Sunday, May 29, 2016

[DAEBAK Drama Recap] Episode 17

Writer: Nafilah Ali Abdullah
Editors: Valerie Kaye Taozen and Tabby Cat
Photos cr : SBS

As this episode begins, Baek Daegil digs up his father’s coffin and opens the lid to find his father’s body is not there.  He screams and cries his pain.

Remembering what Yi In Jwa said to him, he removes the lid futher to find a letter. Yi In Jwa asked him to open the coffin and find the truth. He opens and reads the letter.

In confused shock, Baek Daegil rushes to Hong Mae to ask about his father, since she was the last person to see him that day. She explains that she took Baek Man Geum’s body Yi In Jwa. She says Yi In Jwa looked at the body and told Moo Myung to bury him in a nice, sunny spot…and with that she left.

Meanwhile, Baek Daegil’s grandpa, Kim Chae Gun, Seol Im, and Yeon Hwa go to the local physician. Baek Daegil’s grandpa was certain that Back Man Geum had died that night. And he’s sure that this was all Yi In Jwa’s doing.
In a flash back at Yi In Jwa’s home, Yi In Jwa halts Moo Myung and checks Baek Man Geum’s pulse. Yi In Jwa is surprised that Baek Man Geum is still alive and brings him to a physician. He, then, tears a page from the treatment book so there’s no record of Baek Man Geum being treated.
Baek Daegil’s grandpa and the others show the physician the letter Daegil found and asks him if he remembers treating Baek Man Geum. The physician remembers what happened that night. He explains there was a patient with a wound from an arrow. Baek Daegil arrives and asks what happened with the patient. The physician says the patient miraculously survived. Three days later, still unconscious, he disappeared. The physician is certain that someone took him.

Meanwhile, Yeoning reflects upon what minister Kim Il Gyeong said to him: he refuses to see the son of a lowly water maid sit on the throne; he cannot bear to see the palace dirtied by lowly people like that.

At that moment, Prince Yeoning’s guard enters with the King’s summons. In the throne room, the King explains that he set Yi In Jwa’s execution two days ahead to lure the rebel Jeong. However, he says he’s changed his mind.
In the prison, Yi In Jwa is sure that rebel Jeong won’t fall for the king’s tricks. And now Yi In Jwa feels that rebel Jeong is testing him: is he a card that Jeong should hold or throw way?
Meanwhile, the King tells Yeoning that capturing the rebel Jeong is not a certainty. He has a thousand serpents inside of him. That is how he has run from the King and managed to stay alive. The King asks Yeoning what he will do. Yeoning answers that he will catch the one that is in front of him rather than lose both of them (Yi In Jwa and Rebel Jeong). The King, satisfied with the answer, gives Yeoning the “Military Mobilization Badge.” The King tells Yeoning that he is putting all five of branches of the army in his hand. The blades of the rebels have come all at once, so they must be punished. Yeoning accepts it all. In front of the King’s room, Yeoning meets the Noron ministers and shows them the badge. They look incredulous and surprised.

Across town, Baek Daegil walks alone, still thinking about what the physician said about his father. But, suddenly he hears a voice. The disembodied voice says, “Baek Daegil’s answer is very important. All the merchants, the gambling room owner, and even Dam Seo have turned their backs on Yi In Jwa.” Baek Daegil, curious about who is speaking to him, looks for the person. The voice continues, saying one commander is more important than a hundred soldiers. He would like to hear Baek Daegil’s thoughts: would Baek Daegil ever join hands with Yi In Jwa? Baek Daegil, still looking for the person, only finds an azalea.

In prison, Yi In Jwa says that rebel Jeong will seek Baek Daegil’s answer, and will make his move, whether to save Yi In Jwa or not, depending on the answer. Yi In Jwa continues to observe that the Soron faction are likely very desperate, because once Yi In Jwa is killed, they will be next.
In The Palace, the Soron faction asks the Crown Prince to consider the positives and negatives of meeting with Yi In Jwa to which the Crown Prince replies that he is merely meeting his teacher. No one can oppose that. But the Soron faction thinks that meeting Yi In Jwa is too dangerous. It’s better if the Crown Prince persuades the King to hold the trial and get Yi In Jwa declared innocent. If Yi In Jwa is killed for treason, it will be politically harmful to Crown Prince.
Back outside the throne room, Yeoning continues his converstion with the ministers of the Noron faction. Yeoning says there is nothing faster than gossip and rumors, so until the Soron faction act, they need to keep his new authority quiet in the palace.

Later that evening, Baek Daegil comes to the palace’s prison to meet Yi In Jwa again and asks him to explain. Yi In Jwa tells him that Baek Man Geum had been with him when Baek Daegil came to find out why he had killed Baek Man Geum. Baek Man Geum was in that place. Hearing that, Baek Daegil asks where his father is and if he isn’t dead, why hasn’t he shown up. Yi In Jwa answers that Baek Man Geum wants Baek Daegil to become the king. At first, Baek Man Geum couldn’t accept it, but after he understood Yi In Jwa’s plan, he agreed to it. Baek Daegil can’t believe what Yi In Jwa says to him. Yi In Jwa also tells Baek Daegil that this is the time to draw his sword, not for Yi In Jwa’s sake, but for the people of Joseon. Yi In Jwa also says that Baek Man Geum is in a place where his life depends on one command from him. Baek Daegil warns Yi In Jwa, if Yi In Jwa harms his father, he will pay for it. Yi In Jwa laughs and says that only Baek Daegil can save him.

After meeting Yi In Jwa in the prison, Baek Daegil meets again with Yeoning who warns him that Yi In Jwa’s words are lies and trickery. Suddenly, Baek Daegil remembers something and runs off. Yeoning instructs his guard to follow Baek Daegil.
Baek Daegil goes to see Dam Seo at the temple. Baek Daegil tells her about his father. She’s shocked because she saw Baek Man Geum’s dead body with her own eyes. Baek Daegil assures her that his father is still alive. Baek Daegil thinks maybe Dam Seo knows where his father could be now. But Dam Seo says that Yi In Jwa has Hanyang in the palm of his hand, so he will never be able to find him.

Back at home, Baek Daegil’s grandpa asks Baek Daegil what Yi In Jwa said to him. Before he can answer, Kim Chae Gun says that Yi In Jwa must have offered a deal. Seol Im also says that Yi In Jwa will tell him where his father is if he saves Yi In Jwa.
Suddenly, Kim Chae Gun throws down the saving tag that King gave him, saying the tag could save Yi In Jwa’s life too.

In Suk Bin’s room, Yeoning tells his mother that the King gave him The Army Mobilization Badge. Yeoning asks his mother not to worry about him. Yeoning sees in his mother’s eyes that she worries about Baek Daegil too. Because of that, Yeoning says he and Baek Daegil will meet her tomorrow.

After meeting with his mother, Yeoning asks his guard to tell him what he learned. His guard tells him that Baek Daegil visited Dam Seo at the Mount Inhwang temple. Other than that, the Soron faction is discussing a plan, as usual, and Hong Mae will be held in detention until after the execution.
Next Yeoning meets with the Crown Prince to make a request. He tells Crown Prince that the King has given him a royal command. Using his command over the five branches of military, the king ordered him to make sure Yi In Jwa is punished with death. The Crown Prince is upset and says Yi In Jwa didn’t receive a fair trial. Yeoning remains resolute. He says that until Yi In Jwa is executed, the Crown Prince must not take even one step, and that offering a helping hand will be even worse. Before leaving the Crown Prince, Yeoning reminds the Crown Prince that Yi In Jwa’s evil deeds will end tomorrow.

After leaving the Crown Prince, Yeoning announces to all of the soldiers that starting that night until the execution of Yi In Jwa, he will be in control of the military. He instructs them, too, to protect the Crown Prince with their lives and to block all four gates. He doesn’t forget Dam Seo. He tells his guard to deliver a letter to her. Yeoning begs Dam Seo not to get involved and not to make him arrest her.

Still later that night, Yeoning meets with Baek Daegil while Baek Daegil holds his sword. Yeoning asks what his plans to do with that sword. Does Baek Daegil really plan to save Yi In Jwa? Baek Daegil responds, what if he does, will Yeoning draw his sword? And Yeoning says that he will do what he must to do. Baek Daegil tells Yeoning that he met with rebel Jeong. Rebel Jeong asked him if he will save Yi In Jwa or not. But rebel Jeong left him because he said if rebel Jeong wants to know the answer, Rebel Jeong has to show his face.

The next morning, Baek Daegil and Yeoning meet their mother in her room. She tells them that today is the last day for Yi In Jwa, and she wants to see Yi In Jwa’s death with her own eyes. She also requests they trust each other and help one another.

As the execution ceremony begins, Baek Daegil asks Yi In Jwa once more where his father is. Baek Daegil has a plan to give “the life saving tag” to save Yi In Jwa. But before he shows it, he sees his father, Baek Man Geum, among the crowd. Baek Daegil slyly grins and cancels his idea of saving Yi In Jwa’s life.

In the final last seconds before the execution, news arrives Lady Suk Bin has passed away. Baek Daegil and Yeoning are shocked. The execution can not proceed because, until the funeral is over, punishment of a criminal is forbidden. Yi In Jwa laughs joyfully that fate has saved him. Asking forgiveness from his mother, Yeoning angrily draws a sword to kill Yi In Jwa, but Baek Daegil stops him. Baek Daegil tells Yeoning that Yi In Jwa will die by his hands.

Baek Daegil and Yeoning run to their mother’s room. They can’t believe that their mother has passed away, the mother whom Baek Daegil barely met. In the throne room, the King collapses on his throne. Later, Yeoning screams and cries because he can’t be his mother’s principle mourner as a result of his being legally registered as Queen Inhyeon’s son.
After all this time of his disappearance, finally Baek Man Geum comes back again. He says sorry to his ex-wife–that because of him, she suffered so much.

Later in the palace, the Soron and Noron factions debate in front of the Crown Prince about Yi In Jwa’s execution. In the midst of debate, Yeoning enters the room and requests to delay the execution until the funeral is over.

At the temple, the rebel Jeong meets Dam Seo. He asks if she’s changed her mind since the aborted execution, but she says that she will kill her teacher by her own hand. He tells her she should consider both her own and her teacher’s true intentions. As a result, Dam Seo goes to the prison to see Yi In Jwa. She says she will get him out of the prison and take his life after that. Dam Seo gives him the prison cell keys. But Yi In Jwa refuses and, with tears in his eyes, demands she leave.

In the palace, the King asks the Crown Prince the reason for the delay of Yi In Jwa’s execution. Initially, the Crown Prince answers that the reason is her Highness Suk Bin’s death. But the King knows that the Crown Prince is lying. The king asks him directly, is he trying to save Yi In Jwa’s life? The Crown Prince begs the King to save Yi In Jwa. The King is angry and tells the Crown Prince that Yi In Jwa was tricking him from the beginning. The Crown Prince knows that but he still wants to depend on Yi In Jwa, because he was the only person who reached out to him the day his mother was exiled from the palace. The King is so upset because the Crown Prince defends Yi In Jwa continuously. The King takes his sword and points it at the Crown Prince’s throat, but the King faints.

Personal Thoughts
This episode surprised me. At the first, I thought that Baek Man Geum was dead, but he is still alive until now. I never expected this. I still have questions in my mind: what made Baek Man Geum hide all this time? If he agreed with Yi In Jwa and Yi In Jwa hid Baek Man Geum, why did he appear in front of Baek Daegil at the execution? I hope I can find the answers in the next episode.
One of my favorite scenes is when Yeoning knows that his mother is worried about his brother only by the look in her eyes. And he, then, tells his mother that tomorrow he and Baek Daegil will come to meet her. Yeoning knows how to make his mother relieved.
I am happy to see Yeoning can trust Baek Daegil when Baek Daegil wants to talk to Yi In Jwa at the execution time. I thought that Baek Daegil will give that card to save Yi In Jwa’s life. But I am wrong again. Yi In Jwa has a good destiny; he cannot die easily.
After Choi Suk Bin’s death, I am worried about Baek Daegil and Yeoning. What will happened with them after their mother has passed away, even though she told them to help and trust each other? We know that Yi In Jwa will never let Baek Daegil and Yeoning have a good relationship.

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  1. Thanks for this very clear recap of this emotional episode, and I share your thoughts about the unexpected twists in the plot. The scene with the two brothers at their deceased mother's bedside was heartbreaking - it's become hard for me to remember that these are actors because they make me feel their pain. And don't you just want to punch Yi In Jwa's smirking mouth! He's so good at being a bad guy!


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