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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 15

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By Beth Wagner and Esther Noloc
Guest: Liana Yus
Edited by Beth Wagner

Here we are again, both excited and sad at the same time watching the 15th episode. It was a very interesting episode....Let's start the review now!

ESTHER: Beth sends her apologies, her work is still keeping her too busy to chat (or even finish watching the Daebak series, poor Beth!). So this week I invited my old partner in writing, who did Beautiful Man reviews with me and some articles: Liana Yus from Malaysia. Welcome Liana and thanks for your help!

Liana: Hi!!! Esther miss chatting with you so much.  Glad to be back with you.

ESTHER: Liana, this episode starts with Yeoning still in shock after he suspects that Dae Gil really is his older brother.  Dae Gil remembered his birthday, and it was the same as the one on his mom’s fortune from the Shaman...with that and the way his mom was crying and talking to Dae Gil on that day when he was tortured, it seems confirmed. Well he has to be happy to have such a handsome, brave and charismatic brother as Daegil. Ohh, but he is sad again right away... he found out his mother Lady Choi Sukbin is sick. She can't breath well.


LIANA: Aaahhh!!! Yessssss…finally Yeoning realize that Daegil is his brother but I notice that Lady Choi never mention who is the father.  Agreed with you Esther, Yeoning look shock and he’s the apple of his mother’s eyes now he has to share his mom love with a brother and on top of it his brother is sooooo handsome.  The look of longing in Lady Choi eyes every time she mention Dae Gil is so sad. She feels guilty all this years and now to find out he’s in trouble and may get harsh punishment, it makes her feel even more desperate.  I know how she felt, I’m a mother too.  


ESTHER: Yes, me too and I lived that experience from Dae Gil’s perspective as well. I met my brothers when I turned 12, never heard of them before. It is not easy to feel comfortable. Later In Jwa made a drawing and sent his guard to give it to the shaman. Moo Myung wants to know the meaning of that drawing. I think you can explain that better than me Liana.


LIANA: Look like that evil old fellow put his plan in motion using that drawing.  The drawing of two fish.  A dragon-fish like this represents the king, and since he drew two fish, that means rebellion as there should only be one king.  Esther, I have to say, I really don’t understand why Moo Myung follows In Jwa in the first place.  Sometimes I see him look with shock at In Jwa’s wickedness. Maybe he just is in love with Dam Seo.


ESTHER: Right,Moo Myung looks like a good person. I wish we knew his story more. Who knows, maybe In Jwa helped him since he was young, like he did with Dam Seo, so maybe he feels obligated to serve him. Ohh...In Jwa has a forbidden book of prophecies about Joseon era past and future. I’m glad I never read a book like that, or everything in life would be even more complicated! But In Jwa, he is counting on the things the book said coming true.


LIANA : Esther like Dae Gil said to Dam Seo in a previous episode: if you still follow In Jwa then you’re a bad person. I’ll apply this to Moo Myung. He sees what he does, but still follows him.  Ahhh, looks like both In Jwa and the king are thinking about that forbidden book.  In Jwa is talking to his minions about it, and the king is telling Yeoning about it.  Sounds like the king really hates that awful book.  Both of them remember in flashback the 1697 rebellion.  


ESTHER: You know, I think the hatred that In Jwa holds for the king has made him crazy-- he is so obsessed with the king, that sometimes he even starts to think like him or know his thoughts!

LIANA : GOSH!!!! That Cutter look so young without his messy and facial hair but I prefer him messy rather than fresh-faced.  Cutter looks sexy and mysterious with it….. oopppsss….sorry not being kabayaki! Our Daegil is much more sizzling with or without messy hair.  OK…OK take back my words, Cutter only look mysterious not sexy.


ESTHER:Hahaha, it’s better like that...Dae Gil is jealous like Jang Keun Suk, he likes his eels to look only him,kkk.

☆ESTHER: Wow Liana, Dae Gil’s sensors are in high mode! He can perceive what will happen with his eyes closed. And his ears…. He can hear sounds from far away and just from that can tell how many men are approaching.  He even seems to know the weapons they have in their hands! Haha, Dae Gil is the bionic man now. I think his master deserves an award, kkk.


LIANA :  This is one of my favorite parts, Dae Gil is so cool fighting all those ninja look alike pursuers.  OMO!! OMO!! The way he caught the arrow, flip and throw back, nosebleed.


LIANA : Esther, I really hated it when the king called Dae Gil a ‘hunting dog’, but I realize that the king actually really wise.  Yeoning said that Dae Gil is his friend but the king imply that maybe it’s Yeoning’s inner thoughts and subconsciously Yeoning is treating Daegil like his hunting dog to catch prey for him.  The king loves to talk in these kind of codes and symbols.


ESTHER: Super  wise! He might not ever leave the palace, but he really is that monster with 100 eyes and 1000 ears…. He know everything that happens inside the palace and outside. He knows all that happened in the past and can predict what will happen in the future.

ESTHER:.Oh my God Liana, they showed the scene from the past, when intruders attacked the palace and tried to kill the king. Cutter and his sister participated, but even though they shouldn’t kill, I feel sympathy for them. They had bad things happen to their family and want revenge. It’s so sad…. Cutter’s sister died trying to kill the king. Ahh Chae gun was there too...helping protect the king.

LIANA : I agree Esther, those rebels were so brave to enter the palace, want to kill the king.  Lucky Kim Chae Gun was there to protect him.  Indeed the king owes his life to Chae Gun.  Sukjong was awesome too-- he showed he can fight, so no wonder Chae Gun said to Dae Gil that he reminded him of somebody great….the great tiger.  


LIANA: The king telling Yeoning all about Cutter, the traitor Jeong, and the rebellion. The king won’t rest in peace if Jeong is never caught.

ESTHER:Me either, I hope they can catch him soon.

LIANA:  Esther did you notice that Cutter likes Seol Im so much? But he’s a silent admirer. I bet he’s too shy to tell her that his heart beats faster for her.


ESTHER: Oh yes I did Liana! Cutter can control the knife he uses very well, but his heart is controlled by Seol Im. She reminded him at first of his dead sister, so he wanted to protect her. But his respect and care for her turned into love.  He must be jealous of her feelings for Dae Gil!

LIANA: Yes he is.

ESTHER: In the gambling house all is ready, but Gol Sa’s daughter came to talk with Cutter
she wants to kill Dae Gil, because she still thinks he killed her father.  But Cutter wants to be the one to kill Dae Gil, so you are out,Yeong Hwa.


LIANA :  Yeoning is so good in doing research, just like you Esther.  Even when it is super tedious, he is very diligent, not only reading but getting help from Minister Kim Chang-Jip.  Finally he find out there is one person, a servant who knows how Jeong look like.


ESTHER: Hahaha,I’ve had a detective syndrome since i was little. I am wondering if Minister Jib is really loyal to Yeoning. Sometimes I have doubts, especially after the past episode,but then knew Sukbin ordered to him.

LIANA :  He’s very loyal Esther. Don’t doubt him. Even when he does things like burn that accounting book…. He does it to protect Yeoning, just like his mother does.

ESTHER: Speaking of books, In Jwa is still obsessed with that prophesy book and continues to talk about it with Jin Ki.

ESTHER: Uh oh….Dae Gil has arrived now to play with Cutter.

LIANA :  Aahhh!!! They play cards, but with no rules! So scary, it looks like Daegil will have to fight to chose his card.  If he loses, then Cutter gets the right to chose the card, or he might just send his men to fight Dae Gil instead.


ESTHER: Ahhh no fair! How come Cutter turned off the lights when Daegil was sword fighting? I love to watch him using his father’s sword! Well at least we heard the swords noises and I was sure he won. When the lights came back up, tadaaa, I was right! All of Cutter’s men were on the floor.


LIANA: Such a thriller! With his super duper hearing, Cutter thinks he can track Dae Gil’s movement, but he doesn’t know that Dae Gil has even more super sonic hearing.  With or without the light our cool Dae Gil is a sure winner.  The smirk smile Dae Gil give him when the lights came back on make me smile too….my heart goes dugeun dugeun!


LIANA : Meanwhile Yeoning successfully tracked down that servant. Esther, is something wrong with that servant’s head?  Anyway, Yeoning asked him to identify the rebel and lead him to him.


ESTHER: I think it is supposed to be an old injury, or else he is sick somehow…..but I have doubts of him too. He just seems shady to me.

LIANA : Back to our Dae Gil and Cutter…..Yeon-Hwa (Gol Sa’s daughter) suggested they play a round of cards to settle the argument. She volunteered to shuffle the deck herself. Hmmmmmm. Wonder what is she up to?

ESTHER: Umm, I think she wants to help Cutter using her father tricks, because she still thinks Dae Gil killed her dad.

LIANA : Mmmmmm...they start fighting again for the card choice, and this time Dae Gil tied one of his arms up, because he said it had to be fair to Cutter.  What a cool man and did I mention how super handsome he is too??


ESTHER: He is...isn’t he! And he is so fair-minded too, even in a fight! Uh oh... Seol Im came in…. This could make things hard for our Dae Gil!

LIANA : Esther, Seol Im wants to stop the game and the fight.  She’s so worried something might happen to Dae Gil.


LIANA :  Oh nooooooo!!!!! She rushed in between those two men with their swords, but even though it surprised Dae Gil, he is so skilled and fast. He twirled her around and protected her with his body. Cutter too, reacted by pulling back so his knife only cut the rope that tied Dae Gil’s arm.

ESTHER:Yes, if not for their quick actions, Seol Im would be dead. Lucky for her both men really care about her. If they had hurt her, they would feel so much guilt.

LIANA :  Soooo smart! Dae Gil just tricked Cutter to confess his crime.  He was the one who killed Gol Sa, and now his daughter knows the truth too. She dealt the cards so that nobody got the right card, nobody won.


ESTHER:Yeon Hwa discovered who really killed her father, so now what will she do? Vengeance on Cutter?


LIANA :  Well they continue playing, and Dae Gil assured Seoul Im that he would be alright.  Aaaahhh this time, Dae Gil wins! OMO OMO that flip he did…….sooooo awesome.


ESTHER:Wow,super cool! Cutter’s sword went flying too and he ended up down on his knees.

LIANA :  Now we know why he likes Seol Im so much.  Poor Cutter…..Even though he was a bit of a bad guy, I kind of felt sympathy for him.  He just seemed broken after his sister died.


LIANA :Oh!! Dam Seo, she’s there too!!!


ESTHER: Waaahahaha, if Dam Seo wanted to push Dae Gil away from her, she did it for sure with that ahjumma hairdo, kkkk.  I know, I know, it is the noble lady’s hairstyle. Even the queen wears her hair like that…. but oh God, I think she looks a lot better with long hair.

LIANA: Hahaha….I agree with about the ahjumma hairdo.  Maybe she did not want Dae Gil to recognize her, or she doesn’t want to attract attention.  With that hairdo nobody would take notice of her.


LIANA :  Yeoning interrupted the scene at Cutter’s, so that crooked neck servant can ID the rebel. He kind of flicked his head on direction.  Is he signalling somebody?  Weird fellow.

ESTHER:Liana, I didn’t expect this!  Cutter wanted a drink, but really he put poison in his drink.  I guess he wanted to die rather than get caught for his sins.  Cutter is dead now. I am a little shocked and sad because he wasn't that bad with Dae Gil and Seol Im. I thought maybe in the end he could become a good person even.  Well… not now.

LIANA :  Cutter’s death make me feel sad too because I almost shipped him with Seol Im!  She had a fond feeling for him too, although it wasn’t the same way she loves Dae Gil.  Cutter died for a cause I suppose. He must have believed that if the king caught him, they might torture him to give up the name of the rebel leader, and then behead him. So he must have thought, might as well take his own life.

ESTHER: Liana!! You heard and saw what I just heard and saw???

LIANA :  OMG!!! He’s the rebel…!!  That crooked neck guy!! He straightened his head when In Jwa guessed who he is.  Wow, it’s dangerous for both of them to be seen-- two rebels caught talking.... If the king knows ……..things will be out of control.


ESTHER: Dae Gil came to speak with In Jwa and Yeoning too, but In Jwa took the opportunity to show one of his cards. He whispered to Dae Gil, who his brother is.

LIANA:  OH NOOOOOO!!!! Why does it have to be In Jwa who tells Dae Gil about who he really is?  Yeoning, you let In Jwa have the upper hand. The incredible look Daegil give Yeoning and the way Yeoning look back at him.  WHOA!!! What a great acting.  The three of them are indeed great actors.  I salute them.


ESTHER: Agree with you Liana,the great acting is the best thing in this drama.

LIANA :  GOSH!!! Yeoning really really loves Dam Seo... even with the ahjumma hairdo he still recognized her.  

ESTHER: Aww, I think he is the only one who noticed her in her ahjumma disguise.

LIANA : Dae Gil is so curious that he followed In Jwa.  Here we go again, another shock waiting for him…… I screamed so loud when In Jwa said he’s the King’s son!

ESTHER:Me too, I was totally in shock!  Watching Dae Gil's facial expressions as In Jwa just told him everything, like it was no big deal…. Wow the acting again was amazing!  And poor Dae Gil… so very cruel for In Jwa to tell him in that way.

LIANA : Esther it’s so delightful to discuss Jang Keun Suk’s drama with you again.  I miss you and I miss him too.  It took so long for him to decide on a new drama.  I hope that he will do a movie this year also ……..pretty please because I really missed his acting!  He’s brilliant as an actor, truly such a amazing brilliant actor.  What more can I said but I love everything about you Jang Keun Suk….muah.  Oh!!  Almost forgot, I love your friendship too Esther….kkkk.

ESTHER:Thanks Liana for being here with me. I really enjoy chatting with you after such a long
time and missed you too.

LIANA : Me too Esther ,me too.


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