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[Month in review] May 2016

May Month in Review by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits: Nancy Terry

The pictures and the previews
of ‘Daebak /Jackpot
eleven episode
was uploaded by SBS NOW.


AP Shibuya Shop
in the country of Japan
changed the facade decoration 
with big banners of Jang Keun Suk.

Tree-J Company sent a Tweet
with  a Preview of Jackpot
said "Chemistry as brothers', 
Jang Keun Suk and Yeo Jin Goo 
were joined to catch Six Ghosts 
in the gambling house hall!

Source: Daebak | Naver TV cast:

Tree J company  sent out
another tweet of 'Daebak' /Jackpot
"Jang Keun Suk VS Yeo Jin Goo, 
have started to catch
Jun Kwang-Ryul "
at the corner of the wall"

Source: TV Report | Naver TV Entertainment:

An article about “Jang Keun Suk 
with the title"Goes all the way" 
in a new drama,bite a real sneake!”
were published on Singapore
Chinese night paper in May.

We saw a lot of pics
of  ‘Daebak Promotion in Japan
DaeGil and the other leads
in a big screens and trucks.

PD notes (#21)twenty-one
Daegil on SBS website
from the drama ‘Daebak
very good pics for us.

Original source:

Another PD notes
this time the (#22) twenty -two
Daegil from SBS website
practicing with a sword
with great skills  and glamour.

Original source:

Pics  from episode twelve
from ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler) 
Yeoning and Dae Gil
with similar hats and hanbok
working like twins in this episode

Cr. DramaSBS

Jang Keun Suk  and Yeo Jin Goo 
both love Lim Ji Yeon(Dam Seo)
the start of a love triangle? 
Yes and No,because at the end
she left both alone.

Tree-J Company sent a tweet
Dae Gil will meet Six Ghost
that man looked like a bad boy
but Dae Gil played with him and won.

Source: Daebak| Naver TV cast

Jang Keun Suk new tour
Endless Summer 
were promoted in  Japan
in Hankyu Department Store.

The Official Fans Club 
of the actor Jang Keun Suk
sent food support 
to his  drama Jackpot 
Check the videos above.

Cr. park heemang

Part 1:

Part 2:

Today “Suk Nation HK” is   supporting coffee truck!
Actor Jang who has a critical voice, please Cheer up have a coffee 
with ‘Daebak’ staff!! and actors.

Another coffe truck support
from the screenwriter of the 
Jang Keun Suk documentary 
"The center of the Hallyu" 
thank you Sr. for your support.

CRI-J sent a tweet
Today "Team JKS Japan" 
is  supporting coffee truck! 
Actor Jang who has lonely eyes, 
please Cheer up have a coffee
with staff of Jackpot.

The preview of Daebak
the thirteen episode
with our lovely Dae gil
was uploaded today
in SBS  NOW.

The channel  KNTV
have a ‘Daebak /Jackpot
exhibition in Japan
J:COM Wonder Studio.

We saw more pics 
from LOTTE Busan Hotel
with their model Ambassador 
the one and only Jang Keun Suk.

Original source:

The actor  Jang Keun Suk 
sent a coffee truck
and a flower bouquet
to the I.O.I group 
in their  debut.

We heard the good news
Jang Keun Suk new single
will be released in 3 months
consecutively,eels start to save now.

Tree-J Company Tweet
the Making of Jackpot
Ahn Kil-Kang and Dae gil
filming location was heartwarming
between teacher and his  student! 

Source: Daebak | Naver TVcast

Tree J sent another tweet
the Preview from  Jackpot
were  Kim Ga-Eun told 
meaningful   confession to Jang Keun Suk.
“Could you be my dream?” Oh,oh!!!

Source: Daebak | Naver TVcast

Another tweet from Tree J
‘Daebak’ Jang Keun Suk and Yeo Jin Goo
brothers join forces to get revenge
against Jeon Kwang-Leol. "


The preview and pics
of the drama Jackpot
episode fourthteen
were released

Cr. DramaSBS

Tree-J Company sent a tweet
the Preview of Daebak/ The  Royal Gambler
Yoon Jin-Seo cried from seeing suffering Daegil…
"Maternal love can not be hide" 

Source: Daebak | Naver TVcast

Another Tree J_company tweet
‘Daebak’ Jang Keun Suk-Yeo Jin Goo
the fate of two brothers 
played with by Jun Kwang-ryul .

Source: Sports Chosun

Consolidation of behind the scene
From the PD notes of the SBS screen
The notes are funny for all the eels
if you can read hangul you will be please.

Original source:

High definition and close up photos of 
Prince Yeongning hugging DamSeo
And the capture of Daegil looking at them
Available in PD notes Check it out, please.

Original source:

Tree J Tweet out the clip
Of Daegil facing GolSa
The suspense moment of finding 
the truth and the reason behind the kill
Eels, please remember to click and play it.

Source: Daebak | Naver TVcast

May is definitely a great month
Eels are so proud of the new announcement
That JKS’s new short film
“The Great Legacy” will be screening
In the 2016 Bucheon International Fantastic  Film Festival
Between Twenty First till Thirty first July

A greeting message from JKS
To congratulate the launch of 
QQ App Hallyu Channel
Dae gil is so handsome
And sound so manly

Original source:

Official Fan Club  Cri J tweet out
the photos of Mr. Kim Coffee Truck
Support from eels with the message
"Actor please cheer up and have a coffee from
the pretty girls from the  staff of Jackpot."

Jung Chaeyeon from  the group I.O.I
Visit the Produce 101 mentors on Teacher’s day
Showing her gratitude towards them
That had guide her through during the training
With strawberry juice and cakes share out to JKS
and staff members on Daebak set.

CriJ tweet out message of coffee truck support
From eels to suk and daebak staff
And another tweet relate to JKS birthday
sharing photo exhibition in Seoul
That will be held on the sixth and seventh of August.

SBS uploaded the preview
of Daebak  episode fifteen
Available in SBS you tube link
Check it out  and support, eel.

JKS will appear in the cover page
Of Haru Hana volume 36 magazine
JKS so handsome in his suit and dark color hair
Release date was in the end of May

Korean TV drama (Mokkan) magazine
have JKS  as cover pic,
the  magazine release  is No.73
Release date was on the June  first week .

This is the only romance bits thus far in Daebak
But the skinship is between Dam Seo  and Prince Yeoning 
Our Baek Dae Gil is hunger for skinship
But the more he wants, the more he didn’t get it
Check out the making of Yeom-Dam romance in naver, eels.

Instagram photo 
of Baek Dae Gil
From episode fifteen 
share out by SBSnow
Please give a heart in it.

Daebak episode sixteen
preview link
Available in SBS 
you tube link
Check it out eels.

A new sound track
from the drama Daebak
The music is so soothing
and  very meaningful lyrics
that moves ones heart.

Picture of Gae Dong 
share out in the sbs website
All the suffering that GaeDong
encounter change him
Into a tiger that everyone
will be respecting.


SBSNow tweet out the scene of
Daegil shoveling the grave of his dad
His tears, his disbelieve, his moment of doubt
expression spear through our hearts.

A must save picture from Daebak PD Notes
This is the scene where Daegil is so 
Beautiful plus Manly plus Perfection
The wave of his hair, the look of his eyes
The movement of his body
no words can describe how
incredible perfect he is ,wow

Original source:

Daebak casts were in the cover page
Of the monthly magazine MEDIACRE eight 
volume 52 It is in their April release 
Click on the link for the contents

Sets of photo release
from Daebak PD note
The photo quality is really great
So clear and close up.

Original source:

A great article that talk about
JKS’s acting in Daebak
tweet out by TreeJ
Please read and give a heart.

Source: TV Report:

Jang Keun Suk with full hanbok 
attending Daebak Press Conference
I miss seeing him as JKS
and not Daegil in the drama from SBS
The picture of his smile really brighten up my mood
His smile that will magically bring smile to us.

Handsome little crown prince
Lee Tae-Woo with his hyung, JKS
Do you know that Lee Tae Woo
Was in Marry me Mary too?
Do you recall and remember him?

Tree J tweet out the coffee truck support
And also on the meal support  for the press conference
All the Daebak staff have been working hard
Please keep on the good work.

Wow!! Director Jang keun Suk!!
Arirang Showbiz korea talks about it
His new short film that will be showing in 
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
Really proud of our master eel.


A good article about   Jang Keun-Suk
from the site
he  is happy to ‘learn beauty of act"
we his eels too,because his acting is Daebak.

Original source:

Cri J  -3 JKS  OFC tweet out
the new Daebak supporting coffee truck
“Suni and eels and JKS” wrote
"Having coffee of eels full of love
for Dae Gil  please keep working hard
to film drama Jackpot.

Pics  and the preview 
of  Daebak episode seventeen
were uploaded from SBS  NOW
great shock  for Daegil,poor him
he will  be stress out.

Tree-J Company sent some tweets
the first  Making Explosion of laughter
in the Daebak filming site!
Harmonious DaeGil’s family ♥

Source: Daebak | Naver TVcast

A Preview ,Jang Keun Suk,
grabbed the life 
of Jun Kwang-Ryul
who is faced with death "conflict"

Source: Daebak | NAVER TVcast

'Daebak' Lee Moon-sik is alive.. 
Jang Keun Suk  / Dae gil  cried, 
seeing the empty tomb ‘sobbing’ 
is  alive and hiden from him.

Source: OSEN

Daebak' Yoon Jin-seo died,
Jang Keun Suk and Yeo Jin Goo
it's time to bring his hands together 
for the love of their lives.


Pics and Video of Daegil 
from SBS drama ‘Daebak 
this time the Episode eighteen 
another heartbreaking scenes
for  the Baek Dae Gil.

Tree J tweet out 
the making of sword action scene
And also the clip of the reunión of Daegil 
with his father  both scenes 
that highly rated by viewer
Click on the link and give a heart to it.

Source: Daebak | Naver TVcast
Source: TV Report | Naver TV Entertainment

Suk’s favourite Jo Malone  perfume
“Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense” was being auction for the charity
that collaborate with SBS
And Social Welfare Fund “Fruit of Love”

Teaser of Jang Keun Suk   2016  tour Endless Summer
This will be Suk first concert in Japan 
after shooting Daebak/The Royal Gambler
A lot of eels anticiapting the show
And the sales of the tickets are super hot.

Details of Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour
“It’s Show Time” reléase out 
in PrinceJKS website
Eels are looking forward to know what are 
the countries that will be part of that tour in Asia.

Tree J Company tweet out
the article with the snap message
From Suk that he is grateful to 
our support that Meant a lot to him 
during the Daebak shooting
And also a tweet to remind eels
to apply the It’s Show Time 
concert in Seoul in July.

Source: Sports Donga | Naver TV Entertainment

Cri J share out the coffee truck support
From 3 differents  International Fans Clubs
That include eels from Latin, Japan and International
So heartwarming seeing all the support from eels to Suk.

Cri J share out another 
coffee truck support
From multiple fans club
That include eels from USA,
Europe, Russian Arab 
and International.

SBS share the teaser 
of Daebak episode nineteen
It is almost the end of Daebak
And eel’s heart feeling heavy
As we will be longing for Daegil
once the drama over we will miss it.

Every good things will
eventually comes to finish
But what most important is 
how it has impact us in our feelings
Daebak comes to the end   in June fourthteen
The memories of eels with Daebak lies
in the heart very deep.

Photos sharing from PD notes
Shooting scenes and  making scenes 
of Daebak really love this drama so much
Baek Daegil, we love you a lot.

Original source:



  1. Wow !!! Our guy is a real workaholic at all. But we love that because is an opportunity to having contact with him. In other way lost him. And became to suffer for missing him. Great and extensive month in review. Great job dearest sissies Esther Noloc,Nancy Terry and Le Lamb. I appreciated a lot your efforts to informe us with an amazing job. Thanks a lot dearest. ZIKZIN.💖

  2. Thanks Juanita Cotto for always support our writing.


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