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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 13

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By Esther Noloc and Karina Leali
Guest: Karina Leali
Collaboration: Karina Leali and Mamacri (pics and collages)
Edited by: Val Kaye Toezen

Another episode of the Daebak drama, we will met some new characters and will understand the plot more. Let's begin now!

ESTHER: Oh God, Karina, Dae Gil just said to Gol Sa‘s daughter that since she doesn't care about her father, she won’t mind if he kills him, how come?! But, then, I realized that his wish was to shake her up so that she would move on from being In Jwa’s  hostage. So, although it seemed cruel, he was actually being kind to her.  

KARINA: Gosh, he can be like an angel and a demon at the same time. At first, he is so rude, and a second after, he can be a gentleman, but the point here, guys, is that he can reach any goal being like that, don't you think? BTW… who couldn’t help looking that face, kkkkk.

ESTHER: After he finished the conversation with the Gol Sa ‘s daughter, he saw Seol Im outside. Poor her. Just a few minutes before, that scary shaman lady told Seol Im that she will have no luck with men, and actually will have to either leave or kill anyone she loves to get rid of her bad luck. So sad. Dae Gil stopped to tell her that it turns out Gol Sa’s child is a grown daughter, and I think Seol Im had a hard time talking to him after what that shaman said.

KARINA: Yeees, it's really sad, considering with whom is she in love, don't you think?
But talking about the situation, I really thought that Gol Sa would have a son. That makes me feel surprised though...Really, in those days if these women would not have been strong and somewhat rebellious we never would have known anything about them.

ESTHER: Karina, the shaman goes to talk with Gol Sa‘s daughter too. She tells her about Dae Gil’s linage...ummm, she wants that girl with him? What do you think, Karina? The next step, Dae Gil talks with Yeoning and Seol Im about Gol Sa’s daughter too...so she is the trend now, the most popular girl in town. Kkk.

KARINA: Oooh, that shaman really makes me get chicken skin, although if it is helpful to know the direction that certain things will take, it is sometimes better not to know much. Sometimes she looks like a snake about to strike, kkk. Moreover...the daughter of Gol Sa…WHICH WOMAN COULD SLIP AWAY FROM JKS? !!! She doesn't need to be popular for our roguish boy to note her, hahahahahaha

ESTHER: Oh, she put herself in a hostage position? Wasn’t it In Jwa? How loyal to her dad, but Dae Gil wants to catch Gol Sa dead or alive. He set the day already; Yeoning warns him, “Gol Sa is very powerful,” and agrees to help him...but since he was removed from the General Inspector‘s office, he can’t really help much.
Oh noo, look who’s there on a spy mission, listening to every word! Moo Myeon.  And of course, he goes tattling right tol In Jwa. Too bad.

KARINA: Oh, that In Jwa is elusive like a lizard; he seems to have millions of eyes and ears scattered everywhere, but our Dae Gil is always prepared for everything. I think if he had a costume on under that hanbok, he would be a great superhero, what do you think Esther ? kkkk

ESTHER: Hahaha, Karina, you made my day.

KARINA: I´m glad to heard that, but it would be great. Imagine that guys… “SUPER DAE GIL”, kkkk

ESTHER: Seol Im is speaking with Cutter. She says thanks to him for helping her and saving her all this time. Aww, she broke his heart when says she will leave him. He recalls when she came to him. You can see the sadness in his eyes.

KARINA: Yeees guys, I feel so sad about Cutter; he really loves her but even with that she is my favorite for Dae Gil, hehehehe.

ESTHER: In Jwa is sooo cruel. He wrote that Dae Gil will go for Gol Sa between 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon, and everybody will know because it’s posted on the walls. The Soron ministers worry too, not for Daegil but for Gol Sa. He is in charge of all the sea business, and they will be affected too.

KARINA: Ugh. I guess we must recognize that although In Jwa plays dirty, he is very smart. Although he seems to always forget-- our Dae Gil is indestructible, kkk! So maybe he is not so smart after all, haha!  

ESTHER: Kim Chang Jib tells Yeoning that Daegil will meet Gol Sa, and Yeoning lets them know-- it is so they can catch In Jwa. They all want to catch him, it seems. But one of the ministers wants the book badly, for what reason I wonder? Sometimes I doubt if he is sincere and loyal to Yeoning. Gol Sa arrives in the town, with a very arrogant attitude like he was the king, and look at the people: they even bow to him on the ground.

KARINA: Oh me too, Esther, sometimes I feel completely sure that he is not loyal to Yeoning at all. I really think that, like In Jwa, he is only loyal to himself, isn't he?

ESTHER:  Yes, and speaking of In Jwa, he is in a meeting of his own with some of the other ministers! They are asking about Daegil and his close relationship with Yeoning. Hum, In Jwa couldn't answer (or maybe didn’t want to answer) some of their questions, but said it all is in the palms of his hands. He really thinks he controls everything!! This one doesn't want to just be king, he only wants to be god, I think!

KARINA: Hahahaha, in the palm of his hand? I hope we will soon see that In Jwa is nothing more than a puppet compared to our Dae Gil. I don’t think he is even aware that he is being controlled by his own greed. Does he really not see that everything he tries to manipulate will produce the opposite effect in the end?

ESTHER: The King has an audience with Lady Choi. He says Daegil and Yeoning trying to catch In Jwa can be dangerous for Dae Gil, but then he sounds like a protective father trying to protect his sons but without anybody noticing. She will have to warn them alone, since he can’t. Now she feels guilty for brought them into this world. Sorry King, but with these two handsome and brave boys, Sukbin never could regret of having them...and us either. At least for us JKS...eheem...Daegil is our hero. Oh, she fell on the floor. Her sickness is progressing, I think.

KARINA: I feel sad about her having to leave her own child to save his life and now is suffering to see her children facing all that. At least she knows that the King loves both of them as a father; I´m really sure about that. Hope she can live till the end to see her children as the heroes that they are.

ESTHER: Yeoning does not surrender easily. He goes to the general office seeking help while Dae gil is walking along a Mapo street. Wait....all the sellers there take out their arms and ambush him. But the guards come and stop them. A huge fight begins...bing, bang, zas...they will go to jail. Ehhhhhhh, good job. Yeoning arrives there too and scolds one of the ministers. Shame on you, man, for taking advantage of the poor people. You see Dae Gil’s and Yeoning’s eyes? Telepathy in action? Twins minds?

KARINA: Yess, both, that is a BRO! I love to see the love, faith and devotion that he feels for his madhyeong (eldest bro). I would be so proud of them if I was Lady Choi, hehehehehe.

ESTHER : Uh oh,Gol Sa received Dae Gil’s note. At least, he arrives on time, but everybody read the note before him thanks to In Jwa….. so Daegil is there already. I love the slow motion entrance of Dae Gil. Make your bets, dominoes play begins-- my hubby’s favorite game; he would love that part.

KARINA: Very true,  Dae Gil has become an artist of gambling and his foster father would be proud to see that his child has managed to do very important things because of what he taught him.

ESTHER: Waaaa, Dae Gil hits the dominos with his sword and divides them in two sections - normal dominoes, and ones made different, for cheaters. Wow, he learned so much. He even looks around and finds more tricks at the others tables. Sticks on the floor, flying cards and broken table are the conclusion of Dae Gil’s investigation. It looks like Gol Sa is a master of cheating!  As they talk, they find out-- Dae Gil thought Gol Sa posted the notes on the wall, and Gol Sa thought Dae Gil did…. but no, it was In Jwa.

KARINA: It´s really amazing the way he discovers every trick. The movements, the sounds, the odors, he can recognize each of them.

ESTHER: In Jwa comes with a gift for Gol Sa-- his daughter Yeon Hwa. I never heard her name before and you? Moo Myeong points his sword at her, and In Jwa says that her presence is to force him to show his abilities. Yeon deals the cards; she knows about her father’s tricks with sounds of the cards, but what a surprise when Dae Gil won using that trick too. He changed the sounds by scratching the card with his thumbnail. Wow, he is very wise, right?

KARINA: Oh, that In Jwa!!! He really can make me get upset in a second. He seems to not have blood in his veins. Now I can see why the shaman lady and he are always in good understanding -- they both are like snakes, kkkkk

ESTHER: Ahh, Moo Myeong tries to kill Yeon Hwa, but Dae Gil blocks him and starts to fight with both him and Jin Ki. Wohoo, look at Daegil jumping, he almost reaches the roof and flies across the room to attack his opponent! Wow, that is so cool! In Jwa intervenes, too, and also Yeoning. Everybody is pointing their swords at each other.

KARINA: WOOOW, have you seen that? Just like I said, he is completely a superhero, “SUPER DG”. He is my hero so far.

ESTHER: In Jwa offers the crowd of poor and desperate people a big sum of money, if they will kill Dae Gil. He make me feel sick. One man who Dae Gil saved before intervenes, and reminds them how Dae Gil helps them. That was lucky-- otherwise, those people looked like they really were thinking about  trying to kill him!  Finally Gol Sa stops it all and accepts he lost.

KARINA: Yeees! Yeoning to the rescue again, hehehehe.

ESTHER: After that Gol Sa gives the book to Yeoning. In Jwa is kicked out of the gambling house by Gol Sa...yesss...and Dae gil says he will be in charge of the gambling houses and the money the next day. Our boy is super rich now…. He asked for a promise from Gol Sa, now he calls his Grandpa. Gol Sa kneels to Grandpa and says he’s sorry for stealing his eye in the past. Grandpa tells him to stand up. That means he forgives Gol Sa. See he raised Dae Gil well.

KARINA: Ooooh...he is so tender and kind; he really loves his grandpa. As I see it, he can be the hero that all of us had dreamed of and the loving man we love that much. He really knows how to show his own sense when he is acting, don´t you think, Esther?

ESTHER: Aha.When they go out, the people and some merchants offer their respects to Dae Gil, and Yeoning says thanks too. He looks handsome there. Everyone smiles, but Yeon Hwa was looking through the window and is worried and doesn't want to accept that outcome. Gol Sa scolds her and tries to ship her with Dae Gil, Kkkk.

KARINA: Could it be possible that Gol Sa has seen the opportunity to have a good candidate for his daughter in him? I mean, who wouldn't but NOPE, I WANT HIM WITH SEOL IM, kkkkk.

ESTHER: In Jwa meets the merchants again when they were complaining about Dae Gil. They fear the book will be published or the King will read it. Yeoning gives the books to Minister Kim that, by the way, his name was not in. Good to heard that.

Sin título.jpg

KARINA: Great, they really should be afraid. They have to know that the crime doesn't pay at all.

ESTHER: Daegil, Seol Im and Grandpa are drinking together to celebrate the fact that Dae Gil is very rich now and he, Eyepatch, forgave Gol Sal. Yeoning arrives, and Dae Gil continues drinking with him. The funny thing there was when Dae Gil called Yeoning “Mahmah” (your highness).  It was a big surprise to him, it showed that he earned Dae Gil’s respect too, and he was happy with that.

KARINA: I think he will be a wonderful king since he is so similar to Dae Gil: so sensitive, so loyal and…so handsome too, hehehehehe.

ESTHER: Yeoning has an audience with the king. He scolds him about his close relationship with Dae Gil, maybe to encourage him to love and make sacrifices for the people. He will be the king one day, so need these kinds of things to survive. He shows his father that he can be a good friend and that Dae Gil is his only friend.

KARINA: Poor Yeoning, he is between the sword and the wall there ‘coz he loves his father, the King, but he loves his eldest bro too, and to fight to give the best as he can for the people.

ESTHER: Look at this, Dae Gil is speaking with Seol Im outside the house, in the dark night. She asks him about his dreams. Umm, this scene reminds me of the “You are Beautiful” drama when Go Mi Nam talked about the stars and the moon, and it was her declaration of love to Tae. This time is the same: Seol Im wants him in her dream. But he was very surprised about it; I think in a panic and nervous.
Ahh, Dae Gil’s super sonic ears hear a sound. Someone is there, and he feels it. Oh my God Cutter! He sees Seol Im with Dae Gil. What a tragedy for him.

KARINA: I would like to be there celebrating with them, so later, who knows, maybe they would turn into good friends, don't you think?, kkk

ESTHER: Gol Sa is drinking coffee or tea and receives a guest; someone enters to his office; and he knows who it is. Nooo,Seol lm is abducted and Grandpa notices. Dae Gil goes to speak with Yeon Hwa.

KARINA:  I´m wondering who would took Seol Im, and what could be the reason for that? Maybe just to hurt to Dae Gil ???  About Gol Sa, I just can feel sorry about his daughter who will be alone after now.

ESTHER: Gol Sa’s daughter can‘t accept Dae Gil as her father substitute. But Dae Gil said he owes a favor to him. Dae Gil goes to talk with Gol Sa, but what a surprise when he sees Dam Seo, wearing her black ninja uniform, pointing her sword at Gol Sa who is lying on the floor. But the credits are displayed, so we have to wait for the next episode to know if she really killed him.

KARINA: Waaa, what bad luck for him, being in the middle of that. I would like if he doesn't think about her that much. Why he can´t feel like that just about Seol Im? She is like him, and has been always beside him. I wish he would be with her at the end.

ESTHER: Thanks, Karina, for been with us. Until the next episode….



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