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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 16

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By Esther Noloc and Liana Yus.
Edited by: kittehkat
Collages by: Saranya GS eel.

Introduction: Wow, Dae Gil is still in shock after In Jwa told him the the truth about his parents. Let’s see how things are going now.


ESTHER: Hello again Liana. This is the second episode you are doing with me. Thanks.

LIANA: So Esther here we go again in Episode 16. Me and you again. Do we have another guest?

ESTHER: No guest. Beth is still very busy, so it’s only you and me again today.

ESTHER: Well Liana, Dae Gil knew that Sukbin was his mother in the previous episode, but his reaction after the new secret will hurt him a lot because of his love for Man Geum. Meanwhile, Yeoning is still talking with Dam Seo. She can‘t find a way out of the bad decisions she made.

LIANA: Esther, I don’t understand why Dam Seo has to accuse Yeoning for making her turn out this way. She’s became a vigilante, her law her judgments…she kills evil people.

ESTHER: Yes, she chose her path in life, not him. When Dae Gil heard that the king is his father and his real name is Yeon Soo he thought In Jwa was crazy and got mad. He pointed his sword at In Jwa’s neck, but was blocked by In Jwa’s guard. But he has proof and gave it to Dae Gil.

LIANA: Poor Daegil, my poor baby…still cannot believe the ‘BOMB’ that In Jwa detonated but it seems his life went to pieces. He stood there shock until the sun rose.

ESTHER: Look who's back Liana.

LIANA: Seol Im! She looks lost until Grandpa approaches her. Aaawww!!!! Grandpa is so sweet to take her worry away by telling her the truth about her fate. I almost forgot that Grandpa has talent in face reading too. That shaman woman is crap declared Grandpa and I agreed with him.

ESTHER: I liked when Grandpa said to her that she had a good face, but then said not as good as Dae Gil! Hahaha he built her up and then let her down; he is so funny.

ESTHER: Wow Liana, did you see Daegil walking like a zombie from The Walking Dead series? He saw his brother and recalled they were both born from the same womb. Dae Gil was thinking that Prince Yeoning is his brother, so they are already connected. Both went to see the king.

LIANA: Esther…Daegil has to go back to the palace. It’s morning already but he has a good reason for being very late. The king is not pleased. First he did not bring Cutter alive, second he’s not back on time, but of course the king won’t behead his sons. Daegil stole a quick peek at the king. Is that his real father? Esther, my poor baby is so confused. 

ESTHER: Yes Liana, who wouldn’t be, after hearing all those secrets in one minute!

LIANA: Aaahhhh!!! They are given a choice for their ‘failure’...whether to be punished or follow his command. You guess Esther, which one will they chose?

ESTHER: Follow the king’s command of course! Catch In Jwa.

LIANA: Looks like Yeoning got the courage to confront Daegil with how much he knows. Still no clear answer from Daegil…he knows everything he said. Aigoo!!! Oh no!! Why, why does Yeoning have to say he cannot call Daegil “Hyungnim”? Please don’t give the reason that it’s the palace and you’re the prince. OK, OK I’m being unreasonable, at least please call him “Hyungnim” once or when it’s only the two of you.

ESTHER: I think Yeoning is too selfish to do that, Liana. For him the title and what people think are more important than having a big brother. He needs to be humble.

LIANA: Daegil meet Lady Choi for the first time as his mother. Actually it’s not good timing but I guess she is so concerned about him that Yeoning has to assure her by bringing Daegil so she can see that he’s not harmed. OMG!!! He call her Eumonie (Mother)…huhuhu…she burst out crying and rushed to him holding his hand and telling him she is sooooo sorry for abandoning him for so long. I cried too…huhuhu…so much emotion. Daegil feels so confused that he cannot sit there anymore. There’s too much emotion and he cannot control it if he stays; he has to get away. This is so heartbreaking.

LIANA: Yeoning loves his mother very much, he’s so protective of her. He’s puzzled why his brother doesn’t easily forgive her.

ESTHER: Yes a heartbreaking scene for sure. I cried too. Sukbin was crying and so sad, but Dae gil wasn't prepared for this yet. After they left, he said to Yeoning that he needed time to accept her as his mother.


LIANA: OK. Now the king is up to something. Kim Chae Gun pays homage to the king and In Jwa got news about it too. Esther, do you think the king is sending a message to Jeong and In Jwa?

ESTHER: Yes Liana. He wants to catch them and In Jwa knows that “the king has drawn his sword.“ I think Chae Gun is the king’s sword. In Jwa will be more careful to not be seen with Jeong and has sent Hong Mae to spy at Dae Gil's home.

LIANA: Estherrrrrrr!!!!! Grandpa really really likes Seol Im! Oh not for himself, but for Daegil. Hinting here and there…Seol Im is super embarrassed when Grandpa brings up burping and farting…BOOM BOOM BOOM…hahaha. Chae Gun joines them. I knew he wouldn’t forget our Daegil! Once you get to know him you will fall for him. Chae Gun really missed Daegil, hehehe. I love the way Chae Gun is jesting with Daegil.


ESTHER: Oh poor her! I felt embarrassed too. Grandpa is “shipping” them, but Dae Gil sensors him. It made me laugh! When he felt someone there he threw the spoon to his master who came back as you said. What a coincidence. He came after talking with the king, so the king must have sent him.

LIANA: Hong Mae is there to keep an eye on Daegil. Actually In Jwa asks his minion to keep eyes on everyone important to him. He sure has lots of spies and they’re everywhere!

ESTHER: Right, but Hong Mae didn't find anything important there. They were only eating and chatting very happily. Ah, Chae Gun “shipped” Dae Gil with Seoul Im too. Chae Gun said Dae Gil got a wife very fast after leaving the mountain but Daegil denied it in very innocent way. So cute!

LIANA: In Jwa’s mistake is to meet Jeong that night but he finds himself in Daegil’s trap instead. Still Mr. Snotty is acting likes he knows everything and as though it’s part of his plan. 


ESTHER: Yes, Dae Gil planned and received the help of Yeoning, Chae Gun and the twins to catch In Jwa.

LIANA: Yeeeaaaahhh!!! Daegil is so smart he planned everything from beginning to end. Kim Chae Gun reports their success with a little bit of bad news…somehow, Jeong managed to escape. The king asked for In Jwa’s reaction. Very strange.


ESTHER: The king wants to know In Jwa‘s expression when he got arrested. In Jwa was surprised by his actions.

LIANA: Esther, I told you Mr. Snotty is acting so confidently in front of Daegil and Yeoning when they confront him in prison. Yeoning looked so a kid who got an ice cream.

ESTHER: Yes, because In Jwa is so arrogant! He thought that he would never be caught. No one can escape when their behaviour is bad.

LIANA: Time to go back home. Daegil looks satisfied with himself now that In Jwa is in prison. Esther, I’m sure he knows that Chae Gun knows who he is. But still he has to ask. Their relationships are cozy, even closer than his own family. Aaawww!!! Daegil Ah, you’re a sentimental man when you look up to ask your ‘dad’ whether you’re doing the right thing.


ESTHER: Dae Gil deserved to feel satisfied after he saw In Jwa in prison! He and his family suffered too much because of him. I love Chae Gun and Dae Gil’s relationship too.

LIANA: As always Yeoning certainly does his homework. He read aloud their crime list; for In Jwa…WOW!! He got a special list. With a smug face, In Jwa rebuts Yeoning’s list as if it’s invalid.


ESTHER: He will never accept that he committed crimes. He thinks the things he’s done to reach his goal to have the throne in his hands are good and valid.

LIANA: OMG!!! OMG!!! The king wants to cut off In Jwa’s head in two days!


ESTHER: The king is desperate to kill him after all the years of been bothered by him. It’s like a thorn in his head; worse than all his pain together.

LIANA: Esther, the ministers insist on debating and now the king loses his temper. The poor table gets thrown away in rage. No matter what, In Jwa will lose his head in two days. Oh-ho! Did you see it Esther? The king wobbled a bit and had to stop to steady himself.


ESTHER: Hahaha,it's scared me a little, but then i understood his out of control behaviour. In Jwa is too much. Yes Liana, I believe his illness will grow worse.

LIANA: I salute Daegil for believing in girl power! Having won Gol Sa’s gambling house, Dae Gil allows his daughter to look after it. Yeon Hwa apologizes to Daegil for doubting him.


ESTHER: Ahh Liana he is so kind! That’s why she trusts in him too. I hope they continue to help each other in the future.

LIANA: Poor Yeoning has once again been insulted by Minister Kim Il-Kyung because he’s the “son of a lowly water maid”. Indirectly he insulted Yeoning’s mother…….ggggrrrr.


ESTHER: Waaa, why they are so mean?!? Sukbin was a palace maid but is 100% a better person than all of the ministers together! That is all in the past and now she is the king’s wife and deserves respect, period.

LIANA: I think Lady Choi make a mistake visiting In Jwa in prison. But I understand her need to tell In Jwa to his face how good she feels that he going to lose his head. Instead In Jwa turns the tables on her and makes her feel bad by saying that he will make sure her two sons are pointing their swords at each other’s hearts. That sounds toxic to me! I’m sure Lady Choi felt worse, but she’s confident her sons are not an animals like In Jwa.


ESTHER: Agree with you Liana. She is sick and very weak. In Jwa saying she will die before him and said her sons will be enemies is very hurtful for a mother who wants her sons to always be together and in peace.

LIANA: Esther, Minister Kim Il-Kyung received a bribe from In Jwa. No wonder he was eager to have In Jwa released. But now that In Jwa is on the losing side he and all the Soron ministers change their minds. They’re not on his side even if Hong Mae gives a mountain of gold. Looks like In Jwa’s fate is sealed. Off with your head In Jwa!


ESTHER: Wow, life can change in a blink of an eye! One day the ministers supported him and the next they’re stabbing him in the back! At least they didn’t accept the money. But I don‘t want them as my friends, or In Jwa either! They are all corrupt people. I can‘t wait for their punishment!

LIANA: Hahaha…They keep eating Daegil’s food, including Yeon-Hwa. What a happy family.

ESTHER: Aha, Daegil is the best. I think if he would like to be king the people would never starve. He will be their chief as Chae Gun was his, kkk.

LIANA: Don’t go Daegil, please don’t go…but Daegil wants some answers from In Jwa. His ‘dad’ is important to him. He needs to know the answer. This makes me really nervous Esther.

ESTHER: Me too! That In Jwa is very dangerous and Dae Gil loves Man Geum and misses him. In Jwa will take advantage of that situation.

LIANA: NOOOOooooooooo…not again! Don’t go to the dark side, you are stronger than that Dae Gil! Oh you evil In Jwa, why? Why did you have to do that? Dae Gil has to check, he has to make sure that evil In Jwa has told the truth. Not caring he digs the grave himself, feeling agitated, hands shaking as he opens the coffin. Please be strong Dae Gil!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

ESTHER: Ohh, Liana, what to do? He loves his father a lot and has to be sure if he is dead or alive! The cards of In Jwa are decreasing, so this one will save his life.

LIANA: Phewwww!!! This episode is like a roller coaster, one minute I feel so good then it would come crushing down so hard it shattered my heart to pieces! Thanks so much Esther for inviting me…muah muah. Looking forward for future episodes. 

ESTHER: Thanks to you Liana for this interesting conversation about this episode.


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