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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 7

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By Beth Wagner and Esther Noloc.
Guest: Kat Philpot
photo captures: Karina Leali

Another Daebak Monday! This drama is going by too fast and we don't want it to end...Every episode is better than the last, especially Jang Keun Suk’s acting. We are very proud of him.

ESTHER: Hi, Beth after watching the episode 7 preview, we have hopes that the trend will continue! Our Dae-gil is maturing in front of our eyes and wants to challenge Lee In-jwa again. Well, it’s about to start, so let’s welcome our guest, Kat from USA. Hi Kat, and thanks for being with us!

BETH: Hello Kat--so happy to have you here with us!

KAT: Hello Esther and Beth! Thanks so much for inviting me to watch with you this week. Daebak is an exceptional drama!

ESTHER: Oh,you think so too? Daebak is different from other dramas, even when a new episode starts, it doesn’t just begin with the same scene from the last episode. This one starts out with a meeting. In-Jwa and some ministers talking about Crown Prince Yoon becoming the king. But someone (Yeoning) is doing some 007--James Bond spy work there, lol.  He overheard them all talking, but In-Jwa claimed they were only talking about philosophy…yea right

KAT: In-Jwa is a clever and well educated man. But he’s not fooling Prince Yeoning. Despicable In-Jwa! I’ll be glad when Karma comes around for him.

BETH: Really, Karma has got to have it in for this fellow at some point…. How can anyone get away with this much manipulation and cruelty, without having to pay for any of it??

ESTHER: Yeoning, is such a good son. He tells his mother about In-Jwa’s bad actions. He said he wants to accuse him as a traitor, but knowing In-Jwa very well, she warned him about it. Oh oh, he mentioned one of In-Jwa murder cases to her….one about a certain gambler...Baek Man Geum! Poor Suk Bin had to be dying inside, because Man Geum raised her lost son. But she hide her feelings very well.

KAT: Lady Choi is desperate for any news she can get about her first son. All these years she’s had no information and doesn’t even know if he’s alive!

BETH: At this point she probably fears the worst for him as well, if Man Geum was killed.

ESTHER:Yeoning is using the position of “Inspector” that his father gave him, and has organized a group of men to arrest In-Jwa at the gambling house. He and Dae-Gil share the same blood, so they are both brave men who seek justice. Both feel In-Jwa must pay for his crimes sooner or later and Yeoning definitely intends to be part of that.

KAT: Yeoning is determined to catch the rat. Of course, we’re too early in the game for that to happen. I will love to see him knocked off his high-horse!

BETH: I wonder who will be happy about Yeoning going after In-jwa, and who will be secretly nervous….. That In-jwa has paid off so many ministers, that I really wonder if there is anyone left in all of Joseon who hasn’t taken one of his bribes!

ESTHER: Ah, now we have come back to the end of the episode 6, when  Dae-gil got In-Jwa in trouble for cheating in the card game. We were all anxiously waiting for his punishment, that hand being cut off!!

KAT: I’m quite disappointed it won’t happen. I wish he didn’t always seem to come out on top!

BETH: DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!  I know they won’t because he still had that hand in the very first episode, which takes place in the future, but still…… CUT IT OFFF!!! Lol…. bloodthirsty eels…..

ESTHER: Oh too bad. Dam Seo arrived and blocked the hatchet with her sword. I guess the Karma that Kat mentioned is letting him win again? Well, I guess we must need him whole for a little while longer. In-Jwa keeps complaining now, saying that he was the real victim of Dae-Gil’s tricks. Oh what a show-off… now he had Hong Mae cover his eyes so he can prove to everyone he can pick whatever card Dae-Gil requests even without seen anything. What, is he a magician now?

Kat: Karma would be there to kick his ass-ets, not let him win. Honestly! At first, I disliked In-Jwa, because he was so manipulative. However, the further we get into the story the more I become one of the bloodthirsty eels. Somebody please draw and quarter this man!

BETH: Oh brother….. Can’t this guy ever lose? Why is it always Dae-Gil losing, when he is supposed to be the lucky one?!?

ESTHER: Oh,look at this boy kkkkk, Dae-gil is demanding that if he wins, In-jwa must fulfill his promise to apologize at Man-geum’s grave. Remember, the promise he made on the cliff if Dae-gil survived? Yess, I want to see In-jwa doing that, even if it will be a painful moment for Dae gil, me and all JKS eels, that awful man should apologize.

KAT: Now wait just a minute. The promise was that if Dae-Gil came back ALIVE, In-jwa would go to Man-Geum’s grave and apologize. There were no other stipulations. Ugh, the man has weaseled out of his promise!

BETH: Well, now In-Jwa is just guessing card after card as requested, to prove he's not a cheater. I don’t know what his trick is, and neither does our boy, but it doesn’t look like Dae-gil will get his apology anytime soon.

ESTHER: Especially not now that Yeoning has revealed himself at the gambling house and his  men  are roaming around, arresting everyone. In-Jwa knows he is the target, so he tells Dam Seo to get Dae-Gil out of there. Wow, I couldn't believed that at first, but I’m sure he has some selfish reason for helping Dae-Gil. As for Yeoning, good boy…. He saw Dam Seo taking Dae-Gil away and ignored them.

KAT: You can be sure In-Jwa wanted Dae-Gil out of the way for his own purpose. There’s not a compassionate bone in that man’s body. He’s likely to throw this in Dae-Gil’s face at some future date. I definitely see an ”I saved you from punishment. You owe me!” kind of thing in a future episode.

BETH: For sure, Kat. And on a side note, this actor is really good, because if saw him on the street, I'm pretty sure I would throw an angry look his direction lol!

ESTHER: Awww, at least we see a little romantic scene between Dae-gil and Dam Seo. She grabbed hold of his hand to pull him out of the gambling house. After they were safely outside, she noticed blood on the back of his neck and tried to press a cloth against it...but noo, our happiness didn't last long. He swatted her hand away immediately. Aishh, our kissing dream scene is gone.

KAT: I can’t blame Dae-Gil for refusing help from Dam-Seo. She is helping the man who killed the only father he has known. There aren’t many who would be able to look kindly on that.

BETH: When will she figure it out and reject In-Jwa? Because I want the kissing dream, soon!

ESTHER: It's true Kat.... but oh it just makes our agony continue! Dae-Gil is so upset with Dam Seo for still following the man who killed his father…. I wanted to cry when he actually said, “I take it back”.  He told Dam Seo that he wants to take back his statement that she will be his wife. Even icy-cold Dam Seo flinched a little, remembering the time he innocently said those words.
Just like my students from third grade, haha! They are always giving something and then taking it back. Didn’t anyone teach him not to do that? Lol guess Man Geum forgot that lesson,kkk. Well, it looks like Dam Seo has to choose between continue to call In-Jwa teacher, or calling Dae-Gil husband….

KAT: There is still quite a bit of Gae-ddong in Dae-Gil at this point. So, immature behavior isn’t so strange if we remember that. He’s still naive and innocent, though he is losing those qualities very quickly. It must be quite painful for him to recognize that Dam Seo is not exactly the woman he thought she was. As for Dam Seo, we know she wants payback, but she’s been told once already that the King isn’t the one who killed her father. That girl needs to wake up and accept the gift of love from Dae Gil! So many eels would gladly take her place! hahaha

BETH: Every eel would choose Dae Gil over In Jwa, in under one second. What kind of girl is Dam Seo to even think twice about it kkkkkk. Ok Ok, she is out for revenge…. But seriously, at some point she has to find out that In-jwa is actually the one who shot her father dead. Like Kat said, wake up girl!

ESTHER:  Eyepatch grandpa received an unexpected visitor...his grandson Dae-gil!! Ahhh! What a surprise-- he believed he was dead and now he's alive and kicking! Eyepatch couldn't hide his emotions, embracing Dae-gil, kissing him and grabbing his cheeks like a baby. I cried tears of happiness with him, I think all moms and dads can relate to that.

KAT: Nam Dokkobe was incredibly happy to see Dae-Gil and that does my heart so much good. It’s about time Dae-Gil received a little love, instead of so much pain and peril!

BETH: Yahhhh, he acted embarrassed and annoyed by Eyepatc grandpa's reaction.... but you know Dae Gil was bursting with happiness inside, to see family, and feel loved after all the things he went through!

ESTHER: Yeoning continues his investigation of In-Jwa. He went to the jail but In-Jwa wasn't there. Yeoning had a lot of evidence against him, but he escapes punishment on orders from the Inspector General’s Office! Corruption? Yes, because the accounting books are false.

KAT: But are they really? I’m more inclined to believe those are the real accounting books!
BETH: I know, it's so hard to know who is telling the truth and who is just trying to cover their own misdeeds!!

ESTHER: Oh oh, Yeoning interrupts yet another meeting between In-jwa and some ministers. While the ministers are out of the room, Yeoning can still hear their comments about his “low” birth and playboy status. How hurtful! He even swings a sword at In-jwa! Ah this will end badly.

KAT: I know it’s too early for In-jwa to die, but I’d really like to see him at least maimed! Slice his face open Yeoning! Or blind him! I’m still holding onto the draw and quarter idea as well...payback a little of the pain he’s been causing others!

BETH: Just the hat...? Really....? sigh.... I guess Yeoning is still too young and too nice to do anything too nasty-- even to someone like In Jwa who deserves it, lol.

ESTHER: Yeoning was very active in this episode. He seems to have talked with everybody. Now it’s his brother’s turn. Yeoning wants Crown Prince Yoon to cut all ties with In-Jwa. Umm, I don't think Yoon will do that. In-Jwa has too much influence over him, starting from childhood when In-Jwa promised to protect the young prince.

KAT: Crown Prince Yoon has come to rely on In-Jwa completely. There’s no way he’ll oust In-Jwa from the palace. So we’re stuck with the snake until Yoon dies of what I suspect is end-stage tuberculosis.

ESTHER:  In-Jwa ordered his guard Moo Myung to follow Dae-gil’s every move. He has to be his shadow now?

KAT: I can definitely think of worse assignments! Haha Okay, I admit Moo Myung might not have the same fascination as eels would have, but it’s still a pretty easy assignment. I wonder if eels could bribe old Moo Myung to give us a little information as well???

BETH: Hahaha! I VOLUNTEER. EVERY MOVE.....every single one..... kkkkk

ESTHER: Here we go again. Yeoning has another audience with his father. Wow, does he really need to make an appointment to talk with his father? I can‘t be a princess then because I can't deal with that! The poor prince even cried in front of the king because of all the frustration and injustice he’s dealing with.

KAT: I think King Sukjong would be one of those “daughter’s fools” kind of dad. While he’s grooming Yeoning to be king at some time in the future, his daughter would be a completely different matter. You can tell he loves his children just by watching him interact with the youngest. He is being kind of harsh with Yeoning, but that’s because it’s necessary to help him grow and learn the lessons he needs to learn to be an effective ruler.

BETH: Yes, and at the same time that he's harsh, he gives him valuable information and hints for him to make good choices. Sukjong can tell that Yeoning is the smart one, the thinker, the strategist.... and he is heloing him build his skills with all these tests!

ESTHER: Lady Choi interviews Prince Yeoning’s bodyguard about what happened at the gambling house. She discovers that her first son is alive and now knows his name. Baek Dae-Gil. You can see her eyes are full of happiness. My own motherly instinct kicked in, and I felt what she felt.

KAT: I think I might be one of the only ones who has no sympathy for Lady Choi. Yes, she gave up her child to protect him, I get that. But for 20 years, she’s living in the lap of luxury, while Dae-Gil has never had a permanent home. She must receive an allowance of some kind to buy her little trinkets and baubles. But she never even attempted to find out how her first-born child was, where he was, or even if he survived. I have a grudge against her. She treated our Dae-Gil thoughtlessly. I would have fought for my child, and used my feminine wiles to convince the king the child was his.

BETH: True... I wonder how much of it was driven by her own choices, and how much was the lack of freedom she would have had as a lady of the court at that time. It's possible anything she tried to do for him would be discovered and lead to his death and the fall from position for her other son as well. But.... oh..... it's such a terrible position, whichever the case may be! And even so, it is hard to imagine just giving up without trying at all....

ESTHER: Dae-Gil asked his grandpa about In-Jwa’s ability to find  cards while blindfolded. Nam Dokkobe recalled his experience with Baek Myun. After this, Dae-gil leaves to be trained by Chae Gun. Nam throws his dice and both displayed daebak, meaning he is on the right path. Some good news at last!

KAT: Zikzin Dae-gil!!

BETH: I'm so glad he's on his way back to Chae Gun! At last our boy will have a fighting chance!

ESTHER: Wow, just by listening to Nam Dokkobe recount what happened, Dae-Gil is able to recreate the scene of the night In-Jwa tried to kill him as a baby. He thinks this was In-Jwa’s motive for killing his father.

KAT: I remember seeing this in previews for the drama, and I always wondered how Dae-Gil could be the baby AND a grown man. That’s some pretty descriptive story telling on Grandpa’s part!

BETH: And yet somehow Grandpa is conveniently leaving out the part where Dae-Gil happens to be the king's son, and that his mother still lives, as the King's favorite concubine and mother of another Prince.......

ESTHER: You see? Dae-Gil went to Chae Gun’s house to ask him to be his teacher. Yes! Now he will be trained in martial arts and no one will make fun of him or mess with our boy! Watch out In-Jwa! Wait he didn‘t accepted Dae-Gil as his pupil. You think he will?

KAT: Oh I definitely think so! Chae-Gun is as intrigued by Dae-Gil as Dae-Gil is of him! Besides, we already saw him in episode one fighting In-Jwa’s heavies. hahaha

BETH: I am liking the bromance factor in this drama.... usually I am only concerned with the ROmance, but the bromance is so fun....!

ESTHER: In-Jwa was searching for a very skilled swordsman and found a master of martial arts in a prison for treason. So now In-Jwa needs help? I never expected that! The one man orchestra, who uses all kinds of tricks and lies is seeking help and support? That’s incredible!

KAT: I think In-Jwa is a little nervous about Chae-Gun teaching Dae-Gil. But, as we’ve just found out, the man In-Jwa gets is not as good as Chae-Gun. So take that In-Jwa! Finally he doesn’t get the best of everything!

BETH: Ha, yes! second-rate henchman for him. hehehehe.....

ESTHER: Ay yi yi, now our boy Dae-Gil returns to the salt mine camp to free the slaves. This makes me very nervous. He hasn’t started his training and can be hurt again by Demon.

KAT: Awww our Dae-Gil has a heart of gold like our real boy does! He won’t leave those left behind to perish at the hands of The Demon. I’m nervous about this because Dae-Gil told Chae-Gun that he was going to “go die.” Wah!! Don’t say that!!

BETH: Biting my nails.... we aren't going to replay episodes 5 and 6 here I hope! I can only take that once in a lifetime!

ESTHER: Aish! I told you, Ahgwi has caught all the slaves escaping and now all his men come running. Dae- Gil fights them off with a burning torch to give the slaves time to escape! Wow, that impressed me a lot. But they are too much for him alone, so after being beaten again, he shouts loudly for his master because he knew he was near. When he did that I thought, ohh, our boy has gone crazy, he is talking to himself! But no, his master Chae-Gun was really there. He came to rescue him again. Yesss!

KAT: Dae-gil knew Awghi and his men would take him down and possibly even kill him. After all, he did tell Chae-Gun that he was going to die when he was leaving Chae-Gun’s camp. I love what Chae-Gun says to Awghi’s men, lol! “I’m a bit busy. So come at me all at once.” hahaha He didn’t have time for those “bugs!”  

BETH: That was such a great line Kat-- totally broke the tension I had been feeling after (another!) beating for our poor boy. If they're making jokes, it will be all right!

ESTHER: Kim Chae-Gun is not the only one who helped Dae-Gil. All the slaves returned to help Dae-Gil as well. So sweet of them! That proves that when you help others, they will return you kindness with good acts sooner or later.

KAT: Dae-Gil knew the freed slaves would return to help him. I’m really glad they came back prepared to teach The Demon and his minions a little lesson! That, my friend, is Karma in action.

BETH: Indeed. And now those people have the strength and confidence to keep control of their own lives from now on. They will always be his allies. This is true leadership-- inspiring and empowering others to take control of their lives and live well. Ahhhh... it's too bad we know Dae-Gil won't be King in the end, because he really would make an exceptional one....But perhaps his role is to inspire and empower Yeoning to be an exceptional King :-)

ESTHER:Seol-im is the heroine now. She finds and burns the slave contracts. Kkkk

KAT: This is a really emotional scene. How wonderful to regain freedom.

BETH: Awww I really cried buckets, first when Dae-Gil said he wasn't alone, and then as they burned each contract.... sniffle!!

ESTHER: Wohooo,Chae-Gun agrees to train Dae-Gil in martial arts. I said before I don't like violence, but I like the way they move their swords in the dramas and the sound they make. When I told my hubby about this fact he reminded me, he had a sword too! I forgot he likes swords and has some in his collection. Now he has some similarities with Dae-gil! Kkkk.

KAT: It’s a shame Dae-Gil can’t pull a Dirty Harry on old In-Jwa…”Do you feel lucky?” hahaha

BETH: Haha! "Do ya?" Ether, your hubby is feeling competitive with our Dae-Gil, it's so cute kkkk.

ESTHER: Moo Myung returns to In-Jwa to report Dae-Gil’s progress to him. He and the king have eyes everywhere...he even figured out Yeoning’s secret determination to bring him down.

ESTHER: Yeoning is still searching for information about In-Jwa. He will not rest until he puts him in jail

KAT: Well that’s where he belongs. He should be thrown in a tower to rot his life away.

BETH: I only hope he can convince others to go along with it. With so many people indebted to In-Jwa, I fear they will look the other way rather than risk revealing their own involvement!

ESTHER: While Dae-Gil and his master Chae-Gun were talking, Ahgwi came and threw a scythe at Dae-Gil. But his master was there to save him again.

KAT: Chae-Gun didn’t waste any time starting Dae-Gil’s training! Poor Dae-Gil with those (I’m assuming) sacks of sand or dirt hanging from his wrists. Thank goodness Chae-Gun heard Ahgwi and knocked Dae-Gil over before he could get an extreme makeover!

BETH: I really love Chae-Gun's obvious admiration for Dae-Gil's courage and determination. And again, such GREAT chemistry between the actors! JKS has really connected with each one in a unique way that feels so natural. Can't wait to see how their friendship/mentorship progresses!

ESTHER: That’s the end of this episode, and my expectations were fulfilled. Until the next episode!


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  1. Oh! This was too short! (I'm so greedy - I know it takes hours and hours to put this together!) There were so many great moments here - I actually felt thrilled when Dae-gil said he wasn't alone and all of the slaves returned to squash Demon! And spunky Seol-im deserves so much admiration. The most fun for me, though, is the bemused admiration that Chae-Gun has for Dew-gil's chutzpah. I'm actually surprised that I'm not missing smoochy romance in this drama - the bromances all are terrific!


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