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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 10

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By  Esther Noloc and Kat Philpot
Guest: Mamacri Chan
Collaboration: kittehkat

Well, at least there is a romantic scene in this episode,  but it's not with Dae-gil at all. But….whether Dae-Gil has a romance or not, the drama is amazing, so let's start the review!

BETH: My apologies sis Esther. I won’t be able to join you for this episode!
ESTHER: Don ‘t worry Beth, run to take care of your parents. I hope both get well soon.
BETH: Thanks Esther
ESTHER: The episode started with Jun-ki attacking Dae-gil. Master Chae-gun came to the rescue, because our Dae-gil might be learning well, but he is no match for that brute yet! Turns out Jun-ki has a chip on his shoulder about Chae-gun too….


KAT: He is definitely a mountain of a man! Dae-gil hopes to meet him again someday. He will defeat Jun-ki with his “kat-like” reflexes and superior knowledge!
MAMACRI: Yeah Jun-ki feels like a bad boy and he is going to show who is typical of these kind of “men” a bit overbearing and not too smart .
ESTHER :  Hong Mae is...In-jwa’s maid now? How did he pull that one? He sent her to go see Six Ghost, and she was complaining about it LOL. Well, maybe she is getting what she deserves. Six Ghost-- oh he is one of those thugs In-jwa has been dealing with lately! It seems he owns a gambling house too. He looks scary to me! Dae-gil will have to
to take care with him...

KAT: I have to admit that I find Hong Mae’s position as gofer for In-jwa to be extremely satisfying! Haha She deserves whatever she gets. After all, she is the reason Dae-gil ended up as a slave at the salt camp. I think it’s quite nice seeing her eat a little humble pie!
MAMACRI: Yes Esther...Hong Mae has become a “maid” unwillingly. She had her gambling house taken over by In-jwa and if she stays put and does what she is told, then he might give it back to her when he is finished with his business. Being a gambling house boss, she knows all the riffraff and how to handle off she went, sent on a mission by her new master.  Hong Mae really plays her role well. She is really so creepy and sneaky and she will do anything for money!
ESTHER: Yeoning is taking care of Dam-seo, but while she is feverish with pain, the name “Baek Dae-gil” comes from her mouth…waaaaaa, that's gotta hurt. Dae-gil came with the herbs to cure her wounds and saw them embracing...nooo,poor Dae-gil!! Oh, his words and eyes reflect his pain. The sky was bright, but the moon is not in his side and the OST made me cry.


KAT: I agree! Seeing Yeoning and Dam-seo in an embrace must have clawed at Dae-gil’s heart. Even though he took back his intention to make her his wife, Dae-gil still has feelings for Dam-seo. Jang Keun Suk’s acting is just extraordinary in this drama! He conveys the emotions of his character with expression, and I am blown away.
MAMACRI: Yeah...why in heaven’s name was the moon so bright...if not he would not have witness the scene of Yeoning and Dam-seo embracing. This is so different from the first passionate feelings he had for Dam-seo, seeing her image in the moon. The music in this drama is fantastic, isn’t it!
ESTHER: Dam-seo woke in the night and left Yeoning in the forest. She went to talk with the king who she used to think killed her father. Now, she realizes that maybe In-jwa was lying. She seems more confused than before. You can see the anger in his eyes. In jwa has a lot to explain to her now.


KAT: I’m glad Dam-seo has finally opened her eyes to the truth! I wonder where she will go from here? Can you imagine the hurt and betrayal she must feel after learning that the man who raised her is the reason she’s an orphan? I have to say that to this point, I have not had much sympathy for Dam-seo. I will try to look on her a bit more kindly now.
MAMACRI: Dam Seo was not meeting up with the King out of free will I’m afraid. When she left the warm arms of Yeoning she could not have fathomed she would meet up with the “killer” of her dear father. But the twins of the King intercepted her and brought her blindfolded to the very room in which the King saw her father for the very last time...and the story came to her as a shock...poor thing. Having your world put upside down again.
ESTHER: The king is busy today! Yeoning went to talk to him too. Oh oh! The king knows he is in love and orders him to forget Dam Seo and also he said to him that the assassin is dead! Really? He ran to see with his own eyes. It wasn’t her, of course, because i saw Dam Seo leaving the palace and that girl has the Six Ghost mark...the king doesn‘t want her, she is dangerous for him. After leaving the palace she went to In-jwa‘s house to say goodbye to him. She will follow her own path now she knows he killed her father. At least she discovered the truth. But he raised her ,so now Dam Seo has mixed feelings...hate him or forget all and continue to see him as her father? Poor her.


KAT: This part really confuses me. Did King Sukjong cooperate with In-jwa to make Dam-seo appear dead? I can understand why he wouldn’t want Yeoning involved with a would-be assassin, but I can’t quite get my mind around him working with In-jwa to remove Dam-seo from the picture!
MAMACRI: The man of 100 eyes and a thousand ears knew Yeoning was “sleeping” with the enemy. The King is a tiger but he was also a hot fox hahaha. But yeah...better forget the girl Yeoning...can’t have the throne and the girl and “eat” it. So as a good King and father he had everything arranged or was it In Jwa through the means of Hong Mae and Six Ghost?
ESTHER: While Yeoning is receiving “support” in front his mother and then in front of the court ministers, In jwa is having a bad day. First his guard scolded him because Dam Seo left and then the ministers reject his gifts. In jwa will not accept that. He sends his guard to stab the head merchant and he stabs him too and hides the body! Detective Yeoning discovered the blood, but without the body there’s no evidence and no trial. That’s why the King didn't help you Yeoning and even threw the book you gave to him.


KAT: In-jwa is one tough taskmaster! Betray him, or go against his wishes, and he’ll eliminate you! Yeoning is still determined to find a way to bring him down. However, In-jwa is one slippery fish and covers his trail well. I wish he’d slip up and get punished already! He’s such an evil man!
MAMACRI: In Jwa has no patience with traitors and double crossers. In Jwa is a very complex man...created by society. Meanwhile our detective prince went on to investigate the case of the missing merchant. This prince is young and very smart but he has a lot to learn about the politics.
ESTHER: Dae gil is jealous and the tree paid for that! He cut it in a lot of portions. I love the way the time passed, with the cabin scenery changes.The training paid off, he can do all the things his master said he would do for leaving the mountains and they presented him so sexy that looks like an ad in slow motion! Eels will go crazy with these beautiful scenes for sure! I was wondering which one looks better...the scenery or him? Do you know the answer, Kat and Mamacri?


KAT: The changing of the seasons was a masterful way to show time passing! But the only scenery I see is Dae-gil mastering the lessons of Chae-gun! He is artistry in motion! It’s amazing to me that Dae-gil can hear the arrows coming toward him with a waterfall in the background. I can’t hear my kids talking to me if water is running, yet Dae-gil can hear the nearly non-existent sound of an arrow flying through the air! Magnificent.
MAMACRI: thing is for sure...this man makes EVERYTHING look, sound and taste better.
My heart was in pain seeing poor Dae Gil having to let go of the girl of his heart for greater goals...Dae Gil can’t be with her for she follows In Jwa, the man who killed his father and seeing her with Yeoning must have hurt him very much and since he could not change the situation, he knew he had to let go and channeled all his rage and sadness into training. After the seasons change four times our hero has finished his training with great panache! must agree with me...this was one of the most exquisite pieces of artwork! The cinematography was phenomenal!! I fell in love all over again with our master...if that is possible!
ESTHER : Now that the training is over, it’s time to say good bye. I said that is not easy. Dae gil was in tears and the master was trying to not do the same, but in the end he surrendered.


KAT: Dae-gil is sad to be leaving his master and that’s really understandable. Chae-gun has given him the means to achieve his initial goal, but has also taught him that revenge isn’t everything. There is a larger picture, and Dae-gil’s heart must be true. It’s really so sad to see them part! And isn’t it so heartwarming to see that Chae-gun is as affected by their parting as Dae-gil is?
MAMACRI: This part was very emotional. The time between the first hello and now goodbye went so fast and Dae Gil has transformed like a phoenix rising...ready to take on the world. Dae Gil has been so comfortable with his master it came as a surprise to him that his master is sending him away. Now the student has equalled his the’s time to move on. They grew to love and respect each other, for Dae Gil it must have felt like he was saying goodbye again to his father....they were so cute together like father and son. Remember to eat well...don’t get into fights...and day and night be careful for swords. So loving... Dae Gil could not hold his tears and the master did a bad job as well at keeping his hidden...what kind of man is crying he embarrassing...I got emo and cried with them.


ESTHER: In jwa wants to know Dae Gil's future, but the shaman can't track him because he is very strong now. Good job master Chae Gun! Hong Mae reunited the bad boys together for In jwa. Let’s see later what he wants from them.


KAT: I’m pleased that the shaman can no longer track Dae-gil for In-jwa! How unfair that he could, at any point, know what was happening with Dae-gil. Chae-gun has truly helped our hero evolve into a strong man, both mentally and physically!
MAMACRI: Yes...all the lessons of Chae Gun and all the meditation Dae Gil has done made him into a very skilled and well balanced man. No peeping no more you bad shaman and In Jwa ..the book Baek Dae Gil is closed for you .
ESTHER: Hwanghae, known as the Cutter, has a lot of knifes and when he used them got straight to the point, so the gamblers who were playing cards with him noticed when he discovered them cheating and making tricks . The knives were flying all around. He is another option that In jwa will use to deal with Dae Gil.

KAT: In-jwa certainly has a nearly bottomless bag of tricks to pull from, doesn’t he?
MAMACRI: What’s with the hair? reminded me of Prince Chang Hwi but on a very very very bad hair day hahaha. Guess Cutter needs this hairdo to hide… He is fierce with his blade and has wonderful will Dae Gil take him down?
ESTHER: The other one contender? Gol Sal, the man of the card tricks, used tricks to gain money in business. But it will be difficult for him beat Dae gil with this attitude...his fingers in his mouth and his gambling skills.


KAT: I wonder just how In-jwa plans to use these men to help him bring Dae-gil down, or over to his side. Being the evil man he is, he’s sure to have many henchmen who owe him favors of one sort or the other. I think Dae-gil will be able to take them all on, and come out on top.
MAMACRI: In Jwa really has a army of strange species to fight for his cause, although I wonder if these subjects are aware of being used. Funny to watch how they go to each other's throats while waiting for In Jwa to much men hormones!
But meanwhile doesn’t our boy look so very handsome..all cleaned up and dressed up to the nine ...So handsome and cool playing cards...aigoo the way he touched his lips while cleaning the boys out at the card table...Daegil got so rich too!
ESTHER: Yeoning talk with an old man and was wearing the same mask as Dae gil? They are twins now?


KAT: Haha! The brothers unknowingly dress alike to trap their prey! Yeoning and Dae-gil know that In-jwa has something on these people. They use In-jwa as a way to further their own plans.
MAMACRI: There must be a plan. They both are wearing the white mask of the infamous scholar Baek myun..a.k.a. Lee In Jwa. Yeoning wants to fight the corruption the legal way...and Dae Gil wants to fight In Jwa by breaking all these stealing and manipulating gambling houses down to gain money and power so he can finally get to the big veins giving In Jwa unlimited money and power for bribery and corruption.
What is the son of Beak Man Geum doing here…what else? Breaking down all the gambling rooms in whole Hanyang…In Jwa said “Baek Dae Gil...Have you become a tiger now? And I love our boy’s wit…”why would a person become an animal?” The game is on!!
KAT: Haha! Our Dae-gil is handsome, strong, and witty as well! I really love the complexity of the characters in this drama. I can’t wait to see what happens next!
ESTHER: The episode ended like this, Dae gil and In jwa face to face. He went to the gambling house and the three contenders were there already. They will start a race for survival. Until the next episode.



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