seong Ji Yeon] Lim Ji-yeon appearing at SBS new Mon-Tue drama ‘Jackpot’ still photo has been released.
On April 4th, the promotion company of ‘Jackpot’ disclosed Lim Ji-yeon to appear at SBS new Mon-Tue drama ‘Jackpot’ for the first time today (April 4th) along with still photos.

In the still photos revealed on this day, there are Dae-gil (a role played by Jang Keun Suk), Yeon-ying goon (a role played by Yeo Jin-goo) and Dam-seo (a role played by Lim Ji-yeon) acting enthusiastically.

Firstly, Jang Keun Suk playing the role of Dae-gil attracts attention as he is going into somewhere to hide with shabby clothes. In particular, Jang Keun Suk’s eyes represent a soldier of fortune, Dae-gil’s feisty character as it is.

In the other hand, Yeo Jin-goo playing the role of Yeon-ying goon showed playing Korean traditional card game although he is a prince in the drama. Sharp eyes shining under the Korean traditional hat, numerous coins in front of him and Korean geisha around him raise expectation towards adult actor Yeo Jin-goo’s new features.

Finally, Lim Ji-yeon playing the role of Dam-seo attracts attention with cold and harsh face while hides expression of feelings. She is not wearing fancy and feminine clothes and the knife around her neck from the first episode arouse viewers’ curiosity.

The production crew of ‘Jackpot’ said “Jang Keun Suk, Yeo Jin-goo and Lim Ji-yeon appear in earnest from the thrid episode” and added “Please look forward to watching what kind of harmony those energetic young actors would show with senior actors such as Jun Kwang-ryul and Choi Min-soo”.

SBS new Mon-Tue drama ‘Jackpot’ is about a battle between the King’s forgotten eldest son Dae-gil and his brother Young-jo for a country and love. ‘Jackpot’ airs its thrid episode at 10 pm on April 4. /sjy0401@osen.co.kr

[Photo] SBS provided

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