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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 11

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By Beth Wagner and Esther Noloc.
Guest: Eva Charelli
Collaboration: Kaye Taozen

The eleventh episode is here, a most confident and secure Dae Gil show up. Let's enjoy this chat.

ESTHER: Hello, our guest today is from from Italy, Eva Charelli. Welcome, Eva. EVA: Hello sisters!!! I’m happy to be here with you to write down our impressions about this super Daebak drama of our Prince! ESTHER: Eva, our Dae Gil is ready to rumble. He went to one of the In Jwa gamble’s houses to notify In Jwa that he will take all his houses down. He used a white mask at first, but then showed his handsome face. So no fear now. I like his attitude.

EVA: Uhm, quite interesting their conversation. In Jwa tells him to overcome the simple revenge for his father. He wants Dae Gil to embrace the same great plan he has… but he really started everything in the wrong way with Dae Gil. How can Dae Gil ever be on his side, when he killed his beloved father? (ok, not blood father…) ESTHER: Oh, what a surprise, In jwa picks up the mask Dae Gil stepped on. He does have a heart and can cry. He was a good boy and son in his past, but the murder of his family changed all that. Now we can understand him more. I know that is a difficult situation, but for me, the words “forgive and forget” are very important. How can you seek revenge all your life, cutting away your opportunities to be happy? He has nothing but his power and money, but where is the love?

EVA: Waaa, I was pretty sure In Jwa wasn’t so evilish just for revenge because the king killed his family! But…wait…he had a heart back then. He cared for the people…now people, for him, are just pawns.
ESTHER: Yes. Now Hwang Jin Ki has an encounter of the third kind with Dae Gil. He points the sword at Dae Gil...ahhh, but he doesn't expect Dae Gil to return the attack that fast. Jin Ki, did you notice? Dae Gil has good martial arts skills now. He trained with the best master of the era. After that, Jin Ki speaks with In Jwa about Dae Gil. He is curious to know if In Jwa still plans to make Dae Gil the king, but In jwa is not thinking that now. Me either, but he admitted that one day Dae Gil will be great.


EVA: Oh, Yogi Bear Hwan Jin Ki! Kkkk He’s big but simple minded…just like a teddy bear…and a little violent! XD I like this character, but he’s too simple to understand that one day In Jwa will toss him away, just like he usually does. I’m curious to see the moment of the great fight between our Tiger and the Bear. (National geographic moment. XD)


ESTHER: Yeoning meets with the old man again to talk about In Jwa’s ledgers. Yeoning wants the old man to be a witness at the trial and obtain the book, of course. After Yeoning agrees to pay the amount of money the old man wants, he tells Yeoning that he prefers protection, knowing that In jwa will send someone to kill him.


EVA: Grandpa…you just dug your own grave.
ESTHER: Yeoning wants to see Dae Gil. When Dae Gil arrives, he is drinking. Dae Gil asks him why he is drinking so early in the day. It is because someone dumped him? Ouch, that hurt! Yeoning turns the question around and asks if Dae Gil wants to know about Dam Seo. He does but hides his mind very well. Yeoning offers to be his comrade, because they can’ t be friends. Really? I think they are more than friends actually, but Dae Gil rejects the offer  to destroy In Jwa together.

EVA: Ahahahah, c'mon, little Prince, pour the alcohol! XD I love the interaction between them! It seems they really are walking two differents paths, but the result is the same: to destroy In Jwa.  
ESTHER: The king and two of his sons are together. Yeoning gets straight to the point. He wants all kinds of torture and cruel punishment abolished in the country, but the ministers are complaining. He shows the King the book he got from the old man. The king looks a little proud of him, you agree?


EVA: Maybe. Not easy for us, who don’t know the history of the Joseon Dynasty, to understand all the requests Yeoning advanced. It seems he really cares for people now, and he will be not a violent man/king. But the law about the merchant monopoly and licensing is quite difficult for me to understand XD.
ESTHER: Dae Gil goes to see his grandpa. He has a street fabric “store” now, but it seems he doesn't have a license to run it. Dae Gil uses a hand fan to hide his face from grandpa, but with that manly and unique voice…. Grandpa tries to get a good look at him. It looks like Dae Gil is talking through the fan. I was enjoying this bit of family teasing, but suddenly the police arrive and interrupt my fun. Oh, nooo, they close his store down and confiscate his fabric goods. Nothing to do but go eat together...and Dae Gil gives grandpa money because he is unemployed now. Ahh...he is so funny.


EVA: Oh, how sophisticated of our Dae Gil with the fan! ♥ And look at grandpa!!!! He did his “digivolution” and now he has a steam punk eyepatch XD Awwwww, love them together…. Please grandpa, stay safe!
ESTHER: Dae Gil points out the gambling houses he plans to target on a map that grandpa made of the all the gambling houses and chooses the one he will break down first. Which one? The one owned by Hong Six Ghost because Seol Im was very hurt by that man...and both Dae Gil and our Sukkie are very kind to their friends.


EVA: WOW!!! Can you see the hate when he pronounces Yukishin????? The spirit of 6; he remembers Seol Im talked to him about that bad man! You can feel in his voice and see in his eyes how much he despises Yukishin!!
ESTHER: Yeoning goes to talk with his brother, the Crown Prince, about the law and In Jwa. The Crown Prince defends his mentor as always. How can he be that blind all these years and believe in In Jwa?

EVA: In Jwa is very wise . Oh, the Alien Crown Prince…. Kkkk. With those eyes, he seems an alien to me, poor guy! XD And he really seems to be always sick. They chose well for the role. XD But I still can’t understand if Alien is manipulated or not…and who can explain to me why Yeoning hates In Jwa sooooo much? I mean…there are a lot of traitors, murderers, and so on, but he wants to catch In Jwa. And he doesn’t even know what In Jwa did to his mom!!
ESTHER: Yeoning, you are talking with ministers who have the word “corruption” written all over their faces. They are complaining because he wants to abolish some laws that they broke for sure. The Soron minister Kim doesn‘t see you with respect because you are a maid’s son. What is the difference? Don't pay attention to him. That maid gave you good values, so you will always follow the law while they are thieves who hurt the kingdom’s people.


EVA: Poor Yeoning…he has good intentions, but politics doesn’t work as he would like. 
ESTHER: Awww, poor brothers. Yeoning discovers that his mom is sick. I hope she can talk with Dae Gil before something bad happens.
EVA: Oh my!!! Even his mother is ill??? Dad, mom, older brother!!! What a family! Dae Gil is super lucky then, to be so strong!!!
ESTHER: The ministers are in a secret meeting when the palace inspector, Yeoning,  arrives.


EVA: All of them…he cannot believe anyone!! Uhm…this great corruption, is it possible the King know all this? ESTHER: I think so Eva,he knows wverything.In Jwa asks for the book too, poor old man; Hong Mae poisoned him.


EVA: Uhm… I’m curious now. How did In Jwa get such a terrible woman as Hong Mae in his hands? She really seems afraid of him…and other two tasks? Will she kill someone else? Or what will be those tasks? Surely, In Jwa is a great player!
ESTHER: Ohh, Yeoning goes to the old man’s house and finds him dead.You know who did it already, right? The old man’s son blames Yeoning for his death. After that, Yeoning arrives at In Jwa’s house while he is drinking with his friends, and he hits In Jwa. Ouch!


EVA: Oh, look at them when Yeoning exposes In Jwa’s carelessness for his own people!!! Guys, pay attention please, to your own life!! In Jwa is a poisoning snake; you can be bit too! 
But I think this is not a great move for Yeoning. Okay, I can imagine the satisfaction after the punch to his face, but In Jwa won’t forget it at all.
ESTHER: What? Yeoning notices the man wasn't the old man’s son after all and arrests all of the merchants there. All are slaves and branded by Six Ghosts.


EVA: So then, the little merchants’ union was in that big trouble?? They even sold their lives to try to survive with their work, but because the monopoly of big merchants and the law against little merchants, now they are slaves of Yukishin? Oh…In Jwa really has mates as evil as himself :-(
ESTHER: Dae Gil arrives at Six Ghosts’ gambling house. He sees the slaves and feels pity for them and also sees a young boy crying...his charity tour continues because he gives food to the child.


EVA: How sad. That place seems like hell on earth. Poor people. Oh, our Dae Gil!!! He really has a royal aura! Surely his heart will be touched by the situation. Awwww, poor little kid, even a kid slave?? Come on, kid, eat this…uhm…greeny thing!XD
ESTHER: Dae Gil recalls his slave days, but i don't want to recall that again, so no pics here.
EVA: And exactly!!! Flashback!!! Oh, please, don’t remember…. How much I hate those ancient Joseon black hats! XD Sure, Dae Gil is super handsome as always, because his handsomeness comes from his eyes, but when he has his hair wild and free… oh… so sexy ♥
Ok, ok, let’s talk about serious things. Dae Gil can really evoke the situation because he lived slavery in his skin.
ESTHER: Yeoning arrives too and both are in the line together to enter the gambler house. Yeoning complains because he has a lesser points’ stamp than Dae Gil. Kkk...acting like a little kid now.


EVA: I think all of us understand now, that in the brother couple, Yeoning is the mind (or at least he tries to be) and DaeGil is the arm! But…throwing a dagger to prove Dae Gil’s strength?? Kkkk...Yeoning is starting to test his alley?XD
I love them together when the scene is relaxed! They really tease each other like brothers, even if they don’t know it at this point! Sorry, Yeoning, but yes, Dae Gil, to my eyes, is more valuable than you!XD
ESTHER: Whoaa, Dae Gil and Yeoning kicked down the door of the gamble house, both at the same time. The door breaks down, like in a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Awesome.

EVA: Kkkk...this entrance, during the scene, reminds me of old spaghetti westerns…and of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill!XD Yeoning likes to use Dae Gil as a breakthrough. This is not the first time. He used Dae Gil like this even when they saved Dam Seo. XD
ESTHER: Making the bets now, Dae Gil starts to play with Six Ghosts. I wonder if this man will play clean. Let’ s wait and see.

EVA: What??? Yukishin wants to use those people as badu pawns??? He’s too much evilish!!! Of course Dae Gil cannot keep calm! (But awwww…. Those fierce eyes! ♥ )
ESTHER: Hmm, while Dae Gil is playing, Prince Yeoning begins searching Six Ghosts’ gambling house. But oh oh, surprise, surprise! He finds Jun Ki there. The clouds announce a storm soon.
EVA: Oh, our tiger cub found where Yogi Bear is. kkkk 
ESTHER: Oh, what a surprise. Seol Im appears in Six Ghosts’ gambling house. How come? 

EVA: Seol Im????! What is she doing there??? Aaaaaaaah, how can we wait next episode???
ESTHER: Now we have to wait until the next episode to know. How terrible! Thanks, Eva, for chatting with us.
EVA: Thanks to you, Sisters! ♥
ESTHER: Until the next episode….


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