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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 18

The Ahjumma and the New Eel Series: Review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama in chat mode.
By: Esther Noloc and Saranya GS Eel.
Edited by: kittehkat
Photo Collages by: Karina Leali

Let‘s see what will happen now that the king has collapsed and might die. Dam Seo’s future is in danger too, so this will be a sad episode .


Esther: Hi Saranya, thanks for joining me again!

Sara: Hi sis, thank you for inviting me here to share some thoughts about our Dae Gil.

Esther: Sara, do you recall the end of episode 17?  The king collapsed on the Crown Prince Yoon, and Dae Gil was with Seol Im (who is acting like his wife, asking where he’s going, lol). Dae Gil doesn’t seem bothered by the question though, because he just answered that he had business. Then he saw his father Man Geum and followed him-- still, Man Geum hid from him at first!

Sara: Yes, I remember. But you know what? I like to think of Seol Im as Dae Gil’s wife. See how cute they are together? Like a responsible wife and husband. Ah you are right! Man Geum seems to be playing hide and seek!

Esther: After the king collapsed, he was taken to his dormitory. Yeoning heard the sad news and ran to his side. The young prince was crying and screaming “papa”, but Crown Prince Yoon looked very serious. No tears were seen falling from his eyes.
Meanwhile, Dae Gil is still searching for his dad. Man Geum was very nervous when Dae Gil found him and said “Don't come. I am sorry.” But that wasn't enough for Dae Gil who grabbed him, started to cry and asked him why he left. When he arrived home, Dae Gil told his Grandpa and Seol Im. Grandpa wanted to see Man Geum too, but Dae Gil said not yet.

Sara: Sara: Finally! Dae Gil found out his father is alive for real. But did you see something odd in Man Geum’s expression? He couldn't answer Dae Gil’s questions. He is hiding something. Is he afraid of In Jwa? Or is he planning something big? So many emotions! Dae Gil seems so sad as his eyes well up with tears. Dae Gil-aa... Don't cry. Uh oh! I feel the prick of tears behind my own eyes. I can't help it! But what has really happened to the king? Is he okay?

Esther: I asked the same in my mind. The doctor said his breathing is weak. Yeoning asks if he was fine and healthy last night, why would he pass out. Oh, the answer surprised him! The king was inhaling incense made of opium to calm his pain and the doctor himself prescribed it for him! Crown Prince Yoon came and asked why no one knew about it. The doctor explains the king wanted to keep it a secret. When Yeoning went out have a meeting with the ministers. He gazed at each of them, one by one, and then went to talk with the doctor again. Sara,what was the topic of their conversation this time?

Sara: We know Yeoning well. He is not going to let it slide as he starts to investigate doctor. The doctor told him the type of opium prescribed might cause one’s death if it is misused. Yeoning seems very angry and scolds the doctor, asking him why it was prescribed for the king. The reason is the king has been suffering with gallstones for the past two years. He is having extreme pain and sometimes vomits blood also, the doctor told Yeoning. Now he understands the sad state of his father’s health, but still he seems confused that no one in the palace seems to know where the opium comes from! Seriously? I smell a rat in the palace. Poor king! I like him. I hope he will be alright soon!

Esther: Chae Gun visits Dae Gil at home to tell him and his family about the king’s collapse. Dae Gil doesn't have to think too much about who might behind it. In Jwa is always the first suspect. The one who separated him from his father, Man Geum.
In the prison, the shaman Jeon has one of her exotic experiences and tells In Jwa that the king is not dead yet. Minister Kim came to visit In Jwa and told him he would talk to Crown Prince Yoon and will say he is innocent of all the charges. In Jwa’s response is to offer him a position in the palace. I am wondering how he will do that if he is in jail!

Sara: In Jwa is an evil man. He plans everything one step ahead and acts just in time. Nobody will doubt his involvement as that’s the type man he is. But Dae Gil knows him very well. Dae Gil knows In Jwa is the mastermind of the opium attack. Sis, don't you think In Jwa is overconfident? He thinks he can turn the world upside down with his crooked mind, wealth, an insane lady, and some watch dogs. Some greedy ministers always stick with him too, and that's the reason he boasts.

Esther: Aha. Minister Kim went to talk with the crown prince. He wants In Jwa alive and kicking and out of prison no matter what, and Prince Yoon agrees. However, both factions who were there listening didn't look very happy and were complaining to each other's members. Sara, the war started. Yeoning was complaining too. You know he was investigating In Jwa for a long time and recognizes his guilt. The crown prince will never admit that In Jwa is a rebel and a very bad person. When Yeoning said In Jwa wants the throne, Yoon accused Yeoning of wishing for the throne too! Waaah! Crown Prince Yoon recalled when his mom told him to “crush all your enemies when they bother you,” so Yeoning is his enemy now. Also the crown prince said that he is the only one who needs to know if someone wants to steal the throne because he will be the next king, not Yeoning.

Sara: Yeoning always stands on the side of justice, but couldn't do anything without the power of authority. Crown Prince Yoon has been possessed by In Jwa a very long time and he still trusts In Jwa’s crookedness. What a pity! This makes him hate his own blood. He is such a fragile guy, unlike Yeoning. I don't think Yeoning has such a motive. He never thought of sitting on the throne. At least not until now. But of course the king has plans for him, as he knows Yeoning will become a strong ruler someday.

Esther: Yes, I agree.
Dae Gil went to see In Jwa again to talk about his father, but he admitted he can’t forgive and forget all the things In Jwa did to him. In Jwa either can‘t give up on Dae Gil so it is a forced relationship between both. Yeoning was near the prison when Dae Gil came out, so he told him about the opium incense issue.
Oh no, In Jwa is out of jail already and thanked the crown prince for releasing him. Dae Gil talked to the crown prince, too. Yoon noticed the sword he was carrying and said he looks like Suk Bin and the king, as well as Yeoning, his younger brother. Maybe Crown Prince Yoon is jealous of Dae Gil too. He knows In Jwa wants Dae Gil in a government position, but he wants to know if he has the skills for that first. Interesting thing is that Yoon can't trust In Jwa sometimes, and asked Dae Gil to look after him. Sara, even though the crown prince wants to observe Dae Gil first, he gave him a position, right?

Sara: In Jwa is a pest but nobody can ignore him just like that. Dae Gil needs to know many things from him so he can't avoid him and must confront him. Likewise In Jwa needs Dae Gil because he has some plans that depend upon him. In Jwa considers Dae Gil as a knight in the chessboard. He just wants to use him to attack the opponent in a strategic way. Like I told you before, he moves one step ahead. That's why In Jwa wants Dae Gil to be the part of the military force. It seems the crown prince doesn't like Dae Gil that much, as he is one of the heirs. In fact he does give him a position in the military special force as he couldn't just ignore his mentor’s request, nor can he ignore the king’s right hand, Master Chae Gun. Oh my Goodness! Sis, look at him, wow! Our Dae Gil looks stunning in that blue military uniform. Doesn’t he?

Esther: Right, he looks very handsome in those clothes and that hat. Look! The king woke up, thanks to the acupuncture treatment, but he doesn't look strong yet. He talked to the crown prince and even with his weakness, flips the table because Yoon pardon In Jwa! Yoon got mad too and complained that the king always preferred Yeoning and Yeon over him. Aww,Yoon is not the only one jealous there. Yeoning knows that In Jwa wants Dae Gil as a king. That might tear the brothers apart. In fact, that is In Jwa‘s purpose.

Sara: We can't blame the crown prince. Since his childhood he has not been the king’s favorite.He is used to seeing his father caring Yeoning and Yeon, and now Dae Gil’s existence adds oil to the fire. Crown Prince Yoon never acts wisely. Maybe that's why the king is disappointed in him so much. His rash decisions makes everything worse. He does what In Jwa wants. He is like a puppet.

Esther: Chae Gun and Dae Gil were talking when a guard from the palace came saying that the king woke up and wants to talk with Chae Gun. Yeoning was there too and waited outside until Chae Gun returned. He asked Dae Gil if he is an enemy or an ally. Ouch. Minister Kim came and interrupted them to talk with Yeoning. When Dae Gil returns home, Seol Im and Grandpa applaud and cheer him for being a soldier now, but he stops them because this is no time for celebration. In Jwa is a free man now. Whoa, the reason the king wanted to see Chae Gun was that he wants In Jwa‘s head.

Sara: See...Dae Gil seems so sad because of the injustice. He worries what the free In Jwa will do next. Because he is the only one that  knows In Jwa well. He is damn sure In Jwa will not keep quiet and hide forever. And the effects of opium has weakened the king, although his strong will power doesn't seem to be affected at all. He wants In Jwa’s filthy head. Wow! Me too. Please master…go...go…go get the head of that fellow!

Esther: Jeon put his freedom in danger and went to talk with In Jwa for testing his reactions. In Jwa thanks him for the opium incense that killed the king! Hehehe! That’s what he thinks! When Jeon told him that the king wasn’t dead and woke up, he was very surprised. Later Jeon went to talk with Dam Seo who was in her father's tomb for his death anniversary; he apologizes to her for her father’s death...what? I am not clear about that. Hmm... after that he tries to defend In Jwa, saying that he was waiting for her and her forgiveness! Oh no! Now she feels guilty and as though she owes a lot to him! That can be dangerous because Jeon also mentioned to her that In Jwa will be kill by Chae Gun; and tells her he even cried recalling how he had treated her in the past. Jeon tells her that she should stop Chae Gun, and I think after all he said to her. she will try!

Sara: Sis, don't you get it? Jeon’s visit to Dam Seo’s father’s tomb is part of In Jwa’s plan. In Jwa knows her well. She wouldn't come back to him if there wasn't a genuine reason. Jeon also has the ability to twist his words. After all he is In Jwa’s friend. So what to expect? In Jwa raised her by encouraging hatred toward the king as he knows he can use her when the time comes. However, he did raise her, provided food and shelter, taught her martial arts and archery and she can't just ignore the facts. Maybe that's why her eyes well up when she hears In Jwa is in danger. Oh no! Don’t! Don't go after him Dam Seo. You will be in danger. You just don't know Master Chae Gun.

Esther: Oh my God, the time arrives! Chae Gun reaches In Jwa ‘s house and tells to him he has a royal order from the king to cut off his head. Chae Gun injures In Jwa, but Jin Ki comes to his rescue. Now the thing I feared has happened. Dam Seo comes with her bow and arrows to defend In Jwa. She puts herself between In Jwa and Chae Gun. Dae Gil  has arrived as well and tries to stop his master. Just when I think that Chae Gun will back down,  Dam Seo grabs his sword and takes her own life. Wow I am in shock! I can't believe it! She is the female lead! Dae Gil will suffer and Yeoning too.
Lately, her life has made no sense at all. Then Jeon visited her and made her feel guilty about her choices. I guess she felt sacrificing her own life was the best option. Poor her.

Sara: Oh my Goodness! So sad! I couldn't believe my eyes. I never thought Dam Seo would do something like this. She carried a heavy burden of hate for so long, but at the end there was no point. She feels so empty inside. So at least she did protect her teacher until her last breath. All she could give is her life. Poor girl! Dae Gil seems shattered and In Jwa cried for first time. Master seems to feel guilty even though he didn't really cause her death.

Esther: In Jwa begs to Chae Gun to kill him and he almost does, but Dae Gil throws the tag to save him. At least Dam Seo talked with Dae Gil before leaving this world. He took her body in his arms and left. Yeoning arrived and cried too while touching her face. What a sad scene! Both brothers crying for her and me crying for them.

Sara: Oh sis, I am getting so emotional. This is the first time In Jwa shows this weak side. So he cares. See our Dae Gil. He looks so lost and shattered. She was his first crush. Remember? We can't blame Dae Gil. He just fulfills her death wish by saving In Jwa from his master’s sword. So finally! The love triangle ends here. Once I feared both brothers might fight because of their complicated relationship with Dam Seo.

Esther: Chae Gun went to report to the king what happened in In Jwa‘s house. He felt guilty because he thinks he failed the king.
Sara: It is the first time Master Chae Gun failed in his mission and unexpectedly someone innocent had to die, instead of that evil man. Warriors never attack women and that added to his guilt even though he didn't actually kill her. But the king understands the situation, I think.

Esther: Dae Gil and Yeoning went to see when Dam Seo was burned in the pyre, another ritual for that era I think.
Sara: Oh sis, both the brothers seem shattered. Their hearts melt like wax while Dam Seo’s body is burning. I hate cremation. I am so scared of these things. My fragile heart can't bear the pain. May her soul rest in peace and I hope the brothers heal their wounded hearts soon.

Esther: Dae Gil thinks of his memories and feels guilty the he couldn’t protect her. Awww, the love that couldn't be real.
Sara: Talking about their unfulfilled love, reminds me of Love Rain. They said we couldn't forget our first love and it would hurt so much if it is not fulfilled. I still remember, back then Gae Ddong proposed to her and was rejected on the spot by her. But she did like him...didn't she? But she had a reason. Mm I understand. I hoped their love would be fulfilled someday right up until her death. I hoped Gae Ddong will save her.

Esther: Sara, Yeoning recalled his days with Dam Seo too, so sad.
Sara: Yes, it hurts. Yeoning really liked her too. But honestly I didn't like their chemistry. Just my personal opinion. I hope he will recover soon.

Esther: Now that Dam Seo is dead and In Jwa has spread her ashes he will not stop until he makes the king suffer. He wants revenge for Dam Seo death.  And who is the king’s weakness? His younger son of course! In Jwa has gone to the palace. The lack of security allows him to enter the palace grounds and kill him without notice. Such an evil thing to do because that young boy wasn't guilty of anything! The injustice of this world. What to do? He will pay soon.

Sara: Ah... No…! I really liked the young prince. He was so cute and innocent. In Jwa knows the king will suffer if anything happens to the young prince. Unjust! Unjust! He is going to pay a big price for this. God is watching everything from above. In Jwa won't be forgiven by Him for sure. Hey man! Enough with your evilness. I am waiting for him to get paid soon!

Esther: Well Sara, this is the end of the episode. Thanks for joining me again.
Sara: Thank you for having me here. It was a sad episode, but I like spending time with you to discuss things. See you soon!

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