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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 9

EPISODE 9 Ahjumma Review
The ahjumma and the new eel series:review,thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama in chat mode.
By Beth Wagner and Esther Noloc.
Guest: Kat Philpot and Mamacri Chan

I said at the end of the 8th episode that this episode will be explosive and I wasn't wrong. It was explosive and more,with a lot of action ,drama ,suspense and more, enjoy this chat with us.
Beth’s note:  thanks to Kat and Mamacri for filling in, and Esther for her patience!  I had to go on a trip to my parents’, so I will be back for episode 10.

ESTHER: The episode started with Chief State Councilor Kim Chang-jip, returning from siz years of ambassador duties to Qing. Look at that! He received a VIP treatment from the ministers and the people. A white carpet, like the red carpet Hollywood displays. In-jwa was there of course.

KAT: In-jwa doesn’t seem overly happy to see him. Maybe Chang-jip can hog-tie him and foil all of his attempts to undermine the monarchy.

MAMACRI:First I thought it was some other king or prince visiting, but then I realised that he was wearing the same uniform as the other lords… First thought was he was no good..until his eyes went to the Soron bunch. Then I knew ‘the opposition has arrived’.

ESTHER: When Chang-jip was greeting the king, the Crown Prince Yoon’s illness is discovered in court when he coughed and blood came out of his mouth. After some time to recover, Yoon wants to see In-jwa. They have an interesting conversation.
KAT: It seems that In-jwa was completely unaware of Crown Prince Yoon’s illness. Was that a look of uneasiness we saw on his face? It’s about time In-jwa had some setbacks in his plans. Things have been going far too easily for him!

MAMACRI: Yes that calculating In-jwa was unpleasantly surprised when he saw the crown prince coughing up blood... as was the newly returned lord, because that would mean something concerning the succession could be on it’s way as we will learn later in the drama .. that conversation of the Crown Prince with In Jwa was ignited because of prince Jeongnin.

ESTHER: There is a commotion in the palace because of an assassin’s threat note. Kim Chan compared In-jwa with a rat. Yes I think so, a big one.

KAT : What kind of assassin leaves a note telling the palace guards when he’s going to attempt to kill the King? And is the King the only target? Crown Prince Yoon finds a knife stuck into a post at his residence as well. Perhaps that’s a decoy to draw suspicion away from In-jwa as the person behind the assassin.

MAMACRI: Yeah...as Lord Kim Chang Yip said “what kind of crazy assassin is giving advanced notice” He is a very clever man...
ESTHER: Dae-gil tried to convinced his master not to kill the King, but he refused to give up on it. Dae-gil searches for information about Chae-gun’s plans to kill the King. Once found, he races after Chae-gun to save him. Run Dae-gil run!

KAT: Dae-gil has a lot of respect for his master, and can’t stand the thought of him being captured and killed for treason. While he has learned a lot, is it enough to get past all the palace guards?

MAMACRI: Dae-gil was shocked first to find out that his master was a “wanted” man and now hearing him say he is going to kill the King was too much for Dae-gil. He came to love and respect his master and could not stand the idea of losing him. Now “half” a fool he rushed in again..

ESTHER: In-jwa advises Dam-seo to use the confusion surrounding the assassin to her advantage and kill the King. What a great “father” In-jwa is, sending his “daughter” to kill a person. The Counselor Kim visits In-jwa too. Both throw serpents and frogs from their mouths? No, both used metaphors to talk. What a beautiful way to insult each other.
KAT: Dam-seo’s opinions have been poisoned by In-jwa from a very young age. Still, she must sense that he has his own reasons for his hatred of the King. And while she’s had a wonderful teacher and sparring partner in Moo Myung, but she will be going up against more than one person in this quest.
There is definitely no love lost between Counselor Kim and In-jwa! Both are masters of using words as a weapon.

MAMACRI: Dam-seo just wanted to get thing over and done with before she lost her motivation and her nerve… She was in the game just to kill the King because that is what she was taught-- that the King killed her father cold bloodedly. I loved the convo between Lord Kim and In-jwa..it was so sexy...my kind of convo hahaha

ESTHER: Oh, why is Chae-gun wearing his old uniform and his old badge? For entry to the palace grounds and kill the King? But he is not a criminal. There are things I don't understand yet in Chae-gun’s behaviour.

KAT: You would think that his uniform and badge would have been taken from him if he retired from service to the King. If wanted notices were put up all over the kingdom, wouldn’t the palace guards recognize him and arrest him?
MAMACRI: Kat sis... I think Chae Gun must not be retired... These people usually don’t retire unless their King is dead.  I bet he had to go undercover for the King; one of the many eyes and ears of the King. The guards just see the uniform and the special badge and they are not to question that.

ESTHER: Yeoning questions the King’s apparent nonchalance about the assassination attempt. I think also, he is suspiciously too calm and not worried about it. The King made a bet too, that's outrageous! kkk
KAT: Either King Sukjong has a lot of confidence in the palace guards, or a lot of confidence in Yeoning! Haha I’m with Yeoning though. There’s no way I would take that bet!

MAMACRI: Yes the King was so quiet and relaxed, even playful..even though I can’t imagine King Sukjong being all stressed out.. He is the man with 100 eyes and 1000 ears...or was it the other way around

ESTHER: Yeoning went to visit his mother Lady Choi and requests his bodyguard to stay and protect her, ohh he is worried about her.

KAT: He’s a good son.

MAMACRI: LOL...his mother already figured out that it was a test for her son. She is very happy with that for that means the King is favouring her son!
She is a very loving mother… too bad Dae-gil did not get the chance to be in her warm embrace...

ESTHER: Oh my God, Dae-gil sneaks into the palace grounds but, nooo the patrolling guards! He hides in a building where he finds, tadaaa, Dam-seo. As she starts to speak, he covers her mouth. No noise otherwise the guards will catch them. He helps Dam-seo over a wall but is spotted by guards before he can join her, now what?

KAT: He is quite surprised to find Dam-seo there. I can see his mind working--thinking there is more than one assassin!

MAMACRI: Dae-gil has at least learned not to rush in like that, but to find a sneaky way in LOL! He is like a thief in the night...running from the guard like playing hide and seek. He must be shocked to find out that besides his master there are more than assassins… is it a killing party or what?

ESTHER: Yeoning discovers the palace grounds are poorly guarded. What a shame. The King will scold him and the guards for sure.  

KAT: I can understand his surprise. The one area had only the two guards, but other areas had nothing at all! I think a big change is about to come about. Yeoning will have to beef up the palace security if he survives this night!

MAMACRI: Nasty surprise indeed for our young prince in charge. There is much work to do...upgrading the palace security...so he was left no choice as to defend his father himself.

ESTHER: I think Moo Myung has doubts of his master. He asks In-jwa about his motives for letting Dam-seo attempt to kill the King, knowing the palace will be well guarded.

KAT: He is right to have doubts! I am also interested in In-jwa’s motivation for sending Dam-seo at a time when the palace will be hyper-alert about trespassers. And really, the best way to get noticed is to be wearing all black! These people have no idea how to blend in to avoid discovery!

MAMACRI: I suspect Moo Myung to be in love with Dam-seo also. What do you think ladies? Seems everybody is in love with her. Black was the best color I guess, besides the flares and candles it was pitch black then… In-jwa knew very well what he was doing...for the “other” assassin would be there, the prince is there...and Dae-gil would be there too
ESTHER: Dae-gil overwhelms a palace guard and steals his uniform…(omg, he looks gorgeous!) while  Chae-gun moves through the palace grounds like a ghost, wearing black like Dam-seo, and enters the throne room.

KAT: Our Dae-gil is smart, and knows he needs a disguise so he can move about easily. Will he catch up to Chae-gun in time? Ah, the suspense is killing me!

MAMACRI: He must Kat, otherwise his master would not appear next to him in episode one..but Dae-gil is full of confidence isn’t he! He strips a guard of his clothes and moves swiftly to find his master.

ESTHER: Mama mia!! I will die watching this drama! Yeoning ran to protect the King and Dae-gil shows up to protect Chae-gun.

MAMACRI: This scene was very unexpected and so cool to watch!! Our Dae Gil to the rescue! It became like a sword dance...  He really looked so cool...so handsome..ahhhh!~

ESTHER: What? Chae-gun’s task was to test the palace guards and show weakness in palace security? I never expected that, but have some doubts.

KAT: So this has all been setup by the King to test palace security and Yeoning’s ability to protect him? At this point, Yeoning and Dae-gil must be confused about who the assassin is, as they’ve both run into Dam-seo. And where is she anyway?

MAMACRI: Little did Dae-gil know that by rashly trying  “saving” his master he would meet his real father. Little did the King know that by ordering this safety check by his trusted sword he would come eye to eye with his lost son…
Chae-gun seems to have the king’s order to test the security every now and then...just wonder why this time they made it known..who are they poking...In-jwa?

ESTHER: Dae-gil is noticed by King Sukjong. Not only noticed, he almost falls from his seat to see his face and was soo close to him. He knows this is his son for sure. King Sukjong even gives Dae-gil his favorite sword...wow!

KAT: I’m really not surprised that the King recognizes Dae-gil for who he really is. King Sukjong seems to have eyes and ears everywhere and knows things that no one else seems to know! Do you think giving Dae-gil is favorite sword is his way of acknowledging that Dae-gil is his son?

MAMACRI: The scene was very amusing...Chae Gun fighting with Yeoning and in comes twinkle toes to save his master..nice treesome… The king must have thought..What the hell is going on here...who are you?! He didn’t know Dae Gil..except for him to know his name.. When Dae Gil said his name of course the king’s curiosity was awaken..he wanted to see him with his own eyes….closer and closer… and he liked what he saw..like looking into the mirror.. Don’t you think the King’s eyes and Dae Gil’s are almost the same? ...both very intelligent but fierce. The King followed his heart and gave his son his favorite sword.

ESTHER: Wow! Dam-seo shoots arrows directly at the King, but our heroes Yeoning and Dae-gil quickly strike the arrows down with the swords given to them by their father! That was cool, I love it.

KAT: Dae-gil has learned a lot from Chae-gun! He heard those arrows flying before he saw them. And the way he swatted them off their path with his newly acquired sword! He’s come a long way. Ah I’m so proud of our Dae-gil!

MAMACRI: Wow..It was Dae Gil who struck down the arrows with the new sword. the King gave his son a sword and he saved his life already. He was so handsome doing that...

ESTHER: Nooo, Dam-seo is chased by the palace guards and becomes injured in the process! Poor girl! In-jwa sent her to her death! Dae-gil comes though, and takes Dam-seo to Lady Choi’s quarters.

KAT: Dae-gil is once again in the right place at the right time! I know he told Dam-seo that he took it back, wanting to marry her, but it’s easy to see he still has feelings for her. He is caring for her wounds so gently, but doing a thorough job of it.

MAMACRI: Yes...lucky Dam-seo to be saved by Dae-gil and taken care by him! Waaa...so gentle and careful. Lady Choi also ask him his name… she suspected who he was, but when she heard him confirm his name she was so happy. Sad that she had to hide it and not show too much emotion. Here she was…. sitting right beside her long lost son.

ESTHER: Yeii! Yeoning meets with Dae-gil to talk about getting Dam-seo to safety. But is she not the lady that tried to kill your father, Yeoning? Hmm, that's sounds like treason. At least Dae-gil has a more valid reason to protect her. In the end though, they agree, Yeoning and Dae-gil will help Dam-seo escape from the palace.
KAT: Yeoning saw the blood on the floor in his mother’s quarters. I think he purposely waited for Dae-gil to show himself. I think there’s a bit of jealousy at play here. At least they will work together to get Dam-seo safely away from the palace. I understand Dae-gil’s part in this, but is Yeoning really going to ignore that she tried to kill his father?

MAMACRI: Yes, there is definitely a love triangle going on here! Dam-seo unintentionally made Dae-gil fall head over heels in love with her when she rode that horse so beautifully… then she seduced Yeoning with that dance on purpose... even made the two make a gamble over her. Love can make the smartest of men a complete fool, haha!  But yeah, it seems somehow both the boys didn’t want Dam-seo to be captured and die...they both felt she needed to be rescued and set on a better path.

ESTHER: Here comes again, Chae-gun saves Dae-gil. This time from Jin-ki, because he was jealous about the King’s sword? He was asking too much about it.
KAT: Well, Dae-gil has met Jin-ki now, and had a taste of his strength! I wonder about Jin-ki’s interest in the sword as well, Esther. Chae-gun thankfully arrived just in time to block Jin-ki’s attempt to kill Dae-gil. The twists and turns in Daebak always leave me guessing at what will happen next!  

MAMACRI: Jin-ki ...pick someone your own size ...at least of your level.. Poor Dae Gil was not ready to meet another devil … As a swordsman Jin-ki recognized a special sword when he sees one… Luckily Chae Gun came to the rescue. Wow master is good!! ...and they left us the cliffhanger, again!

ESTHER: Thanks Mamacri, for being with us again, we really appreciate it since Beth couldn’t make it this time!

MAMACRI: Happy to be here.. Daebak is amazing isn’t it.

KAT: It really is! Can’t wait for episode 10…

ESTHER: Whoaaa, excellent episode! Until the next one, eels!

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