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[Pics & Summary interview] Jang Keun Suk at interview for J:COM

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Trans Credit: Lola Devung

A summary translation (only the parts when he talked about 'Daebak') from the latest interview for J:Com 

Interviewer: The reason for taking the role 
JKS: I have a big interest in this role because it’s a role I never played before in my 20s. This might mean something big for me so I decided to take it as the first role in my 30s.

Interviewer: Introduction to Dae Gil’s characters in ‘Daebak’. 
JKS: The character was born a ‘cheonmin’ (low status) with a royal blood. In fact, (Dae Gil) is a man who could have been fated to become a king, but was replaced with a child of cheonmin, so he lives thinking that he's a cheonmin. Following the death of the foster father, he will grow into a man. The character lived as Gae Ddong (Dog Poop) and was reborn as Dae Gil, evolving to a man. It’s a drama with gambling as the theme, but rather than simply gambling, there’s a big game, betting on the country’s fate and the throne of Joseon. 

Interviewer: Preparation for playing ‘Dae Gil’ character
JKS: Before playing ‘Dae Gil’ character, I needed to study ‘Gae Ddong’ character. Gae Ddong’s character has to be represented differently in each episode until he eventually becomes ‘Dae Gil’. I tried to get the feelings for each character in each episode and practiced while reading the script 

Interviewer: Responses concerning the Action scenes in 'Daebak' 
JKS: In order not to worry anyone, I ensured the safety first and showed my self- confidence. I think that in a situation like this, it’s important to have a trust for the PD and the staff.

Interviewer: The difficulty of playing in a period drama 
JKS: I need to understand & analyze the historical background as well as the people in Joseon era in order to be able to get immersed in the role and make the audience feel related to the drama. I feel like having a more sense of responsibility. 

Interviewer: Similarities and Differences between JKS and Dae Gil 
JKS: I think that Dae Gil’s free-spirited and frank characters, as well as withstanding the sufferings in life, resemble me. The difference is that I don’t gamble, not even able to play poker. I have been practicing shuffling the cards using the Japanese playing cards given by fans. 

Interviewer: Other characters in the drama which are also interesting?
JKS: I’m also interested in the characters of Yi In Jwa and Prince Yeoning. I’m looking forward to the development of Daegil vs Yeoning’s conflicts. 

Interviewer: Related to some themes of the drama: Bet, game, ambition, and revenge; the challenging experience for to bet on your life 
JKS: After a long period, I’m able to have the role and the work I’ve been waiting for a long time. This work would become a turning point with a greater meaning and value for me, so I must work hard. It’s also a work which brings a different view from my previous dramas so there’s a chance for showing my wider range of acting. 

Interviewer: Highlight of 'Daebak' as the 1st drama in his 30s
JKS: It’s the first period drama that incorporates gambling. It’s such a drama that the audience will watch while feeling the thrill with their sweating palms each time a game is on, rather than simply a story of winning and losing. Dae Gil, a character that I play, will go across the sea and beyond the hills. It’s a different character from what I’ve had before so I’m a little scared. However, I think it’ll also become a point of attraction.



  1. You are a great actor JKS. Keep up the good work!!

  2. you're really our Asia's Prince_JKS. please be safe always and we thanked you for all of your hard work..we love you forever JKS

  3. you're really our Asia's Prince_JKS. please be safe always and we thanked you for all of your hard work..we love you forever JKS

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