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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 14

In chat mode.
By Esther Noloc and Eva Charelli.
Collaboration: Mamacri and Karina Leali (pics and collages)
Edited by: Beth Wagner.

Introduction: Based on the preview, it looks like Dae Gil will suffer again in this episode,so eels (Jang Keun Suk fans) prepare your tissues or buy more if you used all in the previews episodes!

ESTHER: Hi Eva, Thanks for joining me again, since Beth is still out! You like to write and I can tell you like this drama a lot, because this is the third one you will do! I like chatting with you too,so welcome again.

EVA: Hi sis Esther! Yes, as you know I’m loving this drama so much!! I love historical drama and I like more not romantic historical drama… kkk And jackpot till now has really few romance… But I have to confess… I hope in the final kiss ♥ I’m happy to be here again to chat with you!

ESTHER: Eva, as we watched in the preview episode, Gol Sa was lying on the floor and Dam Seo was preparing her sword to attack him when Dae gil came and stopped her. He even pointed his sword at her. Ohh nooo!!! Gol sa daughter is calling him… I think they will mistake what has happened…..

EVA: Uh-oh… troubles are coming…


EVA: Ok. Troubles are here…  Why on the earth is Dam Seo doing this??? I really cannot understand her :-/ Will we find she is working for another crazy person? Or is she just the crazy person all by herself? Anyway ♥ ♥ ♥ DaeGil AGAIN protected her, he told her to escape....

ESTHER:The worse scenario is for Dae Gil ,Gol Sa s’ daughter came and saw him grabbing him and thought he killed her father,when the guards came Dae gil ran as fast as he can because he is innocent. I can testify to that-- he would never even kill a bird in his life.

ESTHER: The merchants are in a meeting to discuss the closure of gambling houses by Dae Gil when  the news came that Gol sa  is  dead. In Jwa who  arrived in precisely that moment  took advantage (of course!) saying that Dae Gil was the killer and that only Gol Sa´s daughter and himself shall be solely responsible for the commerce in Mapo. He demanded their full support but in such bad manners. He almost forced them.

EVA: In Jwa, always is the man in the right place at the right time… You really fear DaeGil can take the power on Mapo market, ah? Then, better to make a move first… this is really a life/power/death game...

ESTHER: Then Gol Sa’s daughter said she saw Dae Gil killing her come? She wasn't there!  She saw nothing of the sort! She is a big liar.

EVA: I guess she is really in shock, sis… it’s easy to think the man who was holding Gol Sa and is dirty of blood, is the murderer… I can understand her… But yes, to be sure they arrested Dae Gil, she lied...

ESTHER: Yeoning is late for the audience with the king and the ministers,what a shame,the audience is almost finished and the crown prince scolded him for being late. Yeoning  asked the King to abolish the merchant's license, but the King wants proof that this is part of the bribery problems. Yeoning said he gave the book to Minister Kim Chang Jib….. who said…. he burned it!?! What is wrong with that minister? He claims to be protecting Yeoning, but I just see him protecting himself. He doesn’t have valor. I really doubt if he is a good person at all.

EVA: Ahahha, this scene of Yeoning adjusting in a hurry his clothes, is really funny, even if the successive scene is totally not funny for him… Why did his minister betrayed him? Even Noron ministers have something to hide, it seems :-(

ESTHER: Uh oh,Yeoning is upset. He follows the minister for explanations. Once outside the palace Yeoning ask the reasons for his evil actions and he said was for his own protection,but Yeoning is not happy with that. Ahh,the Crown Prince interrupted them and claims the same motives. He said it was Lady Choi who told the minister to act like that. She was afraid that Yeoning would be in danger because his action would anger the merchants. And they can easily hurt or kill him.  They all decide it best if Yeoning abandons his spy days, kkk. Sorry Minister Kim for think bad of you. Crown prince Yoon gave him the tag back too.

EVA: Oh… now I understand… Thanks for the explanation, Crown Prince! XD Suk Bin mama wanted again to protect her child. She really knows well how the things are working in the palace… I’m so sad she is ill, poor queen T_T.

ESTHER: Not only ill, she said she can die in any moment! The palace doctors confirmed it even. Also in the palace, the king is talking with Minister Kim about rats and suddenly In Jwa appeared...coincidence? Hahaha.  He was telling the merchants that he is in charge of Gol Sa’s  business, and that Dae Gil will be in jail soon.
Meanwhile, look--  Dae Gil  is asking Hong Mae for news about Dam Seo. She knows nothing, so he went to In Jwa’s house, but Jun ki blocked his path. Moo Myung knew where she was, though,  and told him.

EVA: Oh, finally Dae Gil is searching for his bride “to be or not to be…”?!! XD But it really seems that no one knows if she has returned O_O   Ohhhh… right, the only one who can guess where she might be, is her fight-mate “mister X” (sorry sister, I always forget his name XD It’s Moo Myung?)... I have a suspicion that he is in love with Dam Seo too...And I still cannot understand why he’s following In Jwa…he seems to nice and caring to fall for that guy’s lies.  Anyway, awwww, even if Dam Seo is so cold, and they are speaking about deaths, killing and murderers, they are so good together! ♥

ESTHER: Eva,i think the same about Moo Myung,maybe will be cleared in the last episodes.Daegil found Dam Seo in a temple, praying for gain Daegil back? She can't be with Yeoning i think,because he will be the king if the crown prince die and  can be dangerous for him and his reputation, so is more easy for her be with Dae gil now that she left In Jwa and that's the condition he wanted for be with her.


EVA:  I recall that. Sister, isn’t Cutter such a mysterious character? He’s so dark, but it seems he wants to protect Seol Im and keep her on his side… (just for curiosity, I searched for the actor… OMG! Please keep the long hair wig and the mustaches and short beard, you are way better looking in this drama than other dramas XD)

ESTHER:Hahaha,you made me laugh, Eva! Yes he is dark but at the same time vulnerable and kind, because he is in love with Seoul Im. Grandpa was searching for her and it turns out she is in Cutter’s home serving the dinner to him! She left one shoe behind when he abducted her (bad act), so he gave her new shoes as a gift (good act), but lied and told her no one will come for her (bad act), but left a letter when he took her, to say that she is fine so Grandpa and Dae Gil would worry less (good act, he thought, but so misguided!)

ESTHER: Yeoning received the the news about Gol sa being murdered, and went to see the body. Dae Gil went at the same time to find Seoul Im, but on his way, he was arrested by Yeoning. Even Yeoning seems to wonder if Dae Gil actually killed Gol Sa.


EVA:  Super troubles!! Wow, it’s quite heartbreaking watching Yeoning arresting his own brother… And poor Suk Bin Mama… In Jwa really managed to hit her in her motherly soul… he’s really a beast!! And the king, he already understood this is happening because of In Jwa… I think, when he will get close to that awful man, he will kill him with his own hands! But sister… OMG how can be our JKS so HANDSOME even in jail??? That royal and true aura, wow!!! ♥

ESTHER:Yes Eva,he looks good and stylish in all kind of clothes,he shines with that jail clear color. About In Jwa ,he was playing like nothing happening , I  hate the way he called the arrest of Dae Gil a ‘gift for Suk Bin’, when Moo Myung asked him about it. So cruel.

ESTHER: When the king was informed about the Dae Gil arrest, he was furious and knew it was In Jwa.  Yeoning went to the jail again to talk with Dae Gil. He looked so serious and asked if he was the murderer , even asked him to swear by the King’s sword. Dae Gil repeated that he was innocent, and said there was no need to use the sword... he gave his word.


ESTHER:Yeoning went to speak with Gol Sa’s daughter, and FINALLY she admitted at least that never saw Dae Gil actually killing her father, only saw him standing there afterwards. Yeoning looked all over the crime scene and Gol Sa’s daughter recalled that the window was opened that day.Yeoning told her, Dae Gil didn’t do this, and that he fully trusts  Dae Gil.
Nooooo!  I thought we were done with our boy being tortured, but here we go again. Dae Gil was tortured because this time they want him to confess to a crime that he didn't commit. They tied him to a chair and beat him all over, and said they will do worse, but Suk Bin Mama went there and stopped them. Wow his mother acted very brave! She was furious, even threatening the guards. Then she knelt down by his feet and cried and touched him trying to console him. Dae Gil was in shock at the queen’s behavior, because he still doesn’t know who she really is!  Meanwhile….. Yeoning followed her and saw the whole thing… oops!


EVA: Nooo, I cannot handle uri Prince suffering again!! T_T In this drama he just has beaten and stabbed and tortured so many time, he surely will refuse this kind of role for next 10 years!! And I’ll be happy! My heart cries watching him suffering like that… But… the scene with his “not known mother”... her love for the lost child, her fury knowing the game by In Jwa… And it’s almost time for the brothers to know they are brothers!!! Yeoning is suspecting something now… I hope their bond will become strong!

ESTHER: Yes,me too. Uh oh, the queen went to talk to the king for seek help for Dae Gil, but he told her no, and that she has to stop interfering and thinking about it, because she will end up being hurt. Ohh, a little skinship, he held her hand!  It’s sweet and I think it’s the first time I have seen them act so loving to each other.Oh, again, Yeoning heard it all.  I think he sneaks around a lot kkkkkk.

EVA: Yes,the  King SukJong is entering the game!! Yahoo!! And did you noticed sister?? While talking with his beloved queen, he called Dae Gil with his Prince name!!! As a great tiger, he also wants to teach his little tiger how to hunt… but sincerely, I don’t like the way SukJong wants to use Dae Gil, as a hunting dog, but still, it was a good move to free him from jail!

ESTHER:The king practiced shooting arrows with Yeoning and ordered him to catch In Jwa. Later Yoo Hwa (Gol Sa’s daughter) visited Dae Gil at prison again. She gave him the Tujeon playing card her father was holding when he died. Dae Gil now knows who killed him, just from that one clue. Cutter.  Wow, I didn't expect that!  He was paid to kill him, even. It’s so sad.


EVA: The assassin crew Boss??? Whoaaaahhhh…..Cutter really is dark then! And he’s the murderer!! For In Jwa’s order!! I’m worried for our Dae Gil now. I mean, he’s a lucky fellow, but Cutter is really dangerous…


ESTHER: Waaa,Yeoning released Dae Gil from jail and the brothers went to talk with the king together! They need to catch In Jwa, and fast. Daegil answered an old question from Yeoning: his day of birth. It’s the same day that Suk Bin was looking into with the Shaman lady. No doubts now… he is certain. Dae Gil is his brother, and the King knew it all along, so that’s why the King gave him the sword.

EVA: I really love when the brothers and father are together-- even if SukJong is the king and is acting as a king instead of a father.  They have an amazing dynamic. (maybe they can work together again someday!)   Anyway, Yeoning chose the friend, he will trust Dae Gil, or he will lose everything… but the most heartbeating moment, is when he totally realized that Dae Gil is his real brother, after listening to Dae Gil’s real birth date…! I really hope their bond will become even stronger! ♥


ESTHER:Thanks Eva for your help. Another fantastic episode is over…. Wow, it just gets better and better.  Until next episode, eels!


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