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[Month in review] March 2016

March Month in Review by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits: Nancy Terry

The month of March arrived
and all the eels were excited
because Suk's drama started
lets celebrate with the Cri J wallpaper.

Mnet  announced
that they  will broadcast
TV program ‘Produce 101′
since April in Japan.

SBS channel presented
the first teaser of Daebak
The Royal Gambler in english
and all the eels screamed and shout.

We saw a lot of pics
of Daebak first script reading
the actor Jang Keun Suk Ssi
was very happy in the pics.

The director of Daebak
said in one interview
that he wanted a beard in Suk
but he didn't look good
his baby face is very cute.

Lotte Hotel Busan
posted in their Instagram
about Jang Keun Suk' Star
package gift (passport Wallet,
Pouch, Name Tag).

‘PRODUCE 101′ Episode seventh
aired in Mnet TV
with good ratings
and a lot of dancing.

SBS uploaded
the second teaser of Daebak
"대박", The Royal Gamble now
and Jks eel are more crazy now.

SBS channel revealed
the official poster of
Dae Gil-Jang Keun Suk
from the drama Daebak
very beautiful of course.

Mnet channel Japan
uploaded the second teaser
long version of  Produce 101
that will broadcast since April month.

Jang Geun Suk joined
a charity fundraiser
along with L'inoui bag brand
He donated personal items
for the handicaps.

Original source:

SBS uploaded
Making -02 ‘Daebak
The Royal Gambler
Suk with beard and mustahe.

Jang Keun Suk at L'inoui Store Korea Instagram
L'inoui, jangkeunsuk, the charity bazaar
for attended, thank you again to everyone.

Asia Prince on the bed in Busan Hotel
that release out in Instagram by them
His smiling eyes is so inviting
Eels imagining lying on the comfy bed.

BTS of the making Daebak released
JKS’s stare  a million words that speak
JKS’s expression that tell a story
The serious outlook and child in heart of him
Can be clearly view in here in the pic.

Original source:

OH MY GOD!!Eels that have miss this Instagram
Please click on it now!run
Daegil is so handsome, so handsome
Message from him calling us darling girls
Asking eels what day is fourteen march
And he is ready to dedicate his life to us
With the question, Will you be my girl?
Eels will be your girl forever!! Of course.

Suk will appear as cover
in the Korea @Star1 magazine
The good news is that international eels
Will be able to purchase it from rakuten
Release day was the last days of March
Please support our  dear Keun Suk!

Eels really creative and supportive
In the recent Produce101 public recording
Eels hold the banner that say
Jang representative, let’s go to the center!
It caught the attention of our MC Jang
Check out the tweet from Tree J
Of Suk holding the banner in his hands.

A sweet happy white day to eels
Our master eel prepare a special gift
The snack goodies that eels will eat
But the wrapper will be remembrance for kept.

A great article that precisely describe
Suk professionalism in his acting
That mesmerize and impress the production staff
A must read article with steal cut of Daegil.

Original Source:

Cover photo of @star issue from April
Share in their FB page that garner
Lot of likes and comments from eels
The innocent face that melt our heart
The expression that derive out eel’s heart
To swear will love and protect always him.

Original Source:

The arrow, the sword, the stare
Glimpse of The Royal Gambler teaser 3
Eels that have naver account
You can check out the SBS playlist
in the tvcast for see?.

Original Source:

Eels, please click on the Daegil PD note link in Naver
You will find yourself staring at the HD picture of Daegil
Telling yourself you will only stare for a minute
But another minutes pass and you will continue staring
For another minutes at the most handsome man on earth
Download and save a copy of the wallpaper and calendar.

Original source:

International eels have join hands
In supporting Suk and promoting his drama Daebak
With the big screen advertisement in Seoul station
We are so proud to be part of this big eel of course.

Hooray!! Team H Halloween party
Rank first in the oricon daily music DVD chart
Thank you so much eels for making this happen
in the country of Japan.

Official poster of The Royal Gambler
Release out from SBS facebook
Click like and follow the FB page
for help the drama and support Suk.

Another photo of Suk share out
by @star1 Facebook page
With the expression of him urging eels
Move forward and pull him up
Suk looks absolutely decent 
and vulnerable in the photo there.

Produce 101 released english subs
The trainees are break into groups
With one  group song debut
wrote by very well known 
DJ and writer,the song is good.

Our Representative Jang are busy working
But yet still recorded a clip of his message to the trainees
An emotional stage for trainees with the announcement of ranking
But a hot stage for eels staring at our Representative Jang
With the white pants that he is wearing…gosh  J

Check out the screen shot of the Produce 101
The remaining 35 trainees break into 5 groups
With their debut song and dance
Our Representative Jang 
so handsome on stage,awesome.

The winking!! The winking!! So cute!!
Check out the gif and the behind the scene pics
from the notebook posted by Daebak’s PD
from the drama Daebak in sbs TV.

Eels fandoms supporting JKS in Daebak
Are so overwhelming with his posters and ad
Can be seen in various places in Seoul
We  sincerely thankful all the groups
For all your support and love for Suk.

The making of @star1 shooting release
Seeing the snapshot of our Suk posing
With his genuine expression in the pics
Elevated eels missing feeling towards him.

Another preview of  the drama Daebak
This time with a glimpse of a thrown baby in the waterfall
And more intense shot from the other character
The battle of two men that overturns the world!!intense.

SBS teaser 4 for Daebak released
That shown the full face of the baby
Does he looks like baby Suk?
Click heart to support the teaser in naver
Please eels,go,go,go.

New posters posted from SBS
The poster of JKS standing in the center
 is so eye catching to forget
With Eel’s eyes and hearts only on him
with no regrets.

DMC the supercar refiner
Custom made a new carbon fiber body kit
And a twentyfour inches aluminium wheel 
For our Jang Keun Suk,the Asia Prince
Check out the installation process in the clip
And our prince appearance checking
on his Rolls Royce that  is  very pretty.

More and more posters of Daebak released
Gathering more excitement of  JKS eels
Soon ‘Daebak’ will be the most common theme
Korean spoken words from eels.

Picture of Daegil posted
in the SBS website
Under PD notebook
Click on the link to support Suk
And check out the rest of the pics on it.

Original source:

Cast of the drama Daebak appeared
in the Midnight Entertainment TV
Here is the interview shot clips
Check out the full show in here
aired on the  the twenty third of March.

Flash news that Jang Keun Suk will held fourth concerts
During summer call Endless Summer of  2016
Check out the show schedule in Jang Keun Suk Official Japan
will be a hot summer with our master eel in July.

To all our beloved eels
A tweet send out from Tree J to remind
Eels not to go to the filming site 
We love Suk and we want the best for him
Please continue with our bonding 
during this period of filming
support him from the screen.

The pouty lips and his winking shot
Are shown in the making video
Our Daegil creating never stop
A deep impression to everyone
that look at him because is very handsome.

Original source:

Produce 101 will be shown  this April in Japan
A video message from Representative Jang
Share out and please support the broadcast
because he did an excellent job.

Cri J tweet out the door gift
That prepared for Daebak press conference
Thank you Cri J for your hard work
Eels feeling grateful to you all.

Snapshot of rice wreaths from eels
Along the path to the conference hall
Eels kind heart in supporting JKS
That is really Daebak!!!

Here are the rice wreath for Daebak
That contribute by international eel
Thank you so much to the coordinator
from each of the fan club
For the effort in joining hand
and support Jang Keun Suk.

A glimpse of the Daebak Press conference
A day that we are looking forward to see
All the casts  introduce the drama on stage officially
Eels are tuning in to watch Daebak in every corner of the continents.

Tree J tweet out a picture of Suk 
holding the gambler card
That makes eel smiling in front of the screen
Staring at his handsome pic
While waiting for the press conference to start.

Eel’s photo collection of Suk
Arriving and walking to the conference hall
So dashing, so handsome, so charisma
So Daebak.

Media photos of Daebak Press conference
The smile from his eyes melted us
Lots of eel noticed how slim is Daegil now
And perhaps eels will start plotting
Sending food truck to the shooting sites
To feed Suk’s little ponyo that had shrink.

Check out more Daebak 
Conference pics
In SBS website posted by the PD
Can feel the chemistry .

Original source:

Our forever loving Suk that love his eels 
Posting in front of the rice wreath
after the press conference
Our eel and master eel relationship 
Can only be understand within us
and second lead
Lingering in the air

Oh!!! So cute!!! The smile that can energize us
Every single of our cell that make us bounce
So happy seeing the Instagram photo that share
Out by one of the Daebak cast in instagram

A manhwa version of Daegil
Share out by the PD
on his note diary
Click on the SBS link 
to check it.

Original Source:

More and more manhwa version of Daegil
From the Daebak PD diary note
Eels please frequent the SBS website
To check out the latest Daebak news.

Original Source:

Tree J tweeted that
there was a preview
Of Daebak 
on the twenty fifth of March
Eels please click heart
on the naver site.

Link of Produce 101 episode 10 with english subtitle
A heart warning episode with the trainees
A handmade card was presented to our Rep Jang
And the message written is just so sweet.

SBS updated their facebook and twitter cover pic
The poster of Daebak is on top of the screen
Every social media that involve suk
Will definitely makes eels follow the link

Daebak March calender posted by the PD
A very interesting relationship
of the drama cast share out too
Eels that able to read Korean
Please help explain the cast
relationship in the comment

Original Source:

Yeah!! The first episode of Daebak
Rank first in place among all the dramas
That air on the same time slot
Congratulation Daebak!!! good work.

More and more photos can be seen
and save from the PD notes link
We eels really appreciate of
the frequent Daebak update for us.

Original source:

Zo sun hi posted her support to Suk
In her Instagram for his upcoming drama
And she share out a recent capture of him
That she shoot for @star magazine.

Woohoo!! The second episode of Daebak
Rank first too defeating the other 2 dramas
That share the same time slot
We eels believe that more and more
good news wil be flowing in one by one
along the episode.


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