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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 23

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By Esther Noloc
Guest: Liana Yus
Edited by: kittehkat
Pictures and collages by: Saranya GS eel


Only one episode left to be aired,so this is very important episode where all the things back to the basics.Let’s start now.

ESTHER: Hi, Liana from Malaysia is with us today. We worked together three years ago in some articles and in Pretty Man drama reviews. Welcome Liana.

LIANA: Hi Esther!!! Here I am again. I’m so glad to do this episode with you, brings back lots of memories. 

ESTHER: Liana, I am so nervous and know you are too because we know the historical dramas are tragic and the leads can die. Let‘s hope that doesn’t happen with Dae Gil.

LIANA: I’m worried too as I remember one of the posters shows a photo with him and Dam Seo in a ship sailing away. We know Dam Seo died in episode 18. I don’t want Dae Gil to die…huhuhu. My husband assured me that heroes just don’t die. Jang Keun Suk’s character won’t die because his eels would be very, very sad. Esther, isn’t my husband so sweet?

ESTHER: Yes he is sweet. He even watched the drama with you! That was great and sweet. As we watched in the last part of episode 22, In Jwa’s plans to win the rebellion were frustrated by Dae Gil and his family’s actions. They worked together very hard, stole troops horses, provisions and burned the storage! In Jwa is observing now. A man in a horse is coming, it’s the handsome Baek Dae Gil. Lianaa,you heard his voice? So strong and manly. Dae Gil told In Jwa he should give up, but you know how he is.

LIANA : Estherrrrrr!!! I’m melting as always with his super sexy voice! However I’ve got to get used to his facial hair. He still looked so handsome especially when he gives his sizzling smile but...ROFL. Sorry Esther, I cannot help myself…hahaha. Once you get to know me, you will find that I’m really crazy about Jang Keun Suk.

ESTHER: Hahaha, you haven‘t changed a lot. Look who's coming now, Mil Poong Goon! In Jwa presented him as “His Highness”, hahaha. Dae Gil ignored that and Mil Poong Goon too. He continued the conversation without greeting or bowing to Mil Poong Goon. He warned In Jwa that King Yeongjo would bring his army but In Jwa continues to believe in his false power, saying that his people’s army is big too. In his mind he never loses, right?

LIANA: Dae Gil, with commanding voice, told In Jwa to just give it up...abandon this whole rebellion as all his meticulous plans are destroyed. As you said Esther he introduces Dae Gil to Mil Poong-goon, his chosen future king. I can see Dae Gil is not impressed at all as he continues to tell In Jwa of the kings imposing army, but we know that stubborn mule In Jwa won’t forgo what he’s planned for years...even before Dae Gil was born. Dae Gil is angry with In Jwa and promises that he will stop him...awww, my heart falls for him as he said that he will send the rebels back to the arms of their family soon. Dae Gil you’re truly my HERO.

ESTHER: Yesss, contrary to Jun Ki who said they will advance even with their injuries. They will use strong bindings instead of horses and will use carts too. You noticed? Everybody was walking except In Jwa and his minions on horses. Ahh, the injustice of life.

LIANA: They are royals or nobles--they are use to it. What pisses me off is they said they fight for the people but they treat them like no class citizen! They use the people for their own selfishness. Anyway they continue their journey regardless of the injuries they suffer with In Jwa as a decision maker what do you expect.

ESTHER: Wow, what a beautiful scenery, all covered with snow. They are camping there, some have injuries too. Ahem, Seoul Rim came to receive Dae Gil with Grandpa, but she was more worried about him than his grandpa. Dae Gil sent a gift to us, his great smile. Hehehe, Grandpa wants a sword! Please tell of Dae Gil’s reaction Liana, because I am laughing out loud here, kkk.

LIANA: Snow???? Are you sure Esther? Anyway the scenery is certainly magnificently beautiful just like our hero Jang Keun Suk…oops he’s handsome not beautiful in here because of the facial hair, he looks manly, hahaha. His smile is always so wonderful Esther that I almost forgot about his facial hair. Sorry Esther, still can’t get over of his facial hair. Hahaha….Grandpa wants a sword to show off how important his is, but Dae Gil cut him short. I love the way he teases Grandpa.


ESTHER: Hahaha, Liana. I rewatched the scene and it’s not snow, crazy me! Maybe I thought it was snow when I saw Dae Gil riding that horse. You know like a prince looking for his princess in the white snow, kkk. Ohhh, you saw? Seol Im is doing a great job there. She is serving dinner to all the people there and tadaa, Dae Gil is observing her with another beautiful smile! Liana, do you think she will be our daughter-in-law soon? I’ve always wanted to wear a hanbok in Jang Keun Suk’s wedding! But because we are waiting for more than 5 years now and he doesn’t even have an official girlfriend, I have to buy one for Dae Gil’s wedding, kkk. Dae Gil went to a tower to send a pigeon with a message. How does the pigeon know it was for Yoon Hwa? That happens in real life too?

LIANA: Yes, she look like the lady of the house taking charge of the injured, ill and confused people. Dae Gil is certainly very fond of her, but his love for her is different from his love for Dam Seo. It’s more of a calm and equal partner kind of love not the passionate love he felt for Dam Seo. First love is always special, Esther! You’re right hanboks look superb on Jang Keun Suk aka Dae Gil. We have to settle for Dae Gil's wedding Esther coz Jang Keun Suk doesn’t has an official girlfriend yet. Did you notice Esther he joined in helping and giving food to the people himself. Oh!! Esther, Dae Gil is using a homing/messenger pigeon, they always fly home. I’ll give you a link to explain further (https: // Dae Gil's message got passed to the king. Good news but not good enough!

ESTHER: Thanks for the link Liana! Dae Gil’s house looks good. He was reading when Seol Im came with Grandpa to inform him they handled the stomach illness and have plenty of food too, that's good. He went outside to talk with his people who are very confused and have doubts about being pardoned and able to go home. But I am worried because when Seol Im asked him if the king said that for real, his facial expression said it all. When he moves his eyes very fast he is lying, kkk! I’ve seen this in all his dramas.

LIANA: Esther that’s not Dae Gil house it’s Fortress Mokcheon admin office. The way he speak to them is gentle and full of assurance. He would be a magnificent king for the people he remind me of Princess Diana so caring. He had to lie but I’m very sure he can convince the king to pardon them.


ESTHER: Hahahaha, look at this! It seems like I am watching another Daebak, not the same as Liana! But the thing is I watched this episode late at night and maybe fell asleep. Oh not because it was boring, but I was very tired. I transformed the Fortress office into Dae Gil’s house, kkk! You know me, I am very distracted. The king is worried about the amount of his army in comparison with the rebels, but he received the message ”Dae gil cut the army in half.” Eeehhh, our hero strikes back, but Yeoning is not satisfied. The army will come in two days, so now he will go to the place of the battle even though it is dangerous. They put Yeoning on a horse in slow motion, but why don’t I feel the same as when it’s Dae Gil? Hong Mae read the flyers the soldiers left and wanted to advise Dae Gil, but Yoon was drastic and said to her that Dae Gil will still follow his plans. Ah, she didn't know that he had plans.

LIANA: The king is alarmed that the rebel army still carried a huge amount of people which can topple his government and kingdom. It’s not a trained army Esther, people just join In Jwa because of the lie he’s feeding them. The king has to make a difficult decision but maybe it’s part of the plan because King Yeongjo doesn’t want the fight to enter Hanyang. His decision to end it in Angseong is a right one, but I wish his view didn’t appear too brutal in crushing the rebellion. He should have confidence in Dae Gil and his people.

ESTHER: Whaaa, look at his hand and long fingers while he was pointing at that map. He knows how they will act, what their strategies are. Ohh, so sad to see the people following In Jwa. They are very tired and ill, but it was Jun Ki who noticed and told In Jwa. At least he permitted them to rest. Wait, am I seeing visions again or has Dae Gil trimmed and colored his facial hair? Kkk, I think it’s better I go to sleep and continue this chat tomorrow! If not, I will continue seeing visions!

LIANA : OMO!! His sexy hand! You’re distracting me Esther. Good good...Dae Gil received great news from Chae Gun! He found Jeong will do his very best not to harm the people in capturing Jeong. Hey!! Can you believe Esther that Hong Mae is now on Dae Gil's side? And on top of it she’s helping him?!? Yeon Hwa tells her part of Dae Gil's three part plan, but we only hear the first part...kkkkk. They want to keep us in suspense and on our toes so we stay glued to the screen. Don’t even blink your eyes Esther! You might miss something!

ESTHER: Yes! I am writing in the evening this time, in order to be more receptive. I think Hong Mae reacted to the words Dae Gil said to her in a previous episode when he said she was always hurting people and it was time she did something good for them or something like that. OK, I got the first part of the plan. It was a success!

LIANA: See Esther his plan of spreading rumors is working as they prevent people from joining the rebellion. There is no way at that time to verify the rumors because there isn’t an Internet or telephone then…kkkk. Not like today where the world is at your fingertips.

ESTHER: Oh wow, Dae Gil is soo smart! Look, Park’s soldiers have all almost disappeared! He has a discussion with another soldier...from the palace? A traitor? He called the guards and Park too, so he hid his soldiers. Gosh these people! Man Geum and his people are observing all of it. Seol Im came with another pigeon,that means another message from Kim Chae Gun, this time it says that the military has left the palace. Dae Gil recalled that the king gave him five days to catch In Jwa and that time is running out. He decides to go to Anseong alone. Nooo! Now we will be more worried than Seol Im! In Jwa is trying to give strength to his people, but I think it’s not working. Liana, the condition of the people is bad, right?

LIANA : Esther, the king decided to head to Anseong. He said it’s no use for him to wait idly without taking any action. When Dae Gil heard the king reached Anseong, he headed to Anseong too to stop the king from making a rash decision. The people only want simple things and In Jwa promised them a better life.

LIANA : They are starving Esther, they will eat anything eatable. OMG!! Reminded me of how Dae Gil was starving and had to eat that slimy snake. I’m so lucky not to write that particular episode. In Jwa resolved to search for food at the nearest village. He just took the food supplies without asking permission! Of course the villagers are angry with him! Did he believe everybody would follow his great plan? Look what he’s done to those villages. Not only is he a narcissist, he’s very cruel too! I notice that Jin KIis looking at him with different view. Admiration will turn to loathing soon. Mil Poong-goon also discovers In Jwa’s true self. The blinders over his eyes have been lifted. He’s witnessed himself how brutal In Jwa can be to attain his crazy ambition. And that demented man has the guts to say “Please trust me” to Mil Poong Goon!

ESTHER: Both brothers riding their horses to face their destinies. When the king arrived at the fortress, he was informed of Dae Gil’s actions to stop the rebellion. He recalled two parts of Dae Gil’s three part plan, but aish, he stopped when Dae Gil began to talk about the third part. The heart of Jun KIis bleeding looking at the people’s condition. He is one of them after all. Ohhh, even his named king has regrets and told his inner thoughts to him. Please write what happened for a while because I am mad and sad and need to recover!

LIANA : Yessssss….news of Dae Gil's remarkable feat had reached Anseong and the king was briefed about his achievement! But the king expected that, since Dae Gil already explained to him about his three part plan. Yeah!! Dae Gil Go Go Go!!!! 

ESTHER: I am back. Dae Gil arrived at the fortress too and the soldiers had the gall to point their arrows at him! The king told Dae Gil “It's all you can do.” Really? And what has he done? Nothing yet! Go go Dae Gil! Put him in his place! The rebels have arrived, but Jun KIis worried because the other soldiers haven’t arrived yet. In Jwa said he has a card inside. Wow! How many cards has he showed already?

LIANA : He always got ‘cards’ Esther, that is why he’s so confident. Remember the Queen Dowager is on his side.

ESTHER: The king gave the order to kill the rebels, but Dae Gil is mad and, and….awwww, oh my God! Ahhhhh,what is this? I can't speak! I can't breath! What a scene! Am I alive? I am speechless! I have to recover again! This episode will kill me!

LIANA: Dae Gil and the king have opposite opinions. Their argument turns blazing until Dae Gil cannot contain his anger. Oh noooooo!!! He’s drawn his sword on the king but…WOW!! The way Dae Gil jump on top of the table to strike the king and turned around looked so slick. Sorry Esther, but I’m dead!

ESTHER: What? They surrender? I saw a white flag in the fortress tower. The king is dead?!? It can't be! It has to be a trap! They have even opened the fortress doors but only some people and Mil Poong Goon entered. Hahaha! A drama inside the drama! That was cool. I want to count how many times In Jwa said “Baek Dae Gil!” Another trap with Mil Poong Goon?

LIANA: Hahaha! Esther did you count also how many times Dae Gil said “YIIn Jwa”?. Remind me of how many times Hwang Taek Hyung said “Go MINam”. It is a trap set by Dae Gil so they can flush out the betrayer. What a great plan.

ESTHER: Wow,this is great! The fake king bowed in front of the real king. Yeoning has my respect now for letting the people who surrendered live. But wait! He fired Dae Gil after all the help and effort he made? No way! In Jwa insists on continuing the rebellion. The night is very important for both troops, one in front of each other.The king ordered attack first. Ohh, there are very young people too! They even don't know how to grab the sticks they have! And the king’s soldiers have swords and guns!

LIANA: Sadly the king doesn’t listen to Dae Gil, the risk is too high for him. He cannot lose. He has to win to stop In Jwa because there is still no news about Jeong and Park. They might join In Jwa to form a bigger rebellion. You can see most of those people are not trained to fight. They are not the mighty military men.

ESTHER: Oh nooo, Dae Gil is saying stop to the king, but he continues the fight. Ohhh, they shot him and he has fallen from the horse! Wow he is very strong! Dae Gil stands up and talks with In Jwa who still talking about sacrifices. Then spread his arms like two wings to protect them. The king almost cried, but I AM crying since Dae gil said stop! Seoul Im and his family have arrived and join Dae Gil to shield the rebels. This time Yeoning obeys their command to stop. He recalled something Dae Gil said before to him. Oh my, where is he going?

LIANA : Those innocent people, Dae Gil cannot stand to watch them get kill. He rushes in front without thinking, without caring for his life. Esther, my heart almost stopped to see him get shot and fall. I was pleading “please please don’t let him die”. Esther he was pleading to In Jwa and the king to stop. He went to the rebels’ side to prove his point to the king...asking the king to trust him. By the way, did you notice Seol Im give him a signal? She nodded her head, probably telling him Chae Gun and Man Geum were successful in crushing Jeong and Park.


ESTHER: Oh please! In Jwa and Dae Gil are making a bet in the middle of the fight? He needs a doctor! But he is still there and showing the coin that saved his life. The bet? If he wins, In Jwa will give up. In Jwa accepts, but then backs out when he loses! He doesn't want to stop.

LIANA: He won’t bet unless he’s sure he’ll win. Esther, he’s using Gae Dong’s coin! The coin that changed his life forever. In Jwa goes back on his word. He won’t give up! But as Dae Gil said, his partners won’t be joining him...he’s finished, kaput, no more.

ESTHER: I knew it! Jin Ki turns against In Jwa! I knew it! Jin Ki almost kills him, and would have if not for Dae Gil who said no. Everybody surrendered and In Jwa was arrested. An epic episode!

LIANA: In Jwa belongs to the people. His crime is against the people, so it’s the people who will punish him. It’s an epic episode indeed. So great to get this opportunity to discuss this with you! Nice to chat with you Esther! You’re your funny self as usual…hehehe. See you in the final episode. Bye for now!

ESTHER: Thanks for joining me Liana! See you tomorrow in the finale.


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  1. That was a great determine moment in the history. Our DaeGil are so brave and smart. Thanks for you great job dearest Esther,Liana,Kat and SaranyGS . Love it.😍


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