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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 17

The Ahjumma and the New Eel Series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 17 in chat mode.
By: Esther Noloc and Sheryl Acierto
Edit: kittehkat
Pics: SBS
Collages by: Saranya GS Eel
This is a crucial episode. Dae Gil will discover if Man Geum’s body is in his tomb or not. It will be a sad episode and full of expectations. Let’s start the review now.

Esther: Hi Sheryl, thanks for being with me again. I really love your thoughts about the drama.

Sheryl: Hello there mom, thanks to you too. I really had a good time talking with you. Hopefully our readers will once again enjoy our review for this episode!

Esther: Sheryl our heart is broken again. Dae Gil opened his father's coffin, grandpa tried to stop him and even called him crazy, but he continued, finding it empty. His scream is still in my ears, he started to cry and that started me crying too as soon as I saw his first tears. Knowing you,  I am sure you cried too. Grandpa, Chae Gun, Seoul Im and Jeong Hwa were there too observing the heartbreaking scene. Then Dae Gil recalled something Sheryl.

Sheryl: I cried a lot in this scene mom. While watching Dae Gil, I felt like it was actually happening right in front of me. Dae Gil cried his heart out when he saw the letter buried along with the coffin. It is indeed a heart breaking scene. Thinking about the hardship and longing he felt during the time that he thought his father was gone is just crazy...then to find out his father is still alive!



Esther: Ah, Dae Gil is mad and went to talk with Hong Mae about his father. She recalled what happened that day after In Jwa shot an arrow in Geun Man‘s back. She recovered his body from the water and gave it to In Jwa for burial and left, so she didn't know he was alive either.
Sheryl: You could see the extreme anger painted on his face. In real life if somebody harms a person to this extent, it is natural for that person to feel vengeful. I cannot blame Dae Gil if he feels this way. It is human nature. Now, Dae Gil is determined to find his father.  Oh what he has been through all this time!


Esther: Now we can find out what happened. When In Jwa almost buried Man Geum, he noticed he was alive and took him to the doctor who confirmed that.

Sheryl: In Jwa thought that Man Geum was dead so he ordered Mu Myeong to bury him in a nice place. But he knew he was still alive, he sent him to clinic. Oh his reaction! His laugh is irritating me as always!

Esther:  Ah the same here! Look, more family teamwork! Grandpa, Chae Gun and the girls helped Dae Gil investigate the truth. They went to the doctor who took care of Man Geum that day and he glued the page that wasn't there until now and recalled all. At the same time, Dae Gil arrived and asked what happened and the doctor told them the truth.

Sheryl: The old doctor has a sharp memory. He remembered everything. He confirmed to them that Man Geum was indeed alive but went missing after a few days of confinement. Somebody kidnapped him while he was still unconscious. Dae Gil was furious and he instantly suspected In Jwa as the perpetrator.

Esther: In the palace Yeoning recalls the minister's words about him being the son of a palace maid, but the guard came saying the king wants to talk to him.The king told him why he wouldn’t kill In Jwa in two days. Sheryl what did In Jwa comment to his thugs in the prison? What are Hong Mae thoughts about In Jwa?

Sheryl: Mom, In Jwa was contemplating how the rebel Jeong will act being jailed...whether he will be of help or will turn his back against In Jwa. Both are aware of the king’s plan to delay the execution of In Jwa in order for rebel Jeong to come out of hiding so they can catch him. The king is thinking the rebels will come to save In Jwa, but he realized, the rebels will do no such thing. That is why the King called Yeoning and asked his opinion…“Rather than chase two rabbits and lose them, I will catch the one that is in front of me.” These were the words of Yeoning. Wise man, I totally agree with him, it’s simply practical reasoning. Hong Mae on the other hand, turned away from Yi In Jwa. She might think that since he is imprisoned, he cannot harm her anymore. She is furious whenever she remembers that In Jwa overtook her business.

Esther: Wow,the king gave Yeoning permission to use the five divisions of the palace army. That means he trusts in Yeoning. Three ministers were waiting for Yeoning outside and were in shock when saw the army tag. Our poor Dae Gil was walking and thinking when he heard a voice talking about In Jwa. He followed that voice and even took his sword, but only found an azalea flower. It was Jeon then, and In Jwa planned it all. Did you hear Jin Ki complaining the ministers didn't visit them in the prison yet, Sheryl?


Sheryl: Huh! The badge which symbolizes power, equal to the King! Omo! DAEBAK! Yes, the ministers are also surprised! But of course they are proud of Yeoning. Now they are sure that the king favors him, kkkkkk. Mom, the voice was actually the rebel Jeong. Using his voice and the flowers, he led Dae Gil to a place where they could talk secretly. Soron group? Those greedy people who think only of money and power? They are hiding mom...afraid that they can be linked to In Jwa.

Esther:But there’s one person who wants to visit In Jwa...the Crown Prince Yoon! Oh oh!
The ministers advise him against it.

Sheryl: He is really a jerk! He is going against the will of his father for In Jwa! Soron ministers advised him to appeal to the king to give a trial for In Jwa and declare him innocent eventually. Meanwhile, Yeoning instructed his ministers to not reveal he has the badge until the right time.

Esther: Dae Gil arrived in the prison where In Jwa is detained. He asked the guard to let him in just for a few moments, but they refused and then he met Yeoning. Dae Gil informed Yeoning that his father is still alive. Yeoning not only  allowed him to speak to In Jwa, he guided Dae Gil to him! Yeoning was sweet with his brother this time.


Sheryl: Dae Gil is on the verge of desperation just to find his father. Even though it is dangerous, he went to jail to question In Jwa. He is lucky to have bumped into Yeoning. At least he got permission from him! In Jwa revealed that Man Geum wishes him also to be a king, that they made an agreement, saying Man Geum agreed to pretend to be dead so that Dae Gil would become independent, strong and courageous. Then Yi In Jwa promised he would make Dae Gil a King.

Esther: Poor Dae Gil is suffering too much for his father and now to hear that he was there when he went to kill In Jwa but failed! Thank God he didn't commit that crime. Dae Gil must be angry to find all the suffering he endured from the death of his father was unnecessary! In Jwa’s wish is to make him the king, but i think even though he has the skills and the capacity to do it well, he will not accept the throne. Now Dae Gil needs to think of a way to trick In Jwa into believing he wants the throne.

Sheryl: Yeoning who is standing not too far away heard their conversation. He is worried about his hyung. Dae Gil was confused after hearing the revelation of In Jwa. Yeoning asked his hyung if he would help In Jwa escape from his sentence. He told him that In Jwa is tricking him, that what he told him is merely a smoke screen and there is no proof.

Esther: Sheryl, did you notice? When Yeoning mentioned there is no proof that Man Geum is alive, Dae Gil ran straight to the temple to talk with Dam Seo thinking she might know what happened with Man Geun. But Dam Seo, like Hong Mae, didn't know he was alive either. Dam Seo  felt betrayed by In Jwa again because he hid the fact Man Geum was alive. She really was blind when living with In Jwa, poor girl. Dae Gil treats her kindly now, acknowledging she need not feel guilty for Man Geum death.

Sheryl: Yes mom…Dam Seo's anger towards In Jwa gets deeper because he hid it from her despite seeing her suffering. It is because of the death of Man Geum she felt so guilty. Now, a bit lightened, Dam Seo advises Dae Gil not to stand on In Jwa’s side no matter what. Dae Gil went home and his family is waiting for him. Everybody is worried. They encourage him not to worry because he is not alone. His family will support him all the way. Surprisingly, Chae Gun tossed the life saver badge in front of Dae Gil (the king gave it to Chae Gun the day when Dae Gil first met his father the King) just in case he wants to save In Jwa. Will he be able to use the badge for In Jwa? Mom I will get mad! :(

Esther: Sheryl dear, please calm down and trust in Dae Gil. Even wanting to know where his father is, I am very sure he will not do something that would affect his family. We have to wait and see what he will do. Yeoning went to talk with his mother about the badge he received from the king. She was very worried for him and Dae Gil too, so he promised to bring Dae Gil to her.The paparazzi, oops, Yeoning’s guard informed him that Dae Gil went to see Dam Seo. He also shares other details of his investigation. Yeoning said that is the moment to use the army badge and went to speak with the Crown Prince. What did he talk about with your “favorite” person Sheryl? Kkkk.

Sheryl: What? Favorite person? Mom you are teasing me! Anyway, congratulations! Kkkk…You have succeeded in making me laugh! I have two “favorite” people in this drama though. Hehehe…the “evil” In Jwa and the “pathetic” Crown Prince, who eventually becomes an “even more pathetic” king! They annoy me always! By the way, both are effective actors, huh! hahaha I am extremely affected by them mom! I want to crush them both! Yes. It is time to reveal and execute the order of the king. Using the power on his hand through king’s immobilization badge, Yeoning freezes all the people who are linked to and possible rescuers of In Jwa including the Crown Prince. He blocked all entrances to the palace. He also assigned another team to guard the Euigeumbu. Even Dam Seo’s movements are restricted. Yeoning sent a warning letter to her.

Esther: Wow, Sheryl they are in a cold war right now. Yes, Dam Seo too, doesn't escape from Yeoning’s authoritative order. A soldier gave the letter to Dam Seo, which says Dam Seo should not take part in a rescue attempt or she will be arrested.


Sheryl: You know mom, the King must be terrified about In Jwa’s capability of doing evil against the royals, to the extent that he need to use such “channel” (immobilization badge power) just to make sure In Jwa will get punished. I somehow pity the King, though he is a person everyone is afraid of. Because he is sick and weak, he cannot carry out his duty personally. An image popped up in my mind :) Looking back when the King gave the badge to Yeoning, he mentioned how bad a person In Jwa is. He described him as a ‘residence of serpents’. Well, he maybe set aside the fact because of his love for his son, the Crown Prince. Yi In Jwa is a well known teacher and adviser of the Crown Prince. The king knew all along how In Jwa played and pampered the prince through his “sweet and kind” words. Words that were in fact a poison which slowly altered the idealism and beliefs of the prince (and Yi In Jwa succeeded on this). But the king just observed from afar, and maybe didn't expect that In Jwa would carry it this far.

Esther: Yeoning went to speak with Dae Gil, who was grabbing his sword. He worries, like you Sheryl, wondering if Dae Gil will save In Jwa or not. But Dae Gil told him not to be concerned with that...the same thing I said to you.


Sheryl: Dae Gil is a deep person. I find myself dreaming of a real-life Dae Gil existing in this complicated world of ours! Kkkk! Mother Suk Bin is really sick, nearly to her death but she is holding on because she wants to witness the end of In Jwa. Everybody is restless...Lady Suk Bin, the brothers, the king, In Jwa and others seem to be waiting for what the next day will bring.


Esther: Yes, I can feel the tension in the air. Yeoning brought Dae Gil to see their mother as he promised to her. She knows she will die soon, and tells them they should be  together, united, helping and protecting each other. She also promised them that even when she dies, she will protect them too. It’s very sad that she has to die without knowing Dae Gil more.

Sheryl: Right after the brothers left. The servant praises what a beautiful mother Suk Bin is. Her sons brought joy to her heart. I think she will be happy going to her destined place. Oh! Those glares of these brothers at each other are full of meaning! I had a goosebumps!

Esther: At the execution site all is set to proceed. Dae Gil and Yeoning are there observing how the executioner dances with the big dague and In Jwa is sure that Dae Gil will save him.  Yeah right! Wait forever because he will not save you, In Jwa. His father Man Geum is there too and now he won't need you to know where he is!

Sheryl: Man Geum had been living far away from Dae Gil. He may be out of sight but he is still observing Dae Gil's whereabouts.. Man Geum definitely knew what was going on, that is why he showed himself to Dae Gil. The sudden appearance of Man Geum saves Dae Gil from being a traitor to his parents and brother. Imagine mom, if Dae Gil saved In Jwa with that life saving badge!! Scary!

Esther: Yeoning gave the order to proceed with the execution but one voice calls out to stop it. Noo! Not again!


Sheryl: Huh! This is insane! The announcement of the death of Lady Sukbin stunned everyone and this tragedy saved In Jwa from execution. It is a law that if a member of the royal family has died, execution must be stopped as a sign of respect to the dead and to the royal family. And the Soron ministers grabbed the chance to save In Jwa from execution! In Jwa indeed has strong fate. Just an inch from his death but he managed to escaped from it! This is... what?! Ah! Writer-nim! You are amazing! I held my breath while waiting for it! Hahaha! Gosh! I’m losing my control mom! I feel like I am living in that era and was one of them!


Esther: Yes, me too!  Sheryl, Yi In Jwa is so evil, when he hears that Lady Suk Bin has died, he started to laugh very loudly because he is still alive and she is not.

Sheryl: Yeoning lost his mind and cannot contain his madness! He almost struck In Jwa right in that moment! Luckily Dae Gil calmed him! Yeoning and Dae Gil ran to their lifeless mother. Their hearts are full of anguish. They cried so many tears! Dae Gil remembers his occasional but priceless encounters with his mother. Ah, Lady Suk Bin’s words of wisdom will be kept in his heart. Poor Dae Gil, he doesn't have enough time to show his love for his mother. My heart is bleeding for him.


Esther: I cried a lot when saw both crying, but more for Dae Gil, because he and his mother didn‘t have the time to learn each other. I felt sorry for the king too.


Sheryl: I can see how important Lady Suk Bin is to the king as well. I can clearly see that he sincerely loved her. He grieved more than anyone. No matter how strong a person is, when the heart weakens, mind and body won't coordinate. On the other hand, the thought that In Jwa will not get executed made him more desperate! Poor king, i hope this tragedy won't make him even more weak!

Esther: Poor Yeoning, he can't participate in his mother’s official funeral rites because he was adopted by the earlier queen, Inwon. He insists on wearing the mourning clothes and does the funeral ritual alone. Man Geum heard the news about Suk Bin’s death too, and recalled how much she suffered when she was his wife. He apologizes to her, and is sad that he couldn't do so when she was alive.


Sheryl: I cried with Yeoning mom. He is a well known son of Suk Bin but he cannot mourn, just because he was registered in the census with different mother. Why? Tsk tsk. I feel like this rule is kind of irrational. It is because I was born in a democratic country...a place wherein human rights are observed and well protected regardless of your status and race. I feel like Yeoning was wronged. I don't know that there is such a rule like this during the early period.You know mom, I realized how difficult life must have been in that era. Yeah, although Lady Suk Bin joined the royal family, her being a water maid is the reason why many people in the palace looked down on her. Regardless of the status of his father, having a poor servant mother will follow the offspring...tsk tsk tsk.

Esther: Oh! The rebel Jeong visited Dam Seo! He wants to know if she will save In Jwa. She visits In Jwa at the prison and gives him the key to get out. But surprise,surprise!! In Jwa rejected the keys and gave them back. Why do you think he did that, Sheryl?


Sheryl: Oh! Dam Seo? I feel disappointed in her character. How much more time until she becomes that full of hatred and vengeful character? Writer-nim, when you can reveal her soft side, make her lovable and get more intimate scene with our two main leads? Hmmm? Mom, as we know, if there is a soft spot to Yi In Jwa, it is Dam Seo. He doesn't want to hurt Dam Seo. He might wish her to have a normal life after she turned away from him. After all, he is responsible for Dam Seo’s suffering. In that instant rebel Jeong proved to Dam Seo the true feelings of In Jwa towards her, and as for Dam Seo it is hard to predict whether her love for him came back.

Esther: Yes, me too Sheryl. At first I wanted her for Dae Gil, but now I think she will never be with him or Yeoning. In Jwa will be always between them in thoughts and dreams. Also she felt guilty for all the bad things she did. So i don‘t see a good future for her. Her cold and sad face will always accompany her till the end.


Sheryl: Mom let me tell you about what I observed during a discussion regarding In Jwa’s execution. The Noron group insisted on carrying out the punishment of In Jwa, because they believed if this opportunity slipped away, he would escape punishment for sure. But the Soron are strongly against it. They wanted to postpone in order to buy time to find a way to save In Jwa. While these two groups are arguing, the regent crown prince is silent and just watching. Well! Well, well! The argument is useless because he’s already decided to free In Jwa, regardless of everything! Ugh! Did you notice the Crown Prince and Soron ministers smirk when Yeoning announces the delay of the execution of In Jwa? Arff! I really don't like those faces, jinjae!vlcsnap-2016-07-24-20h02m53s869.png

Esther: Now Prince Yoon went to talk with the king. The king asked him why he is still protecting In Jwa, but his response was to beg his father to save In Jwa! Wow! He is really blind, the king knows In Jwa better than anyone. He almost grabbed his sword and Crown Prince Yoon, but stumbled again and then fell under his son’s body. So sad! I really admire the king and don‘t want him to die, but I think is his path and there is nothing we can do.


Sheryl: Again, I know you will tease me for this! I don't remember saying even one good thing about this fellow! The prince is so so soooooo absurd! I really really get mad at him! Yes this is real anger! Does “blood is thicker than water” mean anything to him? The king is desperate about his son’s foolishness and idiocy! He had already unveiled the true intention of In Jwa towards him, he revealed In Jwa had tricked him about the white badok stone. Still the prince didn't believe his own father! Instead he made a fuss and said disappointing things which led to his father collapsing! Aahhh! What a kind of…!!! I wish the king could overcome his fatal condition.

Esther: Well Sheryl, this episode is done. Thanks for being with me again!

Sheryl: Always a pleasure mom! This is a heartbreaking and breathtaking episode. I started crying with Dae Gil, continued to cry with Yeoning and after finishing the last scene, here I am, my blood pressure raised because of Crown Prince Yoon’s self centeredness! Three brothers sharing one blood yet so different in character and philosophy. What fate awaits them? I am excited but nervous as to how the next episode will twist my emotions. This was a superb episode! One of the best! I applaud the entire cast! Until next time!

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