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[DAEBAK drama recap] Episode 12

Writer : Yulistia
Editor: Val Kaye Taozen and Tabby
Picture credit : SBS

The episode begins where the previous episode ended. Just as Dae Gil and Six Ghosts almost get into a fight, Seol Im walks in and tells them to stop. Dae Gil is shocked at her presence while Six Ghosts, cruelly threatens her in his own vulgar manner and asks why she is there. She replies she is only passing on Cutter’s message that he does not want Six Ghosts to die by Dae Gil’s hand. Dae Gil and Six Ghosts tell her to leave, but she insists on staying.

Before a new game begins, In Jwa and his cohorts arrive. He says he does not want to miss the match, and he even wants to make a bet on the winner.  Besides betting his life, Dae Gil also bets the property deeds of 12 gambling rooms (previously owned by Yi In Jwa before Dae Gil won them), worth 10,000 nyang. In return, he requires Six Ghosts to bet both his gambling house and his life. Six Ghosts agrees.

Triggered by In Jwa’s bet, the people in the room also place bets—on Six Ghosts. But In Jwa places his bet on Dae Gil. He wagers 5,000 nyang of gold, which provokes Six Ghosts to take out his treasure to complete his bet. Thus, the game begins.

In another part of the building, Prince Yeoning discovers the room full of slave documents. It seems he has found the room he’s looking for, but Hwang Jin Ki already awaits him. Prince Yeoning remembers Jin Ki and tells Jin Ki that he used to be a soldier in the royal army. He proceeds to ask if Jin Ki has become In Jwa’s dog now. Offended, Jin Ki throws Prince Yeoning a wooden Buddha he’s been carving, adding “One life for one statue.” As Jin Ki draws his sword, Prince Yeoning quickly leaves the room, closing the door behind him. Standing outside the door, he remembers that, while Dae Gil is dealing with Six Ghosts, his task is to get the documents. As Jin Ki is too powerful for him to beat, he scans the vicinity around him for some means to protect himself. Spying two jugs of kerosene, he grabs them and opens the door. He offers Jin Ki a deal that only serves to confuse Jin Ki. When Jin Ki fails to respond immediately, Prince Yeoning says he takes the lack of response as a “no” and throws the jugs into the room. Jin Ki, still confused, slashes them with his sword, breaking them open and splashing the liquid across the area. Prince Yeoning, then, grabs a torch and throws it into the room, setting the room ablaze. He next throws the Buddha statue at Jin Ki and quickly slams the door shut and bars it. Jin Ki, however, easily breaks down the door. A surprised Prince Yeoning takes off running up the stairs, followed by Jin Ki.

Meanwhile, upstairs the game proceeds. As they near the end of the game, Six Ghosts points out that if he rolls double sixes, he will win. When he tosses the dice, however, one of them is broken - which Dae Gil broke on purpose, so he can ask to change the dice.

Six Ghosts’ men take out new dice, but all of them are weighted to fall as double sixes. Dae Gil refuses to use them. Frustrated, Six Ghosts asks the people in the room if they have any ‘normal’ dice. The young boy, to whom Dae Gil earlier gave a rice cake, steps up and gives a pair of dice to Six Ghosts. Six Ghosts reminds Dae Gil again if he gets double six, it means Dae Gil’s head belongs to him. But Dae Gil spices up the game with a new deal. For any combination of numbers rolled, Six Ghosts wins, but if the roll is a double three, Dae Gil wins, plus Six Ghosts must release all the slaves. In Jwa warns Six Ghosts that he could lose everything, but Six Ghosts dismisses the warning. When he uncovers the dice, they turn out to be double three. Dae Gil wins; Six Ghosts loses.

Six Ghosts angrily rejects the result and demands to know who Dae Gil is. Dae Gil responds by saying he is disgustingly lucky. Six ghosts and his men proceed to attack Dae Gil. However, one by one, Dae Gil breaks Six Ghosts’ men and also manages to cut Six Ghosts across his chest. When Six Ghosts dares Dae Gil to try to kill him, Dae Gil sheathes his sword and says he will give the slaves a chance to take their revenge. But the slaves are too afraid to step forward as Six Ghosts taunts them. Suddenly someone stabs him: Seol Im has thrust a knife into his belly, telling him to die. She has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. Unfortunately, Six Ghosts manages to take the knife from her and holds it to her throat while telling about how he killed her father by putting drugs in his drink. Seol Im bites his arm and escapes from him. Six Ghosts becomes a little bit dizzy because, earlier, Seol Im drugged his drink. He falls down, and she does not miss the opportunity. Once again, she stabs him, this time right in his chest, while crying that she finally is taking her revenge on him. When she pushes herself free from Six Ghosts’ stranglehold, the slaves come forward and start beating and kicking him.

On the other side of things, Prince Yeoning flies out of a building, onto the street, where Jin Ki tossed him. Brushing himself off, he calls his guards out of their hiding places. At that moment, In Jwa comes out of the gambling den and tells Prince Yeoning to prepare better before he acts again. In Jwa also warns him that he might have to give up everything he has.

When he leaves, Prince Yeoning returns to the gambling room where he sees Six Ghosts being beaten by his slaves. He commands them to stop, but the people are too angry and continue beating Six Ghosts. Prince Yeoning kneels down and asks for forgiveness since he sees all of what has happened to those people as the responsibility of the government. On behalf of the King, the Prince Regent, and the ministers of the royal court, he apologizes for what they have been through and asks them to let him bring Six Ghosts to court.  But suddenly, the people start to rush out of the building as smoke from the fire flows into the room. Six Ghosts, who is covered with wounds and blood, refuses to be arrested; instead, he insists he will die in his gambling house. At that moment, two arrows fly into his back and emerge through his chest. That is the end of Six Ghosts' life. Prince Yeoning sees a flash of the archer’s face. He thinks that he recognizes the archer and tries to pursue, but he loses her. From around a corner, Dam Seo observes Prince Yeoning looking for the archer.

In the street, people shout their happiness. Dae Gil has freed them. They bow down to him and even kneel in front of him to show their gratitude. Dae Gil asks Seol Im to go home with him.

Prince Yeoning returns to the small merchant union’s leader who promised to give him the accounting book. However, the book has already moved to a different hand: to another of In Jwa’s minions, Gol Sa.

Grandpa Dokkebi welcomes Dae Gil and Seol Im home. When they have dinner, Grandpa cannot contain his curiosity about Seol Im. He asks who she is and if she and Dae Gil are in a relationship. Dae Gil answers that it is not like that; he has a reason to take Seol Im home. Nevertheless, Grandpa Dokkebi continues his matchmaker bantering and praising of Seol Im.

Back at Wolhyanggak, Yi In Jwa meets with the ministers who praise him for cleverly predicting Prince Yeoning’s actions. He also gives them chests of gold to replace the store of grain they emptied on Prince Yeoning’s order. The ministers praise In Jwa for his plans against Prince Yeoning, and they feel relieved that he will not be able pursue the issue of removing the monopoly rights. But In Jwa reminds them that Prince Yeoning will not stay still; he surely will find another way to complete his goal.

At the palace, his brother, the Crown Prince, scolds Prince Yeoning because he overstepped his authority by kneeling down and apologizing in both the King’s and Crown Prince's names. As punishment, he removes Prince Yeoning from his post in the office of the Inspector General.

When he leaves the Prince Regent, Kim Chang Jib, Chief State Councilor, recommends that he go to see his father, the King, for some advice. The King becomes angry with him when he finds out what happened. He asks what the position he was given means to him. Furthermore, does Prince Yeoning have nothing if he doesn’t have such a shell? Continuing, he adds that the Prince must develop a spine and do what he believes is right, regardless of others’ opinions. Feeling frustrated, Prince Yeoning asks his guard to show him where Dae Gil lives.

Seol Im tells Dae Gil what she’s been up to since they last saw each other at Demon’s place. She had nowhere to go and finally ended up going to Six Ghosts gambling den to take her revenge because of her parents’ deaths. Her attempt failed, but Cutter helped her. She became one of his workers until she could find another opportunity to kill Six Ghosts. She tells Dae Gil she now plans to tell Cutter that she is leaving him. Just as she finishes her story, Prince Yeoning arrives and joins the conversation, complaining that they are celebrating without him. When Seol Im speaks to him informally, he grumbles to Dae Gil that everybody around Dae Gil has no respect for him. Dae Gil responds by saying that he should call Dae Gil hyungnim (older brother). Seol Im goes on to tease him for his stuffy manner. However, after Seol Im learns that Prince Yeoning is, in fact, a royal prince, he punishes her for her informal talk by making her raise both hands in the air while he and Dae Gil talk.

Prince Yeoning asks Dae Gil whether he plans to break Gol Sa’s gambling den in Mapo. Dae Gil jokingly asks if he is worried about him, his hyung. Prince Yeoning explains that he wants to abolish the monopoly rights that are a source of In Jwa’s funds. Dae Gil is also interested after seeing his own grandpa threatened before. Prince Yeoning explains that he plans to get the book of the names of those merchants who hold monopolies. Overhearing their conversation, Grandpa comes out from the house to tell the kids that besides Yi In Jwa, the person he hates the most is Gol Sa. His eye was gouged out years before when Gol Sa found him cheating in a card game. Grandpa shares that Gol Sa doesn’t specialize in any game, but he counterfeits made-to-order dice, dominoes, and official badges.
Seol Im, who keeps trying and failing to get a word in, finally gets her turn. She heard that Gol Sa’s daughter is being held as In Jwa’s hostage. So they make a plan to free Gol Sa’s daughter.

Dae Gil and Seol Im go to Wolhyanggak, while the Prince and Grandpa go to Hong Mae’s gambling house. Grandpa pretends to have a sudden attack to draw the guards' attention so the Prince can sneak into the gambling house. Seol Im, meanwhile, interviews to become to become a gisaeng with the shaman of Wolhyanggak so Dae Gil can surreptitiously look for Gol Sa’s daughter.

The shaman tells Seol Im that she has the talent to attract men, but she also has a fate that causes people around her to die. Seol Im does not look surprised by what she hears; she seems already to know about it. The shaman tells her to leave. Dae Gil, meanwhile, searches through another building. He finds a room which may be the girl’s. As he stands in front of the door, a woman calls from inside, asking who is there. Dae Gil enters, but suddenly they hear the shaman outside. The shaman arrives to deliver some books. The shaman asks the girl to tell her if anything bothers her and leaves looking a little bit suspicious. When the shaman leaves, Dae Gil comes out of hiding to tell her that he has come to save her. She asks if he knows who she is, and Dae Gil replies she is Gol Sa’s daughter. The girl, however, refuses to be saved. She tells Dae Gil that she is not being held hostage; she is free to leave whenever she wishes. However, a flashback shows In Jwa threatening her with her father death if she doesn't behave.

When the girl calmly tells Dae Gil that she has no guard around her, he introduces himself as the one who defeated Six Ghosts and reveals that his next target is Gol Sa.
The episode ends with a scene of Dae Gil entering Gol Sa's room, and Gol Sa waiting for him, welcoming him as Baek Man Geum’s son.

My note:
Dae Gil has become a great gambler. He is not only a lucky man at the gambling table, but he surely plans all his moves before he even plays the game at the gambling table.

In Jwa seems calm about all Dae Gil’s actions. It almost seems like he is giving him his blessing. He was not even furious or mad when Dae Gil vanquished his man, Six Ghosts. Is this all part of In Jwa’s big plan?

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  1. Thanks for your recap.. this was the episode we could see DaeGil in real action...fighting that is..he was so sexy doing it....sorry this is my fangirl part kkkk...
    Yes our DaeGil has grown up and is clear about his "fate" after intensive training in the arts of fighting but also by intensive meditation on all the things that had happened and what was said by the many people in his life..he is well equipped to take down anything on his way. DaeGil will continue to win hearts as he moves to break down the chain that is keeping many down..the prince trotting along with DaeGilhe will learn from his hyung how to see and care for his people at the same time learning the refinement to do what is needed and just..The scolding of/advice to prince Yeongjo by the King is exactly like what DaeGil does...
    He would have been very proud of this son (and he is for he entrusted his favorite sword to DaeGil knowing DaeGil is like him; Father and son Tiger)


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