Thursday, July 21, 2016

[Trans] Tree-J Company Twitter, 2016-07-20

@treeJ_company 제일 수고한 장배우^^ 수고하셨습니다~~~
@treeJ_company  Actor  Jang Keun Suk who worked hardest today^^ Thank you for your hard work ~~~ 

@treeJ_company 2016 ENDLESS SUMMER 공연이 무사히 끝났습니다. 함께 해 주신 여러분들 응원해 주신 모든 분들 감사합니다!
@treeJ_company 2016 ENDLESS SUMMER  has ended successfully. Everyone  who always gave his support, thank you!

@treeJ_company 오사카 마지막 공연 이제 곧 시작합니다.
@treeJ_company The last show in Osaka will soon begin.



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