Saturday, April 2, 2016

[Trans] Tree-J Company Twitter, 2016-04-01

@treeJ_company 프로듀스101 마지막 방송날! 크리제이에서 예쁜 케이크를 준비해주셨네요. #장대표 님! 그동안 수고 많이 하셨습니다. #프로듀스101 화이팅! 
@treeJ_company Produce 101 last broadcasting today! CriJ give a pretty cake inpreparations # Jang representative's! In the meantime, you can have a lot of. #Produce 101 Fighting!


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  1. It is a stanza in today! Now there was a very good meeting was the It is fun and cheers for good work


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