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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 8

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By Beth Wagner and Esther Noloc.
Guest: Kat Philpot
Pics: sbs

Looks like the bad days are over for now and a new life will come for Dae Gil,even we are very busy for chat,let’s talk about episode eight.

ESTHER: Hello Beth.

BETH: Hello Esther! Long time no see lol….

ESTHER: Our guest today is still Kat Philpot from the USA-- Welcome again Kat!

KAT: Thank you. I’m glad to be here!

ESTHER: Our hero Dae Gil is in the mountains ready to be trained, but where is his Master? He is working hard cutting trees and cooking, while the master is sleeping and snoring...That food he is making--  Chef Jang is in his veins? In case you don’t know, Jang Keun Suk is a good cook and even published a book of recipes, so I guess Dae Gil cooks too, kkk.
KAT: I hear Chef Jang is quite an excellent cook, so it only follows that Dae-gil would be as well. haha

BETH: Ahhh Chef Jang/Dae Gil can cook for me anytime…. As long as I get to feed him after. Sorry…. I just went completely off topic into my own personal fantasy (whyyyy do I love to see him eat?? kkkk)

ESTHER: Ehhhhh,OK Beth, moving on……. Lol. Dae Gil began his training. Of course he failed in everything since he is new at all of it. He shot so many arrows… none of them hit the center! He practiced so hard with the wooden sword, he even made blisters on his hand that bled a lot, ouch!
KAT: I think that’s the perfectionist in our lovely boy coming out in the character of Dae-gil again. He is determined to learn everything Chae-gun can teach him!

BETH: Aishhh… again, I know it’s not real, and yet I feel like he’s really hurt!  Eels everywhere want to lovingly bandage that hand…..

ESTHER: Chae Gun finally woke up kkkk. He looked around and found Dae Gil sleeping outside, like he was so lazy, getting a suntan. But then Chae Gun saw the blood on his student’s hand. Awww the master looks tough, but he is sensitive inside and very kind… he carefully bandaged Dae Gil’s hand.
KAT: How exhausted he would have to be for Chae-gun to be able to redress his wound and him sleep through it. I think the very last of Gae-ddong has left, and Dae-gil is truly transformed into the man he will grow old as. Is it silly that I’m quite proud of him? haha

BETH: I really love this whole scene. It shows the increasing bond between master and student. I like how Dae Gil has let go of his old whining self (remember ep 3-4 when he was faking a sore ankle just to get Man Geum to rent a boat?), he has toughened up and become serious about doing whatever it takes to learn from this master.  And the master, who was impressed at the beginning with Dae Gil’s courage and his ability to get the support of others because of his sincere kindness…. He is slowly starting to gain admiration for Dae Gil’s hard work and determination too.

ESTHER: When Dae Gil woke up, Chae Gun said that basic training was over now...that was the basic training? Ohh... I can't imagine the regular training then! He demonstrated all the steps to him and said he can't leave the mountain until he does some amazing things, like “cut a falling cherry blossom petal in half with the sword” and “shoot the coin through the center with an arrow”.  He couldn't believe it was possible, but his master did it! Dae Gil ran up to see the coin for, really went through that little hole in the middle!
KAT: He also has to beat Chae-gun with a sword! He has a lot of obstacles to overcome in order to leave his training.

BETH: I am just hoping this means MANY scenes of archery and swordsmanship practice….yes please…..lots of that.

ESTHER: Their practice fight ended with Dae Gil losing badly. Sorry Dae Gil, the master rules and he said this is necessary. Hahaha… oh poor Dae Gil, doing push ups with Chae Gun sitting on top of his back! Oh my God, lol... he will be in bad shape tomorrow--back pain and exhausted! But he will end up well trained, so this sacrifice will have good results.
KAT: Oh wow, my back hurts just watching that! Dae-gil seems to be pretty strong though. He can still talk while doing pushups!

BETH: I still have hearts in my eyes from watching his use a sword…. But hahaha those pushups!  Our poor boy!!  Hahahaha!

ESTHER: While he was doing the push ups, Dae Gil asked master Chae Gun if there were any others as good as him. He said no at first, but then recalled Hwang Jin-ki. Who is he, Beth and Kat?
KAT: Whoever he is, he looks fearsome! I wonder if it’s just camera angles and costume that makes him look so huge? He looks like he has giants in his family tree! Dae-gil is going to need cunning as well as strength if he’s to fight this monster of a man!

BETH: Oh right!! I remembered he was the one In Jwa brought up in the last episode, but that’s where else I had seen him before-- that opening scene! Well I guess he will be staying around a while then.  

ESTHER: We haven’t seen what Dam Seo is up to in a while…. But when she walked through that village while waiting for her master, her heart went out to the two little beggar girls.  She felt guilty when she saw the shoeless girls staring at her own beautiful silk shoes.
KAT: I don’t understand why she just didn’t take them and buy them a good meal and some shoes and another change of clothing. Is she just that disassociated?

BETH: It is interesting…. How Dam Seo is still struggling to connect with her emotions.  On some level she recognized and felt guilty about the shoes.  But where Dae Gil would have immediately just given the child the shoes…. Dam Seo didn’t know what to do and just walked away instead.  Let’s hope Dae Gil teaches her how to become a real human lol!

ESTHER: Wow, In jwa really knows how to reach his goals. While Dam Seo waited outside, he just gave a huge bribe to one of the Ministers-- Jo Il Soo. The condition was a big favor. He wants Jo Il Soo to tell his guards at the prison to look the other way when Dam-seo and Moo Myung go to break Hwang Jin Ki out of there!
BETH: Well, Jin-Ki is quite a pill isn’t he! They are coming in to free him, and until they said In Jwa’s name, he looked like he might just kill his rescuers! I guess we know why In Jwa wants this violent guy….

KAT: Like I said, he’s a monster of a man!

ESTHER:  Dam Seo and Moo Myung brought Jin-ki to In Jwa, and that big scary man bowed right down to the floor. In Jwa knew how to manipulate even this brute….. He was grateful that In Jwa took care of his mother's funeral while he was in prison.

KAT: There are some things In-jwa does that makes you think he’s almost human, but then you remember he didn’t do it as a kindness, but as a means of manipulation.

ESTHER: Hahaha, Hong Mae was so furious with In Jwa because he treated her like a servant girl! She even had to deliver a giant ceramic pot of alcohol to his house, to celebrate Jin ki’s freedom. Did you see how he picked up that whole pot and drank from it?? LOL.
BETH: Why am I suddenly reminded of an evil version of Hagrid (from Harry Potter)? Lolll…

KAT: Hahahaha! Hagrid was half giant! I bet Jin-ki is his ancestor!

ESTHER: Tadaaa, an encounter of the titans! In the left corner we have Jin-ki, fresh out of prison and ready to fight! In the right corner, it’s Chae Gun, the mysterious mountain man with a perfect record! Kkkkk I know… this isn’t the boxing ring, it’s a sword fight. I really want to see who is better...and I wonder what the whole story is-- why they are enemies.
KAT: Drunk and disorderly? That’s not good for a career! haha

BETH: Yes, he must have a lot of resentment, but honestly, if he went banging on the King’s gate when he was drunk….then…. Kinda his own fault. Guess *somebody* doesn’t know how to take responsibility for their own actions…..

ESTHER: Chae Gun is training Dae Gil in his archery skills, and Dae Gil remembered his encounter with In Jwa.  Even point blank, In Jwa could catch the arrow and not be harmed. Dae Gil asked how to do that, and Chae Gun showed him. It’s in the eyes! Gotta watch the eyes of the shooter to know when the arrow will fly. Then you can be fast enough to catch it. Wow! Later, inside the cabin he asked Dae Gil why he wanted this training. Dae Gil is still bent on revenge, so he answered that it was to cut In jwa throat.  Oops, lol….he received a scolding from his master for that.

KAT: That’s a little bit of Gae-ddong peeping his head out there, isn’t it? Dae-gil will come to realize that he has a higher purpose for his life. Revenge isn’t part of it.

BETH: Wow, I just wonder if that’s actually possible-- the arrow thing I mean-- or if that’s just a fantasy for TV lol.  I do not volunteer to try it out kkkkk.

KAT: Aw c’mon, Beth! Give it a go! hahaha

ESTHER: Yeoning recalled the words of his father offering him the heirloom sword to protect them from their enemies. Then his guard informed him about the the Jin Ki prison break and gave him a letter from In Jwa that was found at the scene. Of course he is baiting the Prince to come meet him. What is that man up to now?
KAT: In-jwa is like a bulldog with a bone. He will never give up!

BETH: Yeoning...Yeoning...Yeoning...tsk tsk tsk. On his way to meet In Jwa, he doesn’t even notice how many people brush by him and bump into him...and he also didn’t notice Dam Seo trailing behind him watching. He definitely didn’t notice the two little beggar girls, one of whom was now dead, killed for stealing shoes.  Dam Seo was really shaken by this. Maybe her cold exterior will finally crumble.

ESTHER: So sad those little girls! While Dam Seo was worrying about them, Yeoning met with In-jwa and the conversation turned ugly fast when In Jwa pointed out the slits in Yeoning’s robes. He could have the Prince killed at any time by one of his people who brushed right by the Prince so easily. In Jwa proposes they have a sword fight, and choose blindly from a rack of swords. The Prince got a good steel blade, but In Jwa only got the wooden practice sword!  It’s a coincidence, at the same time, Dae Gil was practicing sword fighting too, and both ended up on the ground, saying the name “In Jwa” at the same time! Maybe it’s fate?
KAT: The real sword should have cut through the wooden one easily. It must have something to do with the angle and the force of pressure. I really didn’t expect that wooden sword to hold up like it did!

BETH: I thought for sure Yeoning would win with the good sword, but wow, In Jwa seems to know how to manipulate everything.  Even caught the steel sword, got it stuck in his wooden sword so Yeoning couldn’t pull it away and strike.

ESTHER: After Dam Seo was so shaken up by the dead beggar girl, she came to In Jwa to ask him if he really cared about the people. In Jwa just brushes off her concern and advises Dam-seo to find a way to control Yeoning. Aishhh, that man. When she does go to Yeoning, she can’t help but chide him for not caring about the people. He looks around and finally sees the miserable peasants….He pays for a burial for the little beggar child who stole the shoes, and he said sorry to her little sister….so sweet of him. Even Dam Seo could see he was sincere. She is softer toward him now. Maybe she is wondering who she is in love with?
KAT: It’s difficult to open your eyes to the suffering of those around you when you’ve lived a life of privilege. I don’t think it’s a matter of not caring, it’s just a matter of not knowing.

BETH: Well Yeoning is a good and kind person, but he never really had to pay that much attention before.  Surprising that the one to make him notice the difficulties of the peasants is one who only just seemed to notice it herself lol! Dae Gil could tell both of them a thing or two about the suffering of the peasant class…..!

ESTHER: Ahhh, now Yeoning is showing Dam-seo around the palace grounds. It’s kind of romantic, but uncomfortable too, because she is only there to get a glimpse of the King. She asks to see Lady Choi, who she met once before, and poor Yeoning is shooed outside so they women can talk alone, lol. Dam Seo admits what she is there for, revenge on the King, and Lady Choi tells her there’s no way the King killed her father. Ohhhh…. That Dam Seo, she can still be so cold though!  She just threatened Lady Choi with revealing about Man Geum and her son…. But to Lady Choi, maybe all she heard was that her son was still alive. Lady Choi pretty much insisted that Yeoning take Dam Seo to meet King Sukjong, after that.
KAT: Is it wrong that I got a smidgen of pleasure out of Dam-seo having difficulty breathing in the presence of the King? She really needs to get away from In-jwa. His horrible character is rubbing off on her!

BETH: Interesting how the King seemed to recognize her right away, and Yeoning realizes who she is now too… Yeoning said the same as his mother-- that the King did not kill Yi Soo. And he gave her a warning about In Jwa. I wonder how long before she confronts In Jwa with this story, since it totally conflicts with everything he ever told her….

ESTHER: I think there has been a lot of time passed now, because Dae Gil is practicing gambling and sword fighting with Chae-gun, and now he is much much better. I can't wait to see him in action for real. Dae Gil is so close to being finished with his training!  He almost pierced the coin, and he even managed to dodge an arrow shot right at him, wow! Chae Gun gave him three tips to success: breathing, eyes, and courage,  and Dae Gil did it! Done with his training for the day, so they will go to town to celebrate his progress.
BETH: Ahhh, he was so excited to go into town, it was almost a glimpse of the old Gae Ddong sweetness….sigh…. Miss that just a little.

KAT: I realize that time is passing, but it’s difficult to really see. They wear the same clothes all the time!

ESTHER: Dae Gil and his master went to the village to go shopping and Dae Gil found out the real reason he was brought along… hahaha he is like a pack mule with all those baskets full of good strapped onto his back. Lol,he looks so cute struggling with it. Oohhhh, he spotted a “wanted” poster for Chae-gun on the town wall. So sad for him,because he considers him a hero, but maybe he is really a villain? I guess we will have to wait and see how Chae Gun explains himself.
KAT: I’m wondering about that myself! Is this another manipulation by In-jwa? Or is Chae-gun really a wanted man?

BETH: Shades of Gae Ddong again lol!  I wonder if this was on purpose to show how Chae Gun’s presence in his life has helped him overcome his bitterness and not lose the core of who he is-- the good and kind Gae Ddong may not be totally lost after all.

ESTHER: After they arrived back home, Dae Gil couldn’t hold back and asked Chae Gun why he is one of the most wanted. Ahhhhhh…..Chae-gun’s relationship with Jin-ki is clear! He had told him as a trainee that he was so good, he would surely get an appointment to be an officer.  But because of the government corruption, Jin Ki was denied a position. He didn’t come from a top family, which the King’s ministers cared about more than actual talent. This offended Jin Ki, and also Chae Gun. Chae Gun says he wants to kill the king now too!  WHat, over this silly corruption problem?
KAT: Even at that time, promotions and recognition are all about who you know.

BETH: Omg, lolllll I never figured out that the trainee soldier was Jin Ki until you just said that Esther!!  He looked so different. Wow, now I wonder when he and Chae Gun will reconcile, because I bet Jin Ki thinks that Chae Gun was the reason he didn’t get his officer appointment. Ohhh misunderstandings…. The lifeblood of Dramas kkkkk

ESTHER: Whoah! The palace received an anonymous note threatening assassination of King Sukjong! What kind of assassin gives advance notice like this, lol! This is too crazy, it must be a trick. Everyone would just know and catch them. What do you think?
KAT: I’d say that’s either one stupid assassin, or one very clever trick. You just know that In-jwa has to be behind this somehow.

BETH: Yes, I agree with Kat.  Gotta be In Jwa. I just can’t imagine what he has up his sleeve for this one.  This guy always comes up with the most complex chess moves!

ESTHER: Oh, remember when the king offered Yeoning the heirloom sword? Well…. Maybe after his failed fight with In Jwa, Yeoning is not so confident he can protect his father and the palace. He asked his father to take the responsibility out of his hands, but his father just gave him the sword anyway.  What is the meaning or importance of that sword?
KAT: Awfully big shoes to fill. I wonder if Yeoning has been going through his own training the same as Dae-gil.

BETH: Yep, and once the King gives you a sword that important, which has been passed down through generations of the royal family…. I guess there’s no backing out of your responsibilities.  Yeoning must know now, he just has to live up to being the sword’s owner.

ESTHER: Dam Seo talked to In Jwa (even though she has some small seeds of doubt, she is still sticking with him?!), and she told him she wanted to get her revenge now. He let her proceed with her vendetta, even if he doesn’t think she’s ready.  That Dam Seo really has nerves of steel…. She put on her black outfit and sneaks out to the palace to kill the king.  But oh… isn’t this the day that the palace is expecting an assassin?? Uh oh…...
KAT: Patience is a virtue! On the other hand, maybe she’ll be captured and find out some truths about her teacher. Some very ugly truths!

BETH: Aishhhh….. She will be in so much trouble…. The palace will be crawling with guards everywhere!  I know she is talented, but how can she manage this without getting caught? I’m so worried for her!

ESTHER: Ahhh, poor Dae Gil.  He is alone in the forest cabin and his eyes are so sad. Chae Gun left after he revealed his intentions to kill King Sukjong. He even made it clear he would kill Dae Gil if he tried to stop him. I don't want to recall the sad expression on his face. He really trusted his master. He was in shock like me.
KAT: It seems like every episode I’m going back and forth with how I feel about the King! I see him with his acknowledged children and he’s a loving father, if a bit stern--but that’s only for their own good. Then the next episode he comes across as cold and uncaring and a man we’ve thought of as loyal and good hearted now says he’s going to kill the King! Ugh! Somebody stop the see-saw!

BETH: I think that was quite a double whammy. First, Chae Gun seems to be resorting to basic revenge, which he taught Dae Gil not to do… and then he threatened him after their deep master-student bond.  After spending probably at least a couple years together training, Dae Gil must feel like “who is this guy?? I thought I knew him!” It’s a betrayal of sorts, and I hope they can sort it out, because they are such a good team!

ESTHER: Wow,the next episode will be explosive,see you.


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