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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 22

By Esther Noloc and Saranya
Collaboration: Beth Wagner (edit)
and Saranya GS eel, (collages)

Daebak almost end only two episodes for the end.This episode looks very interesting, let's start the review now.

ESTHER: Hi, I invited Saranya from India to chat with me this time. Welcome Saranya!

SARANYA: Hello sis Esther, thank you for inviting me here to share my thoughts with you. 

ESTHER: The episode started the way the 21st ended, with a body on the floor….but surprise, surprise, the person Dae Gil hit with an arrow in the back was not In Jwa. It was Moo Myeong. He sacrificed himself for In Jwa? Why? I am still curious about the reason he is so loyal to that man. Anyway, Chae Gun, Dae Gil and the guards starting the hunt for In Jwa. Chae Gun thought he had plenty of time to escape, but our wise Dae Gil knows that In Jwa is still there. He was right, too, he was hiding there! I hope they catch him soon...

SARANYA: ah.. This is so frustrating. I thought for a moment Dae Gil shot In Jwa! Moo Myeong is such a devoted disciple of In Jwa. The evil In Jwa just used that poor guy and now he ends up dying for his master? I feel a little bad for him. He had a soft corner in his heart for Dam Seo. Do you remember? Sis, what’s the situation in the palace? I heard the king is just passed away. 

ESTHER: In the palace everybody is crying for the king’s death, but not me. Sorry but my tears couldn't show up this time. I only feel sorry for his wife. At least he said sorry to Yeoning after all the trouble he made for him. Now Yeoning wants his brother forgiveness, for what? Did he really kill the king with that dinner?

SARANYA: I agree with you sis. I too didn't cry. The king is not my favorite. But I never thought Yeoning would have an evil side. He used to be a kind hearted and innocent fellow. And I still don't understand what his intention was in giving that crab in soy sauce to the king. Did he poison it? Did someone else, but he gave it anyway? He must know something if he is asking forgiveness, right? Ah...Yeoning changed a lot. He did that because of agony I think. Those supportive ministers got executed just before his eyes and he himself could have been get killed by the king if Daegil didn't block him. We can understand his mental sufferings and that explains everything. I pity him. I forgot to ask you, did Daegil find In Jwa yet?

ESTHER: Ahhhhh, Saranya-- Dae Gil almost found In Jwa...his sword was so near! Close enough you could smell him or hear his breath! Ahh, I hope my neighbors don't think I am in pain and run over to check on me, because I screamed very loud, haha. But just when Dae Gil might have gotten In Jwa, some guard came and interrupted, to tell him the news about the king’s death. Dae Gil, knowing In Jwa is there, said he didn’t want to see his ugly face again (I added the ugly part, kkkk)

SARANYA: LOL. did you scare your neighbors? I really hoped Dae Gil’s sword would finally cut through that bad fellow’s heart. My bad! Nothing happened. He could have found In Jwa if that stupid soldier didn't come. Bad timing! But Daegil is awesome! Right sis? I liked his facial expression when he stabbed his sword through the rubbish. I had an urge to go there and smash In Jwa’s head. His devilish laugh! Yuck! I couldn't control my anger. I hate him.

ESTHER: Dae Gil and his master ran very fast to the palace, maybe to be with Yeoning. Now everybody is in mourning clothes. Wow, Dae Gil is thinking the same as me, that maybe Yeoning killed him. Yeoning tried to explain, his brother was the one who insisted on eating the crab in soy sauce, even though Yeoning thought the crab was bad. So, does that mean, his brother committed suicide then? Maybe he apologized to his brother for not stopping him from suicide? I wonder if they will ever tell us, because in the real history, no one ever knew for sure either. Well, now the doctor officially said he died because of that food, and Yeoning has to explain, but he is mad that his intentions are being questioned. Oops, Dae Gil also just asked him if he did it. Yeoning is mad, and he denied it. Dae Gil trusts him, but oh it was really sad, when Dae Gil called him crown prince, Yeoning acted so arrogant and said he is not a crown prince, he is the king. Ouch,what’s up with him? He and Dae Gil are the same… they both came from the palace water maid. Disrespectful kid, how he can treat his older brother like that when he almost died because of him and always supports him, in the good and bad moments? I am officially mad at him. Look at Dae Gil’s eyes, Saranya...our boy is almost crying. You’ll have to take over for a minute…. When our boy cries, I do too! Need to go wipe my tears….Is Dae Gil still crying?

SARANYA: ah.. Sis, that was a sad moment for me too. I fell for Dae Gil from the beginning and I suffered a lot mentally when Dae Gil was suffering in the old days. And I love him even more in his blue uniform now. That moment, when Yeoning ignored his hyung's comfort, Dae Gil's heart was extremely hurt. I couldn't even look at his teary eyes. Why Yeoning? Why did you do that to your Big brother? It was unjust of you. But thank God! Master Chae Gun was there to comfort Dae Gil. He said Dae Gil, the crown prince was not wrong and that Dae Gil shouldn't get involved in his matter anymore. He said that Yeoning could no longer be his friend. But Dae Gil… you just broke my heart now. I can't bear this. Please don't cry. If I had been there, I would have consoled him… I think every eel feels the same. But sis, don't worry, our Dae Gil is a strong man. He won't fall easily. He suffered a lot, and lost everything in the past but look how far he came. He is like a Phoenix bird. Oh...he just decided to leave home and grandpa scolded him for that. I wonder what our Dae Gil has planned.

ESTHER: Oh no,he will leaved his home? Seol Im is sad and Grandpa is mad... and I just don’t understand why he’s doing it. Wait someone else came-- awww it’s Man Geum! Eyepatch Grandpa is happy, but like all men, just hides his feelings and scolds him, lol. He only smiled when he thanked him for protecting Dae Gil. Whaaa, so happy and warm, it could melt the biggest iceberg in the world. Really such a touching scene. And even though he is feeling bad inside, Dae Gil is smiling at the scene too...his teeth are like pearls to me. Wait, he will not leave alone! Great! He wants Grandpa and Seol Im to go with him. Sis, look-- Chae Gun arrived…. I know the question Dae Gil is burning to ask him….

SARANYA: Yes. Master Chae Gun told Dae Gil the bad news…. In Jwa was still alive, and he was long gone. Chae Gun thinks In Jwa can’t rise again so strong like before, but Dae Gil was in deep thoughts…..he knows better than to underestimate In Jwa. He knew that devil well and he is sure In Jwa will come back. Once the rebellious thought crawled into one’s mind, he won't give up that easily. Isn't it so, sis? 

ESTHER: I agree Saranya, In Jwa will never let go of his rebellious and evil ways. Later on now, Hong Mae saw beggars in front of her gambling house, and one of them gave her a letter for the shaman. Nooo, it was In Jwa? Omg, he looks terrible, sick and dirty. Ha, the outside appearance matches the inside of his heart now. Oh sis, another coronation ceremony, the second one we have seen in this series…. so beautiful! Now Yeoning is the king, and ahhh he has a wife! Wonder when that happened! Ohhh, Dae Gil came to the coronation ceremony. He still loves and cares for his brother and Yeoning feels the same too. It’s a relief they don’t hate each other. They share the same thoughts about how the world should be, but they have very different destinies.

SARANYA: In Jwa! Why didn't he get any epidemic illness as he lived dirty and homeless? You know, his will power was so strong, even being in a bad circumstance like that, he still pushes through. His only thinking was to destroy Dae Gil and the king. So finally he managed to come back and stand in front of the palace and challenge it silently. And about Yeoning, I didn't even imagine him having a wife. I thought him as a young boy all the time. Hahaha.. may be because the actor who acted the role was just an eighteen years old boy. You know what sis? I love Dae Gil and Yeoning’s bromance, so strong even if (maybe because?) they have different paths. I respect Dae Gil even more now. See, he came to his brother’s coronation ceremony and they exchanged their thoughts silently even though they weren't meant to be together. Love the scene!

ESTHER: In Jwa outside the palace again? And talking about corrupt goverment? Ha, what a hypocrite! No one is more corrupt than him. Uh oh Man Geum saw him, but could hardly believe that dirty beggar was him. Now comes the moment... Dae Gil has to say goodbye to his master and the king. The king has taken his throne, and oh boy, in his first meeting with the ministers (who by the way, sounded very false when they said congratulations), the king ordered an execution for one of them! That minister thinks it’s just a bad joke, but the king is serious-- and he knows that minister was behind the Norons excecution. Oh! Now another one is in trouble too. Both were arrested.

SARANYA: Yeah. The Soron ministers sounded so fake when they congratulated the king. And the king knew they are not trustworthy. I don't blame him. He ordered the execution not just because of grudge but those ministers will be dangerous for the government anyway in future. And it’s apparently the old custom! Anyone who opposes the king and the government will be executed sooner or later.

ESTHER: Chae Gun visited the king and he asked him where Dae Gil goes and what he said before leaving, but no answer came from his mouth. He can bear the burden of being a king, but can’t bear the lonely feeling. Poor Yeoning…. Or i guess it’s king Yeongjo now. Meanwhile, Dae Gil and his ragtag family arrived at the village where they will live now, and the people are treating him like a king! Ahhh, they ate watermelon together, how a good family they look. He was even helping Seol Im to dry the towels, eheem…. they look like a couple to me! Hey now Yeon Hwa came to the village too.


SARANYA: Ah.. Finally! I am so happy to see them. In my mind, I think the family was like grandpa, father, husband and wife(Dae Gil and Seol Im) and Yeon Hwa is like if Dae Gil had a sister, come to visit them. Lol . Seol Im and Dae Gil are so cute together. Aren’t they?

ESTHER: Wow, the time passed, a few years I guess because now Yeoning has a son who looks like him. He looks so grown up now too, with a mustache and beard. Oh my God, it’s been a while and still so many rumours about the king…. One paper even saying that he killed the last king (his brother) and complaining that he doesn’t have royal blood. He tore up the paper and threw on the floor. The one who wrote and shared that will be dead soon.

SARANYA: Yeah that shaman, she pasted one of those rumour notices on the wall. She is still doing everything under In Jwa’s orders. You know what sis? I liked the king’s son a lot. What a sweet kid! Adorable! 

ESTHER: Me too! Hope he continues to act. Cute kid. Oh brother….. Look who is in the forest and with his nice clothes again too...none other than In Jwa…. looking for his henchmen. Jin Ki is living down by a river and… what?? Moo Myung survived too?? I guess Dae Gil’s track record of never killing anyone is clean again, since his arrow did not kill Moo Myung after all. Now he is the one who looks homeless. His hair a wreck, sitting in jail. The rebel Jeon he found living on a farm. And he also found his old partner in crime….Park Pil Hyun. Well, In Jwa spent all that time dreaming up his new plan, and searching them all out, so now it’s time to begin putting it into action. What about the real rebellion, Saranya? How did that all start?

SARANYA: The history and the drama are the same on this-- the rebellion started from In Jwa’s hometown Cheongju. They imported many weapons for the attack, well prepared with everything beforehand. In Jwa started the rebellion by killing the soldier in the Cheongju fortress, which started everyone fighting. So much blood shed, so many dead bodies on the ground….. and finally In Jwa’s team won the Cheongju fortress. Wow, look at the rebels and Jin Ki shouting out in happiness.

ESTHER: Wow, yes, they won the first battle. In Jwa planned it all very well, but we always knew he is a master of planning ahead. Who is in charge of the next cities? Wonder if they won too? I am curious now.

SARANYA: While In Jwa’s team was busy seizing control over Cheongju fortress, the other rebel leader Jeon started the rebellion in Yeongnam and at the same time Park Pil Hyun will be taking over Honam. Pil Hyun informed his team about the victory over Cheongju fortress and commanded them to move forward to Jeonju. The rebels took control over Goryeong too. The situation seems very bad for the king. Let’s see what Dae Gil’s move is now.

ESTHER: Whaa,Yeoning with his son Haeng walking, he seem a good dad and the boy loves him. Wait I am confused, the old queen is still there-- the one who was the wife of the late king Yoon? Oh i don't like that, why would they let her stay….she seems that hate Yeoning! And now he received the bad news about the rebellions.

SARANYA: The queen envied the crown prince, probably because she never had a chance to have a child. But he seemed to like her sincerely. She hates the king and the heir. Mmm.. yeah.. I guess she has a point! Who would like the person who they think caused their husband’s death? I’m a bit nervous though. She seemed so quiet but I think she has a big plan inside her mind. Hope the crown prince will be safe from her evil eyes.


ESTHER: Gol Sa’s daughter heard the news about the rebellion too and went to Dae Gil's home to tell him. Awww,Dae Gil has a mustache and a beard too! Waaaaa looks so handsome, manly and mature. I didn’t expect to like him so much with facial hair but ahhh he looks good! I am sure he will intervene in the rebellion, even though his dad warned him against it, but our Dae Gil is not one to sit by while people suffer.

SARANYA: This is very complicated! Master Chae Gun informed Dae Gil about the current situation in the capital. After hearing the news about the rebellious victory of Chengju fortress, the entire town was massacred because they supported In Jwa. The officer in charge, who ordered that massacre was removed from his position, but they cannot undo the blood they shed. It must reflect badly on the king, and Dae Gil won’t be happy about that…. Master wanted Dae Gil to stop everything related In Jwa. DaeGil seemed very frustrated and sad. 

ESTHER: I knew it ,he can't be there, doing nothing while innocent people are dying. Did you see his face and eyes, how sad he was when Chae Gun told him about the slaughter? Saranya prepare your heart again, you know what i mean?

SARANYA: Ah.. Sis, my poor heart is very fragile you know. I can't bear these. I hate the blood shed. But if Dae Gil restarts his move against In Jwa, it will be very dangerous. Anything could happen to him. I like Dae Gil in his blue uniform. But at the same I don't want him to put on that again. I want him to be live happily ever after with his small family. 

ESTHER: Dae Gil no wasted time and went to talk with the king. He talked to him about the soldiers massacring innocent people in the rebellion, but the king doesn’t seem to care about it! Wow, his is cold blood now. Ooooh… did you see how Dae Gil defended the people? And ooohh!! I loved it when he asked Yeoning, what makes you any different from In Jwa now? Whoahhhh it was like he shot a poison arrow directly to Yeoning’s heart. He scolded him to think of his people first. Saranya he will be an excellent king if he wants, don’t you think? Well, the king gave Daegil 5 days to do something to stop In Jwa. If not, he will use his army, and that means more innocent people dead. oh no, that is a very bad move. 

SARANYA: See sis Esther, Dae Gil still cares his young brother. But what happened to the king? He was so kind hearted in the past. Now the king’s behavior just reminds me of prince Chang Hwi from Hong Gil Dong. Chang Hwi was a nice fellow before he became king. But after, he changed a lot. He had to kill his friend. Rules will be rules! It happens.Sitting on the throne is no easy job. So much responsibility, if he doesn't want to lose the throne, he is told to go with the flow.

ESTHER: Yes, Dae Gil is the best. Ohh the head merchant is discussing the rebellion with the others, and said that the king will use Bae Dae Gil again to catch In Jwa. And now the shaman came with a letter from In Jwa, the Sorons will decide based on that letter, whether to act in favor or against In Jwa. Gosh In Jwa is crazy (I know, we all know it, but really, this man is so crazy!) he has a new king he intends to crown, and presented him to the people already.

SARANYA: Now I remember once the late king Sukjong said Baek Dae Gil is the hunting dog for Yeoning. Yes I agree with the merchant Jo II Soo, the king will use Dae Gil to catch In Jwa. But it's not just because of the hunting dog thing, it’s because Dae Gil is the only one who knows In Jwa well enough to catch him. He knows exactly how In Jwa would move forward to destroy the current government. Wait, In Jwa was even trying to mislead Poong Goong with his crooked words now. What the hell? Ah.. it's so complicated. 

ESTHER: Yes In Jwa is speaking with Poong Goong, who is a different branch of the royal family… oh, stop the presses to add this one! In Jwa is spreading celebrity gossip like a paparazzi now! Gossiping about how the king is the son of a water maid and he poisoned the late king, and anything that will affect the king’s reputation. He has Poong Goong convinced that he needs to take the throne away from such an imposter. Knowing that they have a very powerful ally in the palace (the queen Dowager, the wife of late king Yoon), I guess that makes for an easy plan. She has all the access to the king that they need. What a shame...

SARANYA: Yeah, I knew I smelled something fishy when I saw her behavior with the king and the crown prince on that walk. Queen holds a grudge against the king because of her husband, the late king’s death. But is she trying to dig her own grave by helping the rebels? Well, after a pretty tense situation, master Chae Gun and Dae Gil began planning their next move. Lol. its very hilarious. Isnt it? 

ESTHER: Hahaha, Kim Chae Gun is so easy going now, not so serious. I guess with the years of friendship between them they have both relaxed their manner. LOL, Dae Gil gave him orders and Chae Gun complained he was the master, then called him rude and smiled. Yep, they have great chemistry. A big surprise to me is that Hong Mae has stayed on the side of good, after she realized how untrustworthy In Jwa was. She might be greedy, but she values real loyalty and friendship it seems. Dae Gil asked her for certain medicines and she gave them to him. With the situation so bad, the deadline for catching In Jwa has changed, from five days to just three. Wow, it’s a big burden for him, but I know he will do well.

SARANYA: Seriously? Three days? ah...It's so bad! Now Dae Gil has to hurry. He prepared well we know. The situation in the palace was very intense. Meanwhile In Jwa was explaining his next movements to Jin Ki and shaman and asked her to keep an eye on palace. In Jwa knows for certain that Baek Dae Gil will come for him, and that if they meet again, one of them will die. King Yeoning seems so scary now. He has long forgotten how to smile. Ah.. the ruler’s life… I got it.. I got it.

ESTHER: Ahhh,Yeoning scared me, he gave the permission to the army to use a new technology-- guns! They will form an elite group, but on the other hand, he asked Kim Chae Gun if it was possible for Dae Gil catch In Jwa without an army. Chae Gun said yes, and the king must be relieved. In his mind, we hear that he trusts in Dae Gil. In Jwa is working on his next plans, when the Shaman came with the Merchants’ response to his letter. 


SARANYA: I hope that Dae Gil will have a better plan to catch In Jwa. Right sis Esther? He has good people with him. Even the girls are helping him to stop the rebellion. You know what? I think I would like to be a member in Dae Gil’s team. So everything is set now? Will he catch In Jwa? I am curious about his plans. 

ESTHER: All is set, Dae Gil doesn’t need an army to catch In Jwa. He will do it with the help of his family. I am impressed! Yeon Hwa is spying and informing Dae Gil through messenger pigeons,Grandpa sent the vigilante soldiers to rest,kkkk, he and Man Geum infiltrated the fortress that they burned and hid stolen guns. Hong Mae, yes, you read correct ,Hong Mae is spreading gossip, but this time it’s the truth about In Jwa! Seol Im put Hong Mae’s medicine in the food, and all the soldiers got stomach ache and diarrhea and couldn‘t fight lol! In Jwa was in shock after seeing all his careful plans destroyed so easily by Baek Dae Gil. I just want to laugh at that man’s defeat!

SARANYA: Yes!! Well done Dae Gil! You are awesome! I couldn't even imagine Dae Gil’s plan would be so perfect like this. Wow! I am impressed you know! And the last part. He was riding horse and confronted In Jwa. His face was glittering like a diamond in the fire glow. Dae Gil…. I fell for you! Did you just cast a spell on us? Sis Esther, I can't wait for the next episode. 

ESTHER: Thanks Saranya for being with us and for adding the pics, I am so excited waiting for the two final episodes.

SARANYA: Thank you so much for having me here. I enjoyed our chat. See you again! 


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