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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 12

In chat mode.
By Beth Wagner and Esther Noloc.
Guest: Eva Charelli
Collaboration: Val Kaye Taozen

Drama, action, suspense and a few comic moments are what you find in this episode. So enjoy this chat with us.

ESTHER: Hello again, Eva.
EVA: Hi sisters!! Happy to be here again. ♥
ESTHER: Ah oh!, Houston we have a problem: Dae Gil got mad and cut the game table in two pieces because Six Ghosts was cheating in the game. Seol Im came and said stop. Dae Gil is in shock. Why she is there? I am curious. She is a little rebel now, even with Dae Gil.


EVA: Oh Seol Im… why?? You were in love (yes, we all know it!!) with Dae Gil, and now you look so cold with him??
ESTHER: We will find soon, Eva. The only one missing there was In jwa and now he is there, but he is calm. Dae Gil bets all the money and properties that he took from In Jwa. Wow, those people bet all they have! That’s a lot of money there. By the way, I love the way Suk - I mean Dae Gil - moved that cup, in very sexy way.


Eva: Oh, Prima Donna is here… now the game can start! And, wow, they're really betting their lives on it! And yes, Esther sis…the way he moves that cup…. ♥
ESTHER: Yeoning goes to check the den ‘s archives, but Jun ki is there too. Both fight...well, it's not like that. Jun ki fights alone because Yeoning leaves the room as fast as he can.


EVA: Prince Yeoning…check better…Jun Ki is not Lee In Jwa’s dog. He’s Yogi Bear! Kkkkk But the scene where Yeoning closes the door and Yogi’s expression at that, made me laugh so much! XD

ESTHER: Dae Gil complained about the dice being rigged, so he asked for new, honest ones several times. Finally, Six Ghosts asks for new ones from the public, and you know what? The boy to whom Dae Gil gave food in the street is the one who hands over the dice. Coincidence? Dae Gil is so kind; he bets the slaves’ freedom.

EVA: Mighty Dae Gil!!! Our Suk can break an apple with his hands, and now also a dice!! But now…I can understand why Youkishin is called Youkishin. Those dice were all loaded!


ESTHER: Ahhh, Seol Im stabs, bites, and poisons Six Ghosts. She has guts, but she is blinded with vengeance for her parents deaths. But he was very cruel with her and her family. No way out.


EVA: Our little and desperate fighter, like a straw cat…. I really like the Seol Im character!
ESTHER: Awww, Yeoning gets kicked out of the gambler house by Jin Ki, and In Jwa couldn't missed that.

EVA: Waaa, you have to admit, Sisters, just a quick look and with his eyes In Jwa can make the soldiers open a path for him…to go away…after humiliating Yeoning again with his enigmatic words.
ESTHER: Oh no!, the slaves are beating Six Ghosts, who is on the floor. So, Yeoning plays the hero again. He even puts down his knee and asks for forgiveness. Wow. Ah, there is a fire in the gambling den, and Dam Seo takes the things in her own hands and kills Six Ghosts. Whaaa, the slaves are celebrating because they are free now.

EVA: Dam Seo is back!!!!! Yeah!!! Go girl!!! Be the warrior you have to be!! Oh, well…better: be the assassin you have to be! XD


ESTHER: Yeoning goes to talk with the old man’s son about the book that has In Jwa’s gambling house records, but he doesn’t give Yeoning the book. A promise is broken.

EVA: Poor Yeoning…he seems a book hunter without success! All the big gamblers in Hanyang want that book, and they are all in the game!
ESTHER: Seol Im, Grandpa and Dae Gil talk and eat together. Grandpa tries to act like Cupid here, but Dae Gil seems not too interested in relationships now.

EVA: Kkk Grandpa seems to like Seol Im very much. Oh, how super clear is her feeling for Dae Gil!! She is so sad when he tells grandpa to stop talking about love and men and women and so on! XD.
Esther: In Jwa meets with the ministers again. Umm, is he pressuring them to do what he desires?

EVA: While In Jwa gets support from those people and can maneuver the Crown Prince, it will be really hard to catch him. Poor Yeoning…. He wants to be a tiger…but seems like one of those little dogs, only barking around…. T_T
ESTHER: Minister Jib told Yeoning to go to his father for advice, but his father isn't happy with him about the things happened at the gambling den. The poor Yeoning is frustrated now.


EVA: Sister, I really love SukJong, the king!!! This actor is amazing!! The king is ill, but he has such big strength, and every time, with his hard words, he can make Yeoning think better.
ESTHER: Seol Im told Dae Gil what happened to her in the past. Yook, aka Six Ghosts, killed her parents and almost cut her hand. Cutter intervened and saved her but lost his own hand. In return, she has worked for him all this time.

EVA: What??? Cutter lost his hand to protect Seol Im????? Why?? O_O
ESTHER: Cutter has a kind heart, even though his actions are bad, Eva.
ESTHER: Seol Im made my day. She is so funny and thinks Yeoning was the boy from next door when he is talking with Dae Gil. Yeoning punishes her by making her hold both hands up for a while, but she still keeps talking even while being punished.

EVA: Hahaha. OMG, this scene is way too cute and funny!!!! I already love the trio so much!!! I needed a funny moment, really! And I love it when Dae Gil asks Yeoning to call him hyungnim! Even if it’s sad to think they really are brothers, but still they didn’t know.
ESTHER: When Dae Gil, Yeoning and Seol Im were talking about Gol-sa, Grandpa almost jumped. That man is guilty of the loss of his eye, so he will be happy if Dae Gil makes him pay.

EVA: What?? Gol-sa was the one who stole grandpa’s eye??? Those people on In Jwa’s side are really devilish! And he’s working for In Jwa only because he kept Gol-sa’s daughter as hostage? Uhm…In Jwa surely knows how to move people.
ESTHER: Dae Gil and Yeoning are together again, planning their next steps. Their blood ties are very strong because they always end up being together.

EVA: Brothers are ready again for action!! I really like the bond that, moment after moment, is growing between them. ☺ Kkk...grandpa made me laugh so much with his performance to help Yeoning enter the game room. XD And Seol Im in action too??? Waaaa, I love her even more!! She has to keep the shaman busy while Dae Gil searches the gisaeng house to find if there is any trace of Gol-sa’s daughter.
ESTHER: The shaman told Seoul Im that she attracts men but can be dangerous for them too. Now, she is sad because she likes Dae Gil and maybe never can be with him. Such a sad girl now.

ESTHER: Dae Gil enters a room, and Gol-sa’s daughter is there. Umm...another girl. You think she will be the other one in the Dae Gil - Dam Seo love triangle? Well if In jwa release her,she is his hostage.
EVA: Oh, he found the girl!! And what a pretty girl...and smart!! I wonder why she hide him from the shaman. Maybe she is already fascinated by our Prince?? kkk

ESTHER: Gol-Sa, her father, will be in the next episode. As I said before, he is not a good person, but let's see how Dae Gil will deal with him.
EVA: He told her he wants to destroy her father?? Why, to make her move?? Sometimes Dae Gil has no tact with girls. XD And now, the time to fight Gol-sa has come!    

ESTHER: Thanks, Eva, for being here again. Let’s wait for the next episode to know what will happens next. Bye.


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